What’s in a (Cat) Name?

By Yul

Somebody with too much time on their hands compiled the top 10 cat and dog names. In descending order of popularity, they are:





(Note: These names were drawn from a database of 450,000 pets able to afford health insurance.)

You’ll notice an absence of any Cats Working names. We hope this blog’s popularity will eventually rectify that, because we weren’t named according to what’s “in,” but after famous people: Yul Brynner and Fred and Adele Astaire.

Digging in for a little analysis, I see that 3 of the cat names aren’t technically “names” (Tiger, Smokey, and Shadow), and there’s one that Sarah Palin’s next baby will probably get (Tigger).

However, all the dog names are “real.” Does this mean cat owners are more likely to view their cats as objects? You tell me.

And only 3 of the cat names are clearly female, while 7 of the dog names are. I suspect too many girl kitties are getting stuck with Smokey and Shadow.

Surprisingly, Max is tops for both species. Any cat named Max becomes a walking ad for Max® Cat, the “the highest quality, most delectable tasting” cat food around, according to its maker’s modest claims.

Cats Working once found Max® Cat “utterly resistable” and rated it 3 tails down. Give us tasty chicken heads, feet, or intestines any day. Around here we say, what’s haute cuisine for Anthony Bourdain is good enough for us.

When it comes to naming a cat, don’t be a slave to fashion. Here’s another list I found that’s more interesting, comprehensive, and objective. Even so, Fred’s the only one who makes the cut at #54.

Adele and I are feeling very special today.


10 Responses to What’s in a (Cat) Name?

  1. Adele says:

    Alice is pleased that her name isn’t on the list. She received her name just because I thought she looked like an Alice. In fact, of all her predecessors, the only name I found on the top 100 list was Sasha, and that name came in pretty high.

    I had a big orange cat, named Tim Finnegan. I just knew he was Irish, what with having red hair and a very pink nose. My home phone is listed in Tim’s name and has led to some very interesting phone calls.

  2. catsworking says:

    I noticed Coco, Cleo, and Ginger on the list, 3 of our late predecessors. But I’ve never run across another cat (or dog, for that matter) named Yul. It’s a source of great pride to me.

  3. Adele says:

    Alice would be the first to agree that you’re unique, Yul. And Yul is a great name — too good just to be floating out there in the ether and not used. You’re lucky that Karen decided to give it to you. I wonder if Yul is shortened from some longer, Mongolian or Tartar name. From what Karen says, you sometimes tear through the house like the Mongol hordes.

  4. catsworking says:

    According to TCM.com, my namesake’s real name was Yuli Borisovitch Bryner and he was born in Vladivostok.

    Karen saw my Yul-ness from the beginning. She says I had the same soulful bedroom eyes even as a kitten, and I am rumored to have a dash of Siamese. When I was 6 and had the “accident” that eventually cost me my tail, I gained a wild, exotic look similar to what Brynner achieved after he shaved his head. I also assumed his devil-may-care attitude. Once I went through 2 amputations (yes, it’s true; the first one got infected), I figured there aren’t many worse things that could happen to me, so what the hell? Go for it!

    Curiously enough, even before I could read, one of the first things I attacked in the house was a framed original program from the Broadway show, “The King and I,” that Karen had hanging on the wall. It wasn’t covered in glass (so you could open it) and had a red ribbon bookmark (programs were really classy back in those days). Well, I made that ribbon disappear without hurting the program.

    To this day, Karen doesn’t know where it went and can only assume I ate it. I’m not telling.

  5. Bob says:

    Sorry to Hijack the Name thread.. But got an advance view of the New Clint Eastwood Movie, Gran Torino. Freaking excellent..

    He plays a Korean war vet,,, With Asian Neighbors. Good food and much Politically Incorrect language Ensue …. Not the Clint of old..

    K getting off my soap box… GO See IT.


  6. catsworking says:

    Bob, that Eastwood movie just opened here and it got a tepid review. They said he makes Archie Bunker (a major bigot on an old sitcom called “All in the Family,” in case you didn’t get it) look like a Girl Scout, but that’s about it.

    But I wouldn’t mind seeing Eastwood being grumpy again, so maybe I’ll follow your recommendation. But this afternoon I’m going to see Brad Pitt (who I think is an utter jerk) in “The Strange Case of Benjamin Buttons” with my parents.

  7. MorganLF says:

    My cats:
    Charlie: (followed me home from school)grey & white fat cat also, gay.

    Christine: The Xmas tiger stripe cat we adopted her from a pet department that was closing for the holidays where she was alone in a cage…

    Marcello: Chris’ husband, neighborhood lothario with swagger also a redheaded money cat.

    Their litter:
    Boy: Huge black and white gansta
    Jimmie: Rockin’ Cat
    Amanda: Cool calico beauty died the day before I got married

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, those are all very respectable cat names. I even accept “Boy” because the late fashion designer, Coco Chanel, had a lover and mentor named Boy Cappel.

  9. Names we’ve had in our family:
    Lucy (full name Lucifer, since he was a troublemaker)
    Lex (named after Lex Luther on Smallville)
    Psychokitty (after he put brown paw prints halfway up our walls one day while we were out)

  10. catsworking says:

    Lucy and Lex are OK, but we’d have a problem with Psychokitty, even if he did deserve it. How would you like to go through life having people call you Psychohuman?

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