Career Idea for Octuplets’ Mom

By Adele

What’s the difference between a cat producing 14 kittens in 7 years and a human female who does the same thing with babies?

Someone would probably spay the cat.

While inflicting the burden of 14 fatherless kids on society, unemployed Nadya Suleman must think she’s a phenom because her newest litter of 8 is getting worldwide attention — but not all of it good.

She’s hired a PR firm whose spokespeople promise a “heartwarming” story once Suleman is released from the hospital.

I can’t imagine any spin that could make a delusional quest for fame which exploits 14 innocent youngsters heartwarming. Suleman naively wants $2 million for her story, apparently unaware that it won’t begin to put a dent in the cost of raising the mob she’s spawned.

The octuplets could cost millions in medical bills just getting up to speed so Suleman can cram them into her 2- or 3-bedroom bungalow with her parents and her other 6 children.

The woman’s got a serious in vitro habit. If these 14 fail to bring her fame, I’d bet my treats she’ll find some shady doctor willing to help her try again.

Even though she was once a psychiatric technician in a state mental hospital, Suleman may be contemplating a new career as a childcare expert. However, she’s been too busy having babies to know much about caring for babies. Her octuplets are even being fed on donated breast milk.

And while she’s on the road in pursuit of her millions, who will be raising her 14 kids?

Everybody else.

If Suleman really wants fame, she should get herself spayed and let some animal welfare group hire her as their poster girl for the folly of irresponsible breeding.


11 Responses to Career Idea for Octuplets’ Mom

  1. envisionhope says:

    This is great. I think you’ve really said it all.

    I guess today, everybody thinks that doing the unthinkable, and then being brave enough to admit it, will bring the millions. Isn’t it a shame it often does?

  2. MorganLF says:

    This serial procreator has had the help of a very unethical medical community at Kaiser (Sosa) Permanente. How many times did we see the sound clip of the female doctor describing her surprise at “finding” the eighth one! Uggghhh! Are we a third world country?

    These “doctors” are despicable attention grabbing charlatans and snake oil purveyors who let a clearly deranged woman give them their 15 minutes.

    It’s vulgar.

  3. Great post. I can’t believe she even got a fertility doctor to agree to this. She’s clearly looking for hand-outs and her own reality show.

  4. catsworking says:

    The mother was on the Today Show this morning (and will be on again Monday, and they’re doing something about her on Dateline, maybe tonight?), proving what everybody already suspected. She’s been smoking some really bad ‘nip.

    She says she’s going to raise all 14 of her kids on “unconditional love,” and she even plans to go back to college to finish her master’s in the fall. Hmmm…let’s see…the octs should be about 7 months old by then. Sure, old enough to fend for themselves while she’s gone, especially the one who only weighs a bit over a pound now.

    I think she’s confused KIDS with KITTENS.

    Maybe reality will hit her when she brings 8 extra babies into her 1,500-sq-ft house. We live in a house that size with 3 bedrooms, and there’s NO WAY IN HELL it could hold 14 kids and 3 adults, unless maybe 4 babies slept in all the sinks and another 4 slept in the 2 bathtubs.

    They say corporations are shying away from giving her freebies because of all the backlash over her stupidity. In the interview this morning, Ann Curry reported that Suleman expects help from her “family, friends, and church.”

    Yeah, stick everyone around you with the burden of raising 14 kids for you.

    There’s a name for this. It’s called “shit for brains.”

  5. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I don’t think the doctors (45 I heard) involved in the deliveries had anything to do with the number she had. That was some other quack who’s hiding under a rock right now. This morning, Suleman said the same doctor implanted her with ALL her kids.

    The doctors at Kaiser, being in the business of delivering babies, were overjoyed that they pulled out so many and they all lived. It does seem pretty sick, but they were obviously only looking at their one little piece of the pie. Their ears were probably ringing with the Ka-ching from all those juicy hospital bills she’s running up, although God only knows who’s going to end up paying them. People with private insurance who will be seeing another big rate hike, most likely.

  6. Adele says:

    Fred, I just read an AP piece, when said super-mom intends to get a PHD and become some kind of a counselor or therapist. Being in that field, I know that there are some real loonies in the “helping professions,” but I’m glad her name has been released, so that if she does hang up a shingle, people can give her a wide berth.

    My long distance diagnosis is that this woman has minimally an extreme narcissistic personality disorder, but there’s probably more. All my years in child welfare, if they taught me anything, taught me that people, who have children to fill up their own emptiness, rarely do well as parents. I know the limitations of state child welfare systems, but I kind of wish someone official would get a look at that home, to see if it can adequately shelter 14 kids, at least 8 of whom can be expected to have some special medical needs.

  7. catsworking says:

    When Suleman told Ann Curry this morning that she planned to raise her kids on “unconditional love,” which is more than most parents do, and qualifies her to be a better mom, I felt a hairball coming up. Karen gives us cats unconditional love, but it wouldn’t mean squat without full bowls, clean litterboxes, and some comfy beds. Which is more than those poor 14 kids are going to have in that little house.

    And since she has no job and her mother filed for bankruptcy last year, unless someone donates a mansion, I don’t see her buying a bigger place any time soon in the current lending climate.

    I don’t buy the business that growing up as an only child was so lonely and scarring that she had to turn into a full-time breeding machine. I read that she collected $165K from some loony throwing a desk against her back during a riot at the mental hospital where she worked, and she hadn’t worked much since 1999. But injured as she was, she had the first child in 2001, after 3 miscarriages and a few pregnancies that took hold outside the womb (can’t remember the term — I’m a guy). And in spite of all her alleged fertility problems, she’s been able to pop out another one, or 2, or 8 almost every year since then.

    That this goofball thinks she’s in any way fit to counsel OTHER people on ANYTHING is just testament to her own detachment from reality. And talk about a bad LIP JOB.

    I highly suspect she’s trying to fashion herself as another Angelina Jolie — only without a career or a man to be father to her litter.

    Her mother was right. She should have just become an kindergarten teacher and left it at that.

  8. Adele says:

    Oops! I got my cats confused. I addressed my comments to Fred, when Adele authored this. So sorry, although I did see that Fred answered.

  9. catsworking says:

    Note from Karen: After breakfast this morning, Adele went straight back to bed and stayed under the covers until late this afternoon, so Fred was the one who saw Suleman on the Today Show this morning.

  10. the permanente medical group…

    I never thought I will agree with this opinion, but you know… I agree partially now…

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