Nadya Suleman Redefines Crazy

By Adele

I saw octuplet mom Nadya Suleman talking to NBC’s Ann Curry, and I’m still waiting to hear that “heartwarming story” her PR flack promised. So far I see only an airhead who blows money on acrylic French tips (guess she doesn’t do diapers) and doesn’t think food stamps and government support checks constitute welfare.

Every time Suleman opens her mouth, she digs herself deeper in the blackest hole of public opinion. She claims she worked double shifts to earn roughly $100,000 she squandered on IVF treatments even as she was stockpiling babies and depriving them of her income and attention. But her dates don’t add up because she hasn’t worked much since 1999 when she sustained a back injury and went on disability.

And after 3 of her first 6 were born with disabilities severe enough to qualify for government assistance, including one who’s autistic, she thought it would be just dandy to have 8 more.

And now she’s got a Web site asking the world to pay for her litter. Is she kidding?

To keep brainless breeders like Suleman in check, it’s time to consider a mandatory spay/neuter law for HUMANS.

It’s been reported that Suleman’s father has split to his native Iraq, where he’s got job opportunities as a translator and driver. At least he recognizes that somebody in that family needs a paycheck.

There hasn’t been enough room for 9 people in the 1,500-square-foot Suleman house, and now Nadya thinks she can stuff 16 into it. And there’s no telling what disabilities the preemie octuplets may reveal over time.

Where the hell is Social Services? Somebody needs to find good homes for all these kids. Suleman has shown reckless disregard in providing for them, and supreme arrogance in assuming an army of volunteers will raise them while she skips off to grad school and piles more debt on the $50K she already owes in student loans. She’ll never be able to support the family she so selfishly created.

But she could give lessons to leeches.


4 Responses to Nadya Suleman Redefines Crazy

  1. Annika says:

    She also needed a lot of money for her cosmectic surgeries. Yesterday I saw pics of her from 2006 and she looked completely different, more natural. Even though she denies it, it’s obvious.

  2. catsworking says:

    Annika, those bloated lips don’t lie, even if the words coming out of them do. I was just reading that her neighbors say her lips were absolutely HUGE right before she had the octuplets, but they’d gone down quite a bit by the time she was on NBC. However, doctors are saying it’s dangerous for a pregnant woman to have anything injected like that.

    Suleman seems to have a talent for ferreting out quacks in every medical profession who will do her bidding. The only question is WHERE DOES SHE GET THE MONEY?

    This woman is a serious wack job. The inside of her house already looks like someone dropped a bomb on it, even without the extra 8 babies. If this were any other single welfare mother, the authorities would be yanking the kids out of that hell hole.

  3. Adele says:

    I just looked at a photo of Nadya Suleman having an ultrasound, and I noticed the French manicure, as well. After 30 years at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, I haven’t had the stomach to follow this story very closely; it’s just too predictable, and now I’m thinking that besides supreme narcissim, we have a borderline personality disorder, here. Those babies were born to fulfill Nadya’s needs, and such things never work out. But social services can’t get involved until there’s an allegation — if California law is like Illinois law, you can’t anticipate abuse or neglect except for circumstances, where a previous child was either killed or grievously injured. As long as those babies are in the hospital, presumably they’re not being neglected; I predict that the first neglect report will be filed with the first missed medical appointment. I also predict that if Nadya doesn’t get a book deal or some other form of income, other than Social Security Disability payments, the kids will be in foster care soon enough. And they’ll be hard to place, because it’s likely that several of them will have special medical needs. What a mess.

  4. catsworking says:

    Adele, you’re right. The babies are in good shape right now, being watched over by nurses. But I was reading a long laundry list of what might be wrong with them, being both premature and crammed like sardines in Nadya’s tummy. It ain’t pretty.

    It’s interesting that she’s out there bad-mouthing her “dysfunctional” upbringing while depending on her mother to raise her 6 older kids while she traipses around trying to play media darling. It seems obvious that, as an only child, she grew up thinking the world revolves around her, and this whole situation reeks of ME, ME, ME. She even admitted to Ann Curry that she probably projected a desire for lots of siblings onto her first kids to rationalize having more babies.

    The backlash against her has been furious, and justifiably so. Since earning a living hasn’t been a priority for her since 1999 (and they say the octuplets’ birth aggravated the back injury that put her on disability), we’re talking about a ton of government assistance. In this economy where taxpayer money is being shoveled to failing banks and car companies with no tangible results, people are understandably upset that this woman has been allowed to breed like a rabbit and then foist the kids off on taxpayers.

    From what I’ve read so far, Corporate America isn’t doling out the freebies to her because they fear consumer boycotts.

    The kids are being punished because their mother happens to be a narcissistic psycho.

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