Settling the Ugliest Cat Question

By Yul

The alleged “ugliest cat” has made BBC World News. I ask, since when does bald = ugly?

This unusual-looking 8-year-old male cat lives in the Exeter, New Hampshire, office of veterinarian Stephen Bassett. The cat came from a litter of 4 and had a look-alike sister, but she died within a few weeks.

Dr. Bassett was intrigued by the survivor and received him as a gift from the owner, then gave him the horrible name, Ugly Bat Boy.

Bat Boy (Photo - WMUR)

Bat Boy (Photo - WMUR)

Tyrone (Power) or Rudolph (Valentino) would have been kinder. Even Yul (Brynner).

Dr. Bassett doesn’t seem to know why Bat Boy turned out as he did. I guess he skipped genetics in vet school.

They’re comparing Bat Boy to the late Gus, the world’s ugliest dog. But Gus’ hideousness was enhanced by skin cancer and having only one eye.

Bat Boy is healthy, except for missing most of his fur. The vet’s staff says he has a nice personality and a certain “inner beauty.” Watch him in action.

It seems to me Bat Boy is a cheap publicity ploy. His thick coat in front looks raggedy and unkempt. Doesn’t anybody in Exeter own a brush? Bat Boy takes care of his smooth parts, but help with the unreachable places would boost his self-esteem, which must waver when laughing gawkers snap his picture on their cell phones.

I feel a deep affinity for Bat Boy because the vet shaved my entire backside during my unfortunate tail incident. I’ve known the sting of being judged on looks alone.

But Cats Working finds beauty in every cat, no matter what color his fur — or lack thereof — and applauds Bat Boy’s sang froid in dealing with insensitive humans.


5 Responses to Settling the Ugliest Cat Question

  1. Adele says:

    Yul, Alice and I agree that Bat Boy is getting a bum rap — there’s no way he’s as unattractive as even the losers in the ugliest dog contest. He does look like he’s wearing feathers, though. I wonder if his coat can be brushed.

    Alice survived my vacation, but she hasn’t let me out of her sight, today. She gave me the cold shoulder for about 5 minutes, but then she seemed to forgive me. She wishes she could use the computer like you and your companions; she says she would have written you, and a correspondance would have made her feel less lonley.

  2. Bob says:

    I have a soft spot for Hairless cats.. I love the little buggers but I am totally allergic.

    But that thing is Freaking ugly, thought you posted a pick of a Irish Wolfhound after a Whiskey Jag..



    PS Karen can I send you a pic or two of my little buggers?????? E mail me if I can


  3. catsworking says:

    Adele, tell Alice that it’s a little tricky having no thumb to hit the space bar, but once she gets the hang of, typing isn’t so tough.

    Since I saw Bat Boy on BBC World (I refuse to call him UGLY Bat Boy), he’s turned up on at least 3 other news programs. The cat is 8 years old. Why all the attention NOW, I wonder?

    Actually, he doesn’t look any worse than any other bald animal would. They photograph him to emphasize his wrinkled skin and make him look sinister.

    As it turns out, underneath, he and I have exactly the same skin color, even though I’m black and he looks like he would have been brown if fully furry.

  4. catsworking says:

    Bob, consider it done. 🙂

  5. catsworking says:

    Adele, our friend Sparkle the Designer Cat just published the most apt description of Bat Boy in the monthly intro to her blog that I’ve seen yet. She described him as “a Sphynx (that’s a bald breed of cat) wearing a feather boa.”

    Sparkle also raised the same question I did. Why all the attention NOW?

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