Will Nadya Suleman Stop at 14 Kids?

By Adele

Since IVF is to octuplet mom Nadya Suleman what water is to a Chia Pet, should we believe her assertion to Dr. Phil that 14 kids are enough? Let’s see…

When she had only 6 kids, Nadya lived in obscurity with her bankrupt mother in a crowded pigsty on the verge of foreclosure.

With 14 kids, her new digs worth $565,000 are being refurbished at no cost by an army of volunteers, with lots of free new furniture courtesy of Dr. Phil.

With only 6, Nadya’s mother struggled to raise them alone while Nadya went off and got pregnant with 8 more.

Now, a dozen caregivers a day, 24/7, from a non-profit called Angels in Waiting will raise all 14 for $135,000 a month — all in public donations — until a disgusted public cuts the Angels off and they go bankrupt, too.

With only 6, Nadya was an unemployed mooch living on government handouts.

Now, she’s pimping her litter to every willing media outlet, claiming she’s leasing the new house with her earnings.

If there were any justice, Nadya would be up to her eyeballs in dirty diapers, vomit, and screaming, neglected kids until she begs Social Services to find them proper homes with two loving parents who aren’t insane.

But thanks to Dr. Phil, Nadya’s dodging all consequences. Using her children as his excuse to bask in her notoriety, Phil is repaying her in freebies.

Don’t be surprised if Phil’s got a special show lined up to “restore” Nadya’s self-esteem with a free tummy tuck and a fresh lip job.

Now addicted to the limelight, I’m betting Nadya won’t stop at 14 if the attention begins to wane.

Meanwhile, her new neighbors will watch the next generation of fatherless criminals grow up. In a rare honest moment, Nadya admitted the first 6 aren’t adjusting well to the notion of 8 more.

The 10 boys will probably start with petty vandalism, maybe torture a few pets, light some fires, then graduate to assault, theft, and worse as they hit their teens.

The 4 girls already have “unwed teenage mother” written all over them.

I’m not saying the kids are bad. They’ll just be be the product of third-party rearing, starved for attention because Mom was always away pursuing fame and getting her nails done.

When Nadya’s second PR flack recently quit, he summed it up by saying that Nadya’s “nuts” and “greedy.”

For the well-being of mankind, I’d like to hear that Nadya Suleman has been spayed.


3 Responses to Will Nadya Suleman Stop at 14 Kids?

  1. Loridoke says:

    Spy and neuter your pets, so they don’t have litters. Well, she’s nobody’s pet, but the principle’s the same. there is NO way she can properly care for those children. Each one will feel “lost in the crowd” with no individual attention. It is a shame, there are women out there trying desperately to have a child and this crazy person has 14! Life definitely is not fair.

  2. catsworking says:

    Loridoke, I was just watching Judge Judy talking to Larry King and she made the point that Nadya Suleman is no different than these companies getting bailouts. She acted recklessly without considering consequences, and now she expects the government and everyone else to support her. That’s why someone should step in and take those children, not let them take their chances being raised by a crazy person.

    They’re too young now to be seriously acting out, but it won’t be long before we start hearing about “incidents” involving the Suleman kids. No father. Mother up to her eyeballs in babies. Or off pursuing her 15 minutes of fame. They’ll be looking for attention any way they can get it, and it probably won’t be pretty.

  3. Rastus says:

    Spay this stupid bitch NOW!

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