Sarah Palin vs. Caroline Kennedy

By Adele

Sarah Palin recently told conservative radio host John Ziegler that she thinks Caroline Kennedy may be handled with kid gloves by the media in her bid for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

I agree with Palin, to a point.

However, when Caroline was as inarticulate in interviews as Palin, the media jumped all over it. Let’s hope Caroline banishes “you know” from her vocabulary.

Caroline has also caught heat for dodging reporters, just like Palin.

But that’s where the similarity ends.

Caroline has never laughably claimed she’s qualified to run the whole country.

None of Caroline’s three kids so far have become unwed teenage parents. Granted, living in Manhattan has limited their dating access to rednecks who have to leave blue-collar jobs for want of a high school diploma while their mom gets arrested for dealing drugs.

Caroline gave all her children “people” names (Rose, Tatiana, and John).

Caroline has written a couple of books, proving she’s articulate on paper, while Palin couldn’t even name a paper she reads.

(And no, Palin, nice try. But anyone who saw you talking to Katie Couric knows she wasn’t hinting that all Alaskans are illiterate. If you could misinterpret Katie so badly, just think how you would have done talking through translators to foreign heads of state.)

Nobody had to make up any dirt about Palin. It’s just there. The difference in media coverage isn’t a double standard — it’s that Caroline Kennedy isn’t trailer trash.

And if Palin doesn’t think a woman who grew up fatherless in the spotlight, but managed to graduate from Radcliffe and Columbia to become an attorney and a successful wife and mother without a whiff of scandal in a family that seems to be a magnet for it, deserves a little respect, then Palin’s even dumber than I thought.

Later, Palin added that she thinks Caroline’s qualified to be a senator. Well, DUH!


26 Responses to Sarah Palin vs. Caroline Kennedy

  1. Deo says:

    I´ve never seen this blog before, and it´s not anonymous (lol)…ADELE signed her name.
    Adele, you are very astute and I love this article, I guess because I agree 100 percent and could not have said this better myself.
    I am so angry after watching Palin´s 9 minute BWAHHHHHHHHH fest. It was excuse after excuse, whining, complaining and in the process she took down 3 women, Couric for daring to ask WHAT DO YOU READ? Tina Fey, when actually Palin WAS ON THAT SHOW right alonghside Fey! What? it was Ok when she was ON, but now it´s off limits because Palin sez! Then Caroline, who is not asking to be prez, and has gotten a terrible time, the media has compared to Palin, and that is just unfair (because of the very things in your article).
    There is a video on YOUTUBE of Sarah Palin stating that HILLARY CLINTON should not WHINE about the MEDIA. My jaw dropped, it is a complete 180. Palin said that Clinton does a disservice to COMPLAIN about the media, Palin goes on to say that Clinton should just be quiet, take it like a man, and go off and DO A BETTER JOB without the griping. YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT. …it reveals Palin as the hypocrite that she is.
    If that woman, Palin, says 2 things in a row, there is a CONTRADICTION. She does not represent ME!

  2. catsworking says:

    Hi, Deo, and Welcome!

    I’ve seen that video of Palin talking about Hillary. I think she said those things before the media ripped her a new one for so many things during the campaign. Another item that I forgot to mention in my comparison is that it’s unlikely Caroline Kennedy has spent $150K on clothes in HER ENTIRE LIFE. And in her efforts to win the Senate seat, we haven’t seen her parading her whole family all around like she’s trying to convince people she’s a good mother.

    Caroline already KNOWS she’s a good mother because she didn’t ditch her kids as infants to feed her own ambition. And she’s 51 and not even a GRANDmother yet.

    All us cats got a big chuckle when Palin was ranting about the “anonymous bloggers” calling the shots for the media. Little does she know they’re not her biggest threat. It’s the FELINE bloggers she should be worried about. We’ve got claws and we’re not afraid to use them!

  3. Deo says:

    Well, Palin has already taken out her claws, so it´s fair game.
    Palin has shaped this scenario….and since her advice to Clinton is to SHUT UP, STOP WHINING and QUIETLY do a better job, maybe it´s time she take her own advice and maybe stay off the stage for awhile and bone up on CIVICS and foreign policy or something. My goodness, even the atrocious Ann Coulter suggested THAT to her.

  4. catsworking says:

    Deo, I agree with you that it’s very annoying how someone in the media keeps pulling Palin back out and rubbing our noses in her again, like we’re being punished for not loving her.

    If she does still has aspirations for higher office (and I assume she does, since she’s risen to the pinnacle of Alaska politics with nowhere higher to climb), she’d do well to take some college-level night school classes to get herself up to speed on history and current events.

  5. Deo says:

    Take classes? You know she would not do that in an ice age! THERE ISN´T ANYTHING WRONG, remember? It´s not her, it´s YOU, it´s Obama, it´s Couric, it´s the media, the press, the liberal leaning people that dont live in the America that SHE KNOWS. Her fanatics back this idea up 100 percent. Palin doesn´t need school or classes or growth or maturity, she just needs you to get out of the way. ..and I won´t.
    This is such a nice, personal blog. Thank you for your responses and greetings from sunny (not today!) Spain (I left LA 4 years ago after Bush won ANOther election!!!).

  6. catsworking says:

    Spain, Deo! If my fur could turn green with envy, it would.

    You sound like Karen’s sister. When Bush stole (which is how we view it) a second term, she defected to Scotland. She moved back just a few months before Obama won.

    You’re right that it’s a long shot Palin will ever do anything to improve her mind. There’s not that much there to work with. By then, she may even have popped out a few more kids herself (she’s said she’s always wanted to name one “Zamboni”) and have a litter of grandkids because Bristol’s career prospects aren’t looking so good right now.

    With any luck, in 4 years, if Obama makes good on delivering many of the changes he’s been promising, Palin will have a snowball’s chance in hell of unseating him. With 4 years of running the country under his belt and the confidence it will bring, I’d love to see the Republicans nominate Palin so he could slice and dice her in a debate. One should be all it would take to finish her. It would be the shortest presidential campaign in history.

  7. MorganLF says:


    I loathe that Americans actually considered her.

    I loathe that the big, fat, hillbilly heroin drug addicted,struck deaf by his addiction, convicted felon, money laundering, doctor shopping, making his maid street cop for him, detained with a pocket full of Viagra coming of the plane from a well known chicken-hawking destination (that is the act of old men preying on young boys), non college graduated, big mouth scum bag Rush Limbaugh touted her as the SECOND COMING.

    Why does he still have a show? Anyone so committed to that corrupt stupid pea brained baby factory Palin has no business on American air.

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, when I’m out and about, I often tune into Rush Limbaugh just to see what foul ignorance he’s spewing. He makes me scream in traffic more than rude drivers. That he has even one person listening to him and agreeing with him is a very sorry statement on our culture. He’s even more corrosive to intelligence than that other skank-weed of the far right, Ann Coulter.

  9. Deo says:

    Oh MORGANLF!!! You must stop hedging and beating around the bush…how do you REALLY feel about Rush Limbaugh??? LOL!!!
    He is despicable.
    I think that is what must be understood when we take on arguments with THESE people, the arguments can NEVER be won. THEY just see the world as a different place. When we defend ourselves, our principles and what we THINK our country stands for we are just called HATERS and they tell us we are AFRAID. A lesson in futility. I am sad about this.

    …and DEAR AUTHOR you are saint to listen in on the RUSH L. show! HOW DO YOU STAND IT? I have NEWSMAX delivered to my email address just to read what the nutty faction is up to and many times I feel like gagging! Palin this and Coulter that!

  10. catsworking says:

    Deo, You’re right about communicating with them. Facts mean nothing to them. Reason is beyond their grasp. They believe what they believe and no amount of logic or truth is going to sway them.

    What I enjoy most is the hypocrisy. Palin preaches sexual abstinence for kids, possibly unaware that her own kid is boinking like a bunny until she gets knocked up by (by his own description) a “f**king redneck,” ruins her senior year of high school by having a baby (illegitimate), and the right REJOICES because she “chose life.”

    Palin has a baby, with special needs no less, and thinks it’s a good idea to start traipsing around the country feeding her own selfish ambition when he’s only a few months old. She only took 3 days off from work to give birth (after she was unsuccessful at killing him by flying from Texas to Alaska before seeking care after her water broke). And she has the NERVE to drag her sorry litter behind her all over the campaign trail, trying to make people think she’s a “good mother.”

    It boggles the mind.

  11. Deo says:

    You hit it on the head! I always thought THAT was the real story. Palin´s pregnancy and her cavalier attitude (putting it MILDLY) towards the baby´s health issues while in the womb and the birthing. What negligence, but the smoke screen of her screaming about HOW DARE YOU ASK IF I FAKED A PREGNANCY, covered the her EXTREME NEGLIGENCE IFFFFFFFFFFFF she really was pregnant. It´s still suspect to me, she could have provided a couple of things that would have cleared that up pronto and never has. As a public official and as one asking to be the VP, yes she should have DIGNIFIED it with some facts. Sorry, but ALL Palin pregnancies seem to steeped in controversy, lol….and that is the way she likes it.
    I wonder if can keep this up WEEKLY until 2012…so far, she HAS. It´s all by design.
    Oh it´s cold here in Aliacnte Spain today it must be 50 degrees, ha! ha! i happen to be in the warmest spot in Spain, other parts have had some terrible snows this winter!

  12. catsworking says:

    I read somewhere recently that they decided to throw Bristol under the bus and make her pregnancy public to dispel the rumors about her being the mother of Trig. He was born in April and I don’t think it’s ever been said he was premature. Bristol had Tripp 8 months later, in December.

    Palin’s secrecy about the pregnancy was beyond baffling. She didn’t tell anybody until she was supposedly 7 months along.

    However, I’ll bet my treats that before 2009 is over, Bristol’s pregnant again. And it won’t surprise me if her wedding never happens. Her boyfriend never wanted kids, he’s been dragged through the mud (thanks to future Mom-in-Law’s boundless ambition), and I predict he will say “F**k this scene!” and split.

    If those kids really wanted to be married, before the baby was born they could have had a civil ceremony. It wouldn’t surprise me Palin is the hold-up because they’re planning some huge wedding with Bristol dressed all in white so Palin can have another excuse to get reporters to Alaska.

    The Palins seem to place almost no value on the traditional family, where Dad earns the bread and Mom takes care of the kids, and Sarah sees no irony whatsoever as she spouts her neocon nonsense about “family values.”

    It’s cold in Virginia, too. I think it’s only supposed to get in the 20s today, and single digits tonight. BBBRRRR!!!

  13. MorganLF says:

    Well Deo clearly you get it..and there are many of us out there who do. Yet I still know people (I refuse to call them friends anymore) who are foaming at the mouth about Obama being presiedent. I cannot tell you the pride and joy I have anticipating his inauguration. Boy we really have turned a corner and we can thank the stink politics of the Republicans Rove, Cheney, Palin (uugggh) and their shills, Anne ( filth liar, bigot pig ) Coulter, Rush (to the table fatso) Limbaugh, et al, for creating the back-lash that put us over the top!

    PS – I am mad jealous I have been to Spain and loved it. I could easily see myself living there!

  14. catsworking says:

    We’re not expecting to get much done on Tuesday because we’ll be glued to the TV watching the Inauguration. They’re predicting that the mob trying to attend will extend as far south as Richmond (we’re about 2 hours away), and today the paper said, “If you think you’re going to wake up Tuesday morning and decide to drive to DC for the festivities, don’t. Ain’t gonna happen.”

  15. Deo says:

    I moved to Spain because I lost my house in foreclosure and didn´t have any money! I packed my 4 cats and dog and 10 boxes and came HERE. All over Spain at first, now in Alicante. Yes, it´s cheaper here, and just easier to be poor, lol! No one looks at your car (I haven´t one) or your house (I have a very large and nice apartment now), the beach is walking distance…it is a little like a 3rd world country here, but it has the flip side of being very sophistocated in some aspects. Spain is an enigma, I think. I like it. My spanish is still awful after all this time! YOU MUST VISIT AGAIN!

    I think Levi Johnston will STAY. I think it has hit home now that he stepped in it, and will never have another opportunity like this again. I am sure he has feeling for Bristol and it is a meal ticket, too, so great! He doesnt have to go to high school or even work, WAS HE OFFERED $300,000 for the baby pix, DID THAT HAPPEN? Mom in law is getting 7 million for ghostwriting a book…I cannot believe that one!

  16. catsworking says:

    Deo, when you put it that way, I have to agree with you. If the kid can live off his in-laws, he probably will.

    Karen once knew this guy from Florida who bought an apartment somewhere on the Costa Del Sol. He said he loved Spain because it felt like the U.S. in the 1950s. Somehow more innocent. And of course, Anthony Bourdain considers it the culinary center of the universe these days. How’s the food?

  17. Deo says:

    Yes, that is a good discription of spain. I mean I walk to buy groceries EVERYDAY and stuff them in my big purse. You know you walk home with
    fresh bread, and fresh veg, a little meat MAYBE, and a pastry, lol!
    INSTEAD of THE GIANT MEGA SHOP IN THE LANDROVER once every 2 weeks, like I did in Los Angeles. Yes, it IS more like the 50´s lifestyle.I was born in the mid fifties, so I remember.
    In the rural areas, it´s GORGEOUS, but just too much culture shock, but a city like Alicante or Malaga, a smallish but stylish city we foreignors fit right in, and it´s quite pleasant, as you really can´t tell who is rich and who is poor.
    After coming from LA, and losing it ALL, this is kind of important to me. I really DO live on NOT MUCH! It is just fine. My dog and 2 cats (2 have since died of RIPE OLD AGE…I buried one in a castle, that is another story!) are quite happy, THEY donñt know the difference, they have several sunny balconies overlooking a small plaza to sun bathe on!

    SOOO, Plain is suing over the BELUGA WHALE getting endangered species protection! 2 weeks ago it was the polar bears! What a pox on the earth she is!

  18. Deo says:

    I mean PALIN in my previous post, I typed in PLAIN by mistake, oops.

  19. Deo says:

    The food is lovely here in Spain, but that is the SPANISH food. The tapas, and fresh seafood, of course, everywhere. A LOT of FRIED food, the health thing hasn’t arrived here in full force yet.

    Ethnic food is very bad here. Good Chinese is not just scarce, there just isn’t ANY good Asian food here, not even in a cosmopolitan place like Barcelona. LA, NY, BOSTON, AMSTERDAM have great Asian, Indian, etc. NOT HERE. Very mediocre.
    The Spanish tapas are very repetitious so the new chefs and restaurant workers are working on that…in the CITIES that is. In the pueblos you can forget anything other then standard fare, with NO DEVIATIONS. They have very good ham here (the beef is bad compared to US, GB, and Argentina), good salty ham, dryish, red, for sandwiches. I asked a bar keeper to make me a quick sandwich of this ham and asked that he slice a tomato onto it…well, he just could not believe it. A tomato ON it, IN THE SANDWICH, he kept asking??? Not a plain sandwich with a little salad on the side? ON THE SANDWICH, well, I guess you are NOT FROM HERE! It was very funny!!!!

  20. catsworking says:

    Deo, you just described Smithfield ham from Virginia. Karen was complaining about it on another post how dry and salty and nasty it is. Even we CATS won’t eat it.

    Funny that the Spanish don’t put tomato on sandwiches. But they are probably not like Americans, always in such a hurry, people try to get all the major food groups (salt, sugar, fat, and starch) into every BITE just to save time!

    Even with the incessant media coverage of health (what’s good for you today’s study is bad for you in tomorrow’s), like there’s anything we can really do to live forever, the pizza and burger chains are always coming out with new sandwiches that are even bigger and greasier than ever. No wonder everybody’s so fat.

    And now they’re saying the bad economy will makes the obesity problem even worse because healthy food is too expensive!

  21. Deo says:

    You know what their ham is like, ITALIAN PROCIUTTO (oh, I can´t spell THAT, you know what I mean, don’t you?), It´s very rich and I cant eat much of it.
    At first the slower pace here in Spain will drive you crazy!!! Appointmentas are more like SUGGESTIONS, ha! ha! You know MAYBE the repair will show, maybe he won’t!!!!
    The people are overweight here too, not everyone, but much fried food. The food in Italy is healthier, they SAY. The only people I SEE that are always skinny are the Chinese people.
    Well, the food here is good and it´s easy to overeat here too.
    You go for a beer, which people DO all through the day, you get a plate of tapas, small things to munch. It´s really kind of fun, YOU COULD, I don’t, drink beer at breakfast, many PEOPLE DO, and it isnt frowned upon.
    People here live their lives OUTSIDE, much meeting with people and sitting at cafes in the city. It´s a different, easier life style FOR SURE, gentle kitty!!
    EVERYBODY still smokes here! like 50´s America!

  22. catsworking says:

    I can’t spell that ham either, but I know what you’re talking about.

    I’ve read that Spaniards aren’t punctual, and also that they talk VERY LOUD. Have you noticed that?

    They say obesity is spreading all over the world because everybody’s eating everybody else’s food. Well, I guess mainly the bad American junk food is creeping into other cultures and making them as fat as we are.

    Your new life sounds very wonderful and 99% less stressful than living in LA must have been. You are very lucky.

    Philip Morris (which is headquartered right here in Richmond, VA, where I live) will be very happy to hear that smoking is all the rage in Spain. There’s talk here of raising the tax on cigarettes by about 61 cents a pack that’s got smokers very upset, even though cigarettes will still be a lot cheaper than up North. Virginia has always been very smoker-friendly. They may even ban smoking in restaurants, too. It’s going to get to where PM will hardly have anyone here to be killing anymore.

  23. Keri says:

    I am Karen’s USA-defecting sister. I enjoyed reading your posts and must say that I too enjoyed walking home from the grocery store daily with a huge purse I bought in Edinburgh’s John Lewis Dept. store that was actually called “The Shopper” loaded down with fresh groceries.

    I had the opportunity to travel to the southern coast of Spain while I was living in Scotland (to Marbella actually) where I was the guest of “Happy Hooker” Xaviera Hollander at her villa–long story. I too found the food in Spain lacking, but shockingly, found the fruit and veggies particularly appealing in Scotland, UK (a place where food used to go to die!) Much of this good food and wine came from Spain though so I guess what they need there is a Spanish Gordan Ramsay to shake things up!

    The salmon and mussels were also particularly fresh and tasty in Scotland. Be that as it may, you’re lucky you’re still abroad. I can’t turn on the TV without seeing George Bush. I returned to the US way too soon! I should have waited until NEXT TUESDAY!

  24. Deo says:

    Hi Keri!
    yeah! The food here is FINE, but lacks deviation and variety. They say the seafood is great, but other then some shellfish I donñt eat fish, so it´s stuff like a fried steak or chop with french fries here, eh!!!!! There is always paella, flan, migas, but really France, Italy, Holland has better food.
    I have never been to Scotland but hear it´s lovely and it seems to have the same ability to stop and smell the flowers as Spain has.
    So, you went back! You must be in Virginia, too. Which is very pretty country…and the home of my favorite Edgar Allen Poe…who CLAIMS HIM Richmond, Virginia or Baltimore, Maryland?
    Have you ladies…er I MEAN KITTIES…. been following the story of Sarah Palin and the town of Emmonak??? Sad and pitiful display or lack of ANY display on her part!!!

    Hey, Palin, Can you see Bristol Bay from your house???

    Oh, she is beyond redemption……..

    This is such a great blog, it´s so nice to TALK TO AMERICANS again, ha! HA!

    …I have also been reading that Palin was NOT invited to the big McCain dinner, that is a hoot!!! but you know it doesn’t matter because she and Tonya Harding will be painting each other’s toenails that night!!! lol!!!

  25. Deo says:

    …and I DO have to hear the story of you and X, Hollander some day!!! I read her books, lol!!!

  26. catsworking says:

    Deo, thanks to Keri, Karen got on Xaviera Hollander’s mailing list (she’s trying to drum up business for her B&B that, I think, is in Holland). She looks great from the neck up, still coasting on her laurels as a sexpot, although in her dotage. Keri sent an autographed copy of “The Happy Hooker” to Karen, so she read it for the first time just recently. It was better than she expected.

    I haven’t been watching the news much this weekend, so I haven’t seen the latest on Palin. I did read the other day that John McCain’s daughter has been doing interviews and refuses to answer any questions about Palin. You know what that means. “If you can’t say something nice about somebody…”

    In trying to reclaim whatever shreds of integrity he’s got left, it doesn’t surprise me that McCain would be distancing himself from that redneck train wreck. All her harping about the “bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers lying about her” is just going to bring them out in force and it ain’t gonna be pretty. (I don’t count myself in that group because I’m not bored, anonymous, pathetic, or lying.)

    I can see Palin and Harding teaming up as BFF. In fact, maybe Palin will pick Tonya to be her RUNNING MATE in 2012.

    Funny you should mention Poe. He was born in Boston, but lived his teenage years in Virginia, attending the University of Va. briefly (they have a dorm room they say was his, preserved and on display). And he lived in Richmond for a while. We have a Poe Museum here with some of his manuscripts and stuff, although it’s not in the building he actually lived in, and this coming week there’s going to be a big celebration of his bicentennial.

    Maryland also claims him, because he died there, and I just read that he has 2 graves there because they moved him at some point.

    Another interesting tidbit — he died on Karen’s birthday.

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