Update on Bourdain’s Next Book

By Karen

Unfortunately, I don’t have one. Anthony Bourdain has committed to 3 new books with The Ecco Press, an imprint of HarperCollins, but none seem to be in the pipeline for the near future.

You can read descriptions of the upcoming books here.

I browsed through all the HC titles being published through May 5 and Bourdain’s nowhere on the list, although he’s hanging with an eclectic group of writers these days, including Miguel de Cervantes, Mark Twain, and C.S. Lewis. Among the living authors, a few weirdo titles caught my eye that you might want to check out in the meantime, like…

I’m Hosting as Fast as I Can! Zen and the Art of Staying Sane in Hollywood by Tom Bergeron, host of Dancing with the Stars, due out April 7.

In Praise of the Stay-at-Home Mom by Dr. Laura Schlessinger — if you have the stomach for her — also due April 7.

Me Cheeta by Cheeta, — yes, that Cheeta, who’s 76 years old — March 3.

And if you want to be first to know when Tony’s next book is ready to go, you can sign up here.

6 Responses to Update on Bourdain’s Next Book

  1. I’m curious to see what will happen in Canada. His books have been published/distributed by HC, Penguin, Random House and Raincoast. Up until recently, Raincoast has been his main Canadian publisher but they recently switched to just being a distributor. It looks like some of the backlist Raincoast was selling has moved over to Penguin so they might be the company making his new books available to Canucks like Bob & I.

    Incidentally, the young lady named Selina Tony tours with in Vancouver was his publicist at Raincoast books. I worked with her on several events and chatted with her at the former Book Expo in Toronto. She’s super nice and a big supporter of Bourdain’s work so it was cool to see her on the show.

    Though meeting her will not be anywhere near as cool as getting actual face time with the man himself.

  2. Bob says:

    That’s pretty cool Ian…Nice to have some first hand dirt on the man himself.

    Sorry to say though this year My Bombers are going to Walk all over your Riders 😛

    Nice to finally see another Canadian Face on here, this board is SOOOO American… Sorry Kittys

    Have a good weekend all

  3. catsworking says:

    Ian, it’s such a small world. I’m always amazed when someone checks in here who knows someone who knows Bourdain, or even Bourdain himself. You’ve been just 2 degrees from the man himself.

  4. Adele says:

    Note to Fred, Yul, and Adele:

    Cheetah has written a book, so it’s time you guys got to work on one. I had no idea that Cheetah appeared with Rex Harrison in Dr. Doolittle — another Cats Working connection. Poor chimp seems to have had a substance abuse problem. Well, isn’t it all the rage for celebrities to tell all about their substance abuse battles?

    You haven’t traveled in the same circles as Cheetah, but you certainly have more writing experience.

  5. catsworking says:

    There was just a 2-page article on Cheeta (I thought it was spelled Cheetah, too) in The Week magazine by the guy who ghost-wrote this book for Cheeta. He says that this particular ape was never in a Tarzan movie or in Dr. Doolittle, and he’s decades younger than 76. The article didn’t say whatever became of the original Cheeta, but the writer did mention that many different apes were used in the movies. You can tell by the shape of their ears. And NONE of their ears matched this ape. He’s a total fraud.

  6. I know what you mean! It’s always cool to find people with similar interests. And I think your one degree will trump my two. Enjoy!

    Bob, my friend, nothing makes me happier then a good Labor Day Classic!

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