Demented Dick Cheney Dishes His Last Dirt

By Fred

Before crawling back under his undisclosed rock, Dick Cheney recently let his madness hang out for PBS’ Jim Lehrer.


Cheney still fantasizes that Saddam Hussein was buddies with al-Qaeda. He thinks his only “miscalculation” on Iraq was underestimating the extent of Saddam’s mental abuse of his people. He rejects the notion that the U.S. attacking and killing tens of thousands of them and driving several million from their homes without provocation may have been a little depressing for them.

He doesn’t “buy” his own unpopularity because he’s conveniently forgotten he remained in office through another suspicious squeaker (in Ohio) in 2004. He thinks he and Bush won re-election “comfortably.”

Once in office, Cheney has felt no obligation to answer to anybody for anything, and believes polls are manipulated and don’t reflect what people really think.

On the economy, he says the Bush Administration had some good policies “early on” and shouldn’t have been expected to see disaster coming.

And now he denies that we have tortured, although he was quite proud of it a few weeks ago. He prefers to call it “robust interrogation techniques.”

In the end, Cheney thinks, “The argument that this is a failed presidency is just dead wrong…. over time, I expect that history will judge this administration in a fairly favorable light.”

Dream on, Dick, and be grateful there isn’t a jail cell waiting for you.


14 Responses to Demented Dick Cheney Dishes His Last Dirt

  1. Tuesday will be a great day. End of an error in American history. One of the neocon bloggers on RVA Blogs reprinted Bill Frists’ assertion that george w. bush (lower case mine) “saved 10 million lives,” presumably through all the security and such.

    Granted, we all saw the movie “Se7en,” when Morgan Freeman steps outside the law and gets a list of would-be suspects from a friend in the FBI, but to enact what you see in the movies as a STARTING POINT for policy is ludicrous. No one this side of Stalin and Hitler and a few other dictators kept such tabs on its citizens. And one cannot estimate the number of lives saved…

    … but we can count those lost: 100,000 Iraqi civilians, 1,000 New Orleans civilians, 3,000 New York civilians and 4,200 U.S. soldiers. And climbing.

    Thank God for term limits. When will Dick Cheney and anyone that thinks he’s a decent human being smell what they’ve been shoveling.

    Thanks for posting this blog.
    End of rant.

  2. catsworking says:

    Tom, I don’t think Cats Working is very popular with RVA Blogs because our political stance is definitely in the minority. It’s a great source of pride for us.

    Whenever I hear Bush talking about how the world looks to America as the land of FREEDOM, after how he’s trampled all over it, I want to hurl a hairball.

    The sole achievement of the Bush years, as I see it, is that there hasn’t been another major terrorist attack on US soil. However, Bush and Cheney certainly haven’t lifted a finger to diminish the body counts anywhere else.

  3. Bob says:

    I hate to rant on the point … If you Can take the cold.
    Canada Rocks.

    Health care and a stable government.
    We are not a WORLD power… We do our share though.

    We are happy to see a change in power as well.


  4. catsworking says:

    Bob, Karen would love to live in Canada (being a native of Massachusetts and a more northern lifestyle) but her parents aren’t getting any younger and they’re right here.

    We think you guys are way ahead of the U.S. in many areas, but are too modest to make a big deal of it and rub our noses in it. So that means you have class as well.

    The only thing I would fault Canada on is lame comedians. For a while, some TV station here was showing a lot of stand-up comedy from Canada and it really lacked bite. It’s probably class getting in the way again. Americans are used to comedians who will say ANYTHING about ANYBODY. And I think you appreciate our humor (since you’re a Lewis Black fan), but your comedians don’t have the guts to go there.

    Of course, this is just generality. I’m sure you must have SOME comedians who go for the throat, right?

  5. Keri says:

    I hope catsworking is wrong about there NOT being a jail cell in Dick Cheney’s future.

    I am hearing more and more call for a THOROUGH Eric Holder Treasury Dept. investigation and that could only lead to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, and countless others rotting in a prison or, better still, a Siberian gulag where cameras would freeze and we wouldn’t have to see any more of Cheney or Bush (or as I like to call them, “So?” and “So what?”). They’d still be phoning the media, you betcha, in a vain, pathetic attempt to change American minds about their so-called “legacy.”

    Too harsh? I think not.

  6. catsworking says:

    There’s nothing I would rather see than Bush, Cheney, et al, rotting in some stinking cell, being sleep-deprived, bombarded with loud rock music, harassed by dogs, and waterboarded, but I don’t think Obama will let it happen.

    Was just reading an article that suggested the best thing Obama could would be to PARDON them all. So even without being formally charged with war crimes, they’d live with the stigma of having committed them and being “forgiven” by the next guy. Interesting theory.

  7. MorganLF says:

    I cannot agree more. The sentiments expressed here are right on the money.

    Cheney, while a supporter of Vietnam applied for and received FIVE draft deferments. His hardship claim was he was in college and had to pay for his education. Poor performance however, made his studies take 6 years for what ordinarily takes 4. His last deferment was because his wife was pregnant and he claimed hardship, while all the time vigorously supporting the war. By the way he also had 2 DWI’s in 1962-63, sound familiar?

    Ashcroft his attorney general, another war-monger received SIX deferments all the while gleefully committing American lives to die in Iraq, and we all know about Dubya’s no show war record flying loop de loops over Galveston bay on the rare occasions he did show up…no Vietnam tours there for the spoiled frat boy either.

    They are “chicken hawks” cowards who never served their country, even though we were in a bloody war and they were eligible. They are war criminals and should be prosecuted as such. Pathetic excuses for men.

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, remember the Republicans foaming at the mouth over Clinton becoming Commander in Chief when he’d never served in the military? And then the next thing we know, the White House is crawling with Republican draft-dodgers. Their hypocrisy, on this and so many other things, just takes one’s breath away. It’s almost hard to believe that the 8-year nightmare is FINALLY over.

    I’m thrilled to see the last of Cheney’s snarly face and know he no longer has the power to dictate anything except perhaps his memoirs. Those will undoubtedly be the greatest work of fiction since “Gone With the Wind.”

  9. Adele says:

    Good riddance Dick! (aptly name) Fred, I guess you won’t be getting an interview with him — too bad, it would be even better than your Big Brown interview. You did remind me of how angry I was at all the Republican draft dodgers, who’ve been in or near the oval office. Of course, I was also angry at both Bill Clinton and John Kerry, for not being proud of being against the Vietnam War — particularly Kerry. After all, a majority of the American people ended up being against the Vietnam War. Foolishly, I thought that we’d never make that mistake again. It is staggering how much damage has been done

    After sobbing my way through the “We Are One” celebration, yesterday, I’m a little pissed again. Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson, was asked to give the invocation (probably as a sop to those, who are offended that Rick Warren will be giving the invocation tomorrow) and then was blacked out by HBO. I wonder if the Obama people knew that no one, except those, who were actually present would hear Eugene Robinson. I read the prayer today, and I’m not a praying person, but if I were, I couldn’t have said things better than Bishop Robinson. I take seriously Obama’s charge to look at others and find ourselves. I hope he does.

  10. catsworking says:

    Adele, it would be very hard for me to interview Dick Cheney while resisting the urge to spray him or scratch his eyes out.

    I think in trying to please everyone, Clinton and Kerry’s gyroscopes got messed up and they let the neocons put words in their mouths. Kerry was really disappointing because he could have spared us 4 years of Bush’s agenda of destruction. Our Adele also preferred his feisty wife Theresa to Stepford Wife Laura.

    Karen has been proofreading all day, so we haven’t been allowed to watch TV and see the inauguration festivities. Why would HBO black out the invocation? And why would you watch it on HBO instead of CNN or MSNBC? Aren’t they all covering it?

    Well, Karen’s work is done and it’s time for some tube so I can find out for myself!

  11. Adele says:

    Fred, I was reading fast, and read “spay” for “spray.” Of course, I know the term for males is neuter, but I was really wishing that for our erstwhile VP. With his heart condition, though, I wonder if it would make a difference, except cosmetically.

    HBO bought the exclusive rights for yesterday’s inaugural celebration, for I’m sure considerable and much needed cash. It wasn’t shown anywhere else. It does seem that HBO has been repeating it, so you might be able to catch it.

    I hope you cats were good while Karen was proofreading. It keeps you in Fancy Feast. And I hope you can spend the day, tomorrow, watching all the events. I’m sure you guys will get some posts out of it — does Adele do fashion commentary?

  12. catsworking says:

    I didn’t realize that HBO had exclusive rights yesterday. I did hear that they were unscrambling so everybody could watch part, if not all, of it.

    We’re pretty good while Karen proofreads. Yul, I hate to say, is best of all because he very little interest in her work. Adele and I periodically like to check on her progress, and that involves sitting on whatever she’s doing.

    Well, Cheney isn’t getting spayed, but he’s apparently in a wheelchair after wrenching his back moving boxes. And he’ll be living in VIRGINIA! I was hoping he’d found himself a nice rock somewhere in Wyoming or Montana.

    We do have the TV on today so we won’t miss the inaugural festivities. Adele will be watching the ladies’ fashions, but collars are really her thing.

  13. Lou Cicardo says:

    You positively nailed it. “DEMENTED” is almost perfect. You should also say that he is DANGEROUS. The more that this person shoots his mouth off, the more that people see what he really is.

  14. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Lou! Yes, in retirement, Cheney continues to criticize everything Obama does, as if anybody gives a rat’s ass what he thinks. We need a new word for irrelevant to describe his contribution to the national dialog.

    But if Obama doesn’t stop coddling terrorists by treating them to the same judicial rights as American citizens, like giving loophole-seeking lawyers to Umar, the moron Obama says only “allegedly” tried to blow up his own undies on that plane Christmas Day (yeah, try convincing the other passengers it could have been just a bit of innocent fun), hawkish Republican nut jobs like Cheney will actually have a point. Enough’s enough. Yul

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