Orange Cats Obsessed With Obama

By Yul

Felines generally agree that working like a cat got Barack Obama where he is today. With style and grace, he left the old dogs of Washington panting and wishing they could learn some new tricks as they watched him defy the odds and leap to victory.

But on Inauguration Day, certain orange cats seemed over-enthusiastically glued to their TVs, and I’m wondering why. I found proof at newyorkshitty.

Was it out of sheer admiration, or are these representatives of a feline sleeper cell planning to keep the Obamas from getting a dog? With deceptively cute cats the color of butterscotch, you never know…

2 Responses to Orange Cats Obsessed With Obama

  1. Nancy (not THAT Nancy) says:

    Parrots are also obsessed.

  2. catsworking says:

    Ha, ha! You’re right. I’d call them Bird Brains for Obama.

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