Wily Entrepreneurs Prey on Cat Lovers

By Yul

Prowling for cool cat toys, I found crazy cat-related items for people.

First, there’s the Kitt-In Box™. It’s a padded tray you attach to the side of your desk that’s supposedly so comfy, we’ll prefer it to lying on your keyboard.

Nice try, but it would only take one leap from atop the bookcase to break that thing right off, and we’d have you back to picking fur out of the keys in no time.

Then there’s Danelle German in South Carolina, who knits handbags out of yarn spun from cat fur. To quickly get enough, humans shave their Persians bald. They claim it’s good for the cat, but we know better. A bath is humiliating enough, but it’s virtually impossible to maintain your dignity after a shave. I’ve been there. My whole backside was bald for months after an unfortunate tail incident.

And for aspiring stalkers who must know what we do 24/7, there’s the Pet’s Eye View Camera, which a cat wears on his collar. It can take up to 40 still photos at 1-, 5-, or 15-minute increments.

Karen works at home and we keep her pretty entertained with mysterious crashes and screams, but most owners will be wishing for their $49.99 back after a few hundred closeups of the upholstery.  Most cats nap all day.

Finally, there’s the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, and she’s no threat to Barbie. So if having the real thing around your house isn’t enough, you can play with this tacky-looking doll and her litter of tiny plastic ferals.

And some people think cats are weird…?


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