Dr. Phil Falls for Nadya Suleman’s BS

By Adele

Cats Working gives Dr. Phil three tails down on his interview with octuplet mom Nadya Suleman. He reportedly didn’t pay her to talk, but he rented a $1.2 million house for the 2-part show (why?) and had her picked up in a limo.

In return for the favors, after Phil prefaced some of his lame-brained questions with, “The country is waiting for you to admit this,” she’d obligingly say whatever he wanted to hear, like…

Yes, it was a mistake to have 8 babies.

No, I’m not addicted to being pregnant. In fact, I loathe it.

So where’s the loathing in those smug photos of her with her stomach out to there?

Phil begged everyone for donations for Nadya, “For the sake of the children.”

Thank goodness the hospital is finally showing some common sense. This week they gave Nadya a 3-page list of conditions to meet to get custody of the babies. Naturally, she went crying to Dr. Phil.

I think Phil is dead wrong. The only hope for Nadya Suleman is to take all the kids away and place them in mature, two-parent families who don’t want a herd and aren’t living on handouts.

Give Nadya a penny, and she’ll just blow it on more IVF, plastic surgery, and French manicures, like she’s been doing.

Nadya shouldn’t get a bigger house. She told Phil she thinks she can squash 14 kids and 2 adults into a 4-bedroom home. Obviously, she can’t see the octuplets growing any bigger than roasting chickens.

What Nadya needs is another chance to grow up. She’s used her kids to suck her parents dry into bankruptcy and pending foreclosure. She’s run up a mountain of student debt and still has over a year to go toward her master’s degree. And she hasn’t worked a regular job since 1999.

To sort out the mess that is Nadya’s life, she needs some time alone, obscure and penniless as a stray, unable to manipulate and mooch off everyone who has the misfortune to meet her.

And without Nadya setting an example as the quintessential parasite, maybe her children will have a shot at growing up responsible adults.

It’s their only hope.


10 Responses to Dr. Phil Falls for Nadya Suleman’s BS

  1. Nancy (not THAT Nancy) says:

    She needs to go on Intervention, not Dr. Phil.

    And Dr. Phil needs to STFU and go away.

  2. catsworking says:

    Agreed, Nancy.

    I’ve had no use for that gasbag since I saw him double-cross this terrorized wife. She said up-front that all she wanted was a divorce, and Phil turned right around and promised her psycho husband she’d give him another chance. Well, the woman and her kids ended up fleeing the state, the husband went totally off his nut and ended up in jail. Thanks to Phil trying to create suspense for a follow-up, that woman could have gotten KILLED.

    And now from watching his show, apparently, his WIFE and KID are big experts on everything. Puhleez. I saw Robin (Stepford) McGraw on Oprah recently singing the praises of menopause, and her forehead was so Botoxed she couldn’t move anything from the nose up.

    And now he’s latched on to Nadya Suleman like there’s any way to make her self-reliant, short of forcing her to starve and live on the street for a while with no kids to use as bait for handouts.

  3. ADY says:

    I think society will only encourage the mother of the 8 babies. So to have society take responsibility by another’s care, don’t send any donations to this woman. I think she is a bottom feeder and is exploiting her children for handouts. The sperm donor is not taking any responsibility either, but will he appear for hand-outs of society?
    Society could take the children and place them in good homes for adoption rather then give handouts to this woman. She thought her womb as God’s gift to the nation. She has not applied to have her womb removed so there is assured society of her having no more babies. There really oughta be a law, eh?

  4. catsworking says:

    If they end up taking away any of Nadya’s children, I feel confident she will be pregnant again within months. The woman is insane.

    The quack who did all the IVF should lose his license to practice medicine and spend the rest of his life paying child support.

    But the one I’m really wondering about is her husband. She divorced him in 2008, so he was right there while she was popping out the first batch of kids, and they say he isn’t the father of any of them. So he tolerated living with a woman who was perpetually pregnant with someone else’s babies. Sounds like another one with shit for brains.

    The dictionary needs a new word for “selfish” to describe Nadya Suleman. In her obsession to be a breeding machine, she ruined her marriage and her parents’ lives, and her kids are growing up in abject squalor, a total burden on society. And that’s even WITHOUT the extra 8 still in the hospital.

    Jimmy Kimmel had a vicious take on the Dr. Phil interview. Here’s the link:

  5. lpbrn says:

    This woman is a leech, a slug, a snail…..she has done nothing but con, run scams and live off others…now, we all get to pay more taxes to take care of her and her brood. I am sorry for the children…but, where is Children & Family Services right now? What the hey are they doing? Can’t anyone see this woman is a nut? She’s mentally ill…a danger to herself and definitely the children.
    For goodness sake, take the children. Give this woman a set period of time (3 months) to have employment and an apartment (listen, 3 months is long enough…the longer you give leaches like this the more time they have to figure a scam)…when she can show she can support herself without food stamps, government assistance, and can support 1 child, then, return 1 child to her. Make her work for the priviledge of each child she gets custody of.
    Otherwise, people….wait for the tsunami….someone else will try to top her FEAT….then another…and pretty soon we are swamped with supporting these leeches. She wanted a freaking TV show….she wanted to be an Angelina Jolie look-a-like…..she’s a wannabe, user…….mentally ill. Tough love people. Stop handing her anything…no free house, no free diapers, no free formula, no free nursing care for the babies….take the kids and make her earn them back.
    Dr. Phil? Well he has to know he hasn’t helped this woman…all he did was encourage her by letting her on his show….now, she thinks she is a damn star!
    Stop showing this woman anywhere for anything…shut down the STAR belief, shut down the Reality TV idea….shut her down and out! She’s mentally ill!

  6. Portlyric says:

    The only thing more disgusting than a parasite is a hyperparasite. Octomom has attached herself to her children and the taxpaying public and Dr. Phil has attached himself to her. Obviously “Dr.” Phil, (what a joke)will do anything for ratings even if it means legitimizing the exploitation of children. The public needs to flood his network and sponsors with complaints. It’s clear that he plans to feed on this for as long as he can irregardless of the damage done to these kids.

  7. SarahW says:

    Suleman’s ex-husband wasn’t living with her when she started IVF treatments.
    They separated before the year 2000, IIRC.

    What’s interesting to me is he filed for divorce, but she wouldn’t acknowlege the papers or respond to court filings. Eventually his divorce was granted by default.
    He kept trying to track her down to finalize the divorce – his papers named a number of her aliases as he did so –

    I wonder why she ignored his attempts to divorce her?

  8. catsworking says:

    SarahW, that’s very interesting information about the former husband. I hadn’t seen that information anywhere. It explains how she could have kept going off and getting pregnant while still married to him. He wasn’t there.

    Portlyric, I agree with you that it’s shameful how Dr. Phil has latched on to this woman. The only way he can really help her is to get her committed to a psychiatric hospital where the only doctors she’ll have access to are shrinks. Instead, he’s become her mouthpiece.

    It seems that Social Services should have stepped in already for the first 6 kids, considering their living conditions. Having 8 people living in that small house might be a zoning violation in their neighborhood that someone should have reported to get the ball rolling.

    Every time Nadya gets in front of a camera, she just causes more public outrage. The media needs to stop feeding her need for celebrity.

    I just read this morning that Suleman has sent several letters to Angelina Jolie, praising her commitment to children. Jolie feels totally creeped out that this woman is trying to look like her and BE her. At least Jolie’s got the money to take care of her litter, but maybe this will make her think twice about expanding it any more if it means being mistaken for Nadya Suleman’s sister.

  9. cpt/bustamante says:

    With the way the economy is i feel this woman is just trying to exploit her children so she can recieve free handouts from our already suffering government. i feel that not only her but the doctor who allowed her to be inseminated should be penalized. if we the american people give this woman handouts and special services who is to say another woman will not get inseminated for the same so called “star treatment” of the octomom. the legislation should pass a law only permitting insemination to a financially stable feeble minded person’s. this woman knew she couldn’t support the 8 kids but yet she still got inseminated. i mean come on. do not opt to have that many kids if you can not support them. do not think of yourself, think of what your children must be thinking.

  10. catsworking says:

    Cpt, Nadya Suleman is a mooch and a pathological liar, apparently. Following up on a previous comment about her husband, I found an interview with Denis Beaudoin, who dated Nadya “seriously” from 1997-99 and thinks he’s the father of the kids because gave her 3 different sperm samples over time after she told him she had ovarian cancer and needed to have children right away. Lie No. 1.

    Now he thinks she was married while she was seeing him, which is true, because it’s on the record she was married to Marcus Gutierrez from 1996 until they separated in 2000. Lie No. 2.

    Beaudoin says the news of all these children has devastated his own family, but he wants to take a blood test and is willing to help Nadya whether they turn out to be his kids or not. She has refused to talk to him and denies he’s the father. On top of slapping him in the face after stealing his sperm under false pretenses, I guess she’s afraid his pockets won’t be as deep as the government’s and a gullible public’s. Probably Lie No. 3.

    I found an interview where she said she divorced Gutierrez because she didn’t want “to hold him back” with her depression over being infertile. Yet she let him chase her around for 8 years trying to get a divorce until it was finally granted to him by default in January 2008 because she refused to cooperate. Lie No. 4.

    She’s said she’s had no plastic surgery, yet pictures of her with earlier babies show her with normal lips. Lie No. 5.

    Her mother Angela told Dr. Phil that Nadya claimed she had a tumor to conceal her pregnancy. Nadya said, “I never used the word ‘tumor.’ I had an ovarian cyst.” Women often get cysts on their ovaries right around menstrual time and they’re no big deal. And why would her mother lie about something as shocking as that news must have been for her? Lie No. 6.

    Nadya told Ann Curry she doesn’t get any welfare, while she’s been collecting $450-490 a month in food stamps and getting disability payments on 3 of her kids. Lie No. 7.

    She’s gone by several different names over the years, and was known as Natalie Doud in high school. Lie No. 8.

    If someone doesn’t step in and take all 14 children away from this woman who is nothing but a fraud and a delusional liar, there is no justice.

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