Gas is Down, but Health Insurance is Up – Again

By Karen

Anthem must be missing all the reports that the economy’s in the toilet and money’s tight because they didn’t think 87% profit on my health insurance in 2008 was enough. They’ve raised my rate for 2009 another 14%.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

In 2008, I paid $4,646 for an individual policy.

For one office visit and the usual annual checkups and tests (which revealed nothing unusual), my doctors billed Anthem $1,491.

Anthem spit back $686, calling it “network savings,” and paid $594 — just 13% of my premium dollars.

I had to fork out another $378 in copays and charges Anthem denied.

Bottom line: Anthem kept $4,053 — 87% profit. Now they demand another $636.

An Anthem rep told me that my new rate is based on a statewide review of claims.

However, when I recently reapplied for their insurance (to reduce my ridiculous $488 premium), my personal medical history was dissected with a microscope as if I were the last person on earth as they tried to deny me. Now they’re lumping me in with every invalid in Virginia.

Apparently, Anthem can slice it any way it takes to boost their bottom line.

HR 676, the universal healthcare bill that would stake these vampires, is supposed to come before the next session of Congress. If you’re being gouged by your health insurer, I urge you to send the details to your congressman and senators ASAP.

Hearing that things are “bad and need fixing” isn’t getting through to Capitol Hill. We need to bury them under specifics on how the insurance industry is killing us – financially and literally.

They need to see voters’ names on this problem until they get it through their heads that for-profit health insurers can never be part of the fix.

We must make the putrid stench of health insurers’ greed permeate every corner of Congress until it sickens them enough to act in our best interests for a change.

And to keep Obama’s team on track, share your concerns and keep them motivated. They’re our best hope for implementing the drastic changes healthcare needs now.


4 Responses to Gas is Down, but Health Insurance is Up – Again

  1. deeswyt says:

    this is all crap. i hate dealing with insurance companies. since i lost my job, i haven’t had any insurance at all. i’ve applied three time and three times i have been denied. my doctor, who was fuming, said i was one of his healthy patients, no major illness, no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, no history of bad stuff…just over weight.
    i have written to Obama’s team. my only hope for insurance is for me to get a job!
    oh i didn’t mean to be so negative…sorry for venting on your little blog!

  2. Bob says:

    I only have one thing to say to that ….. DAMMM I am glad I live in Canada.

    Yes our taxes are slightly higher, and winter is Well Winter.. Up here.. But Paying for Treatment is just so wrong and Paying for NON Treatment is Insane.

    My Previous posts regarding the Hawaiian shirt are viewed through Rose Coloured glasses. In a new relationship and I Just got a Hawaiian Shirt of my own, Straight from the Island.. Competed in the Honolulu Marathon She did..

    Just have to get her into Bourdain LOL

    Good Luck with those Health Care Bills.. I would consider a move up north if I were you.

    Happy New Year

  3. catsworking says:

    Deeswyt, Feel free to vent all you want. You’ve pointed out another thing that’s fundamentally wrong with our system. Healthcare shouldn’t be tied to employment AT ALL. How many people stay in jobs they hate because they’re afraid of losing the insurance?

    They’ve been saying we have 47 million people uninsured now. With jobs disappearing by the millions in almost every industry, I shudder to think what the uninsured number will grow to.

    I work for myself, so I’m being picked clean in the individual market, where the insurance companies can do whatever they want with NO oversight whatsoever. Obama wants to stop insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, which is a tiny start. But unless the lid is slammed down on what insurers charge, they’ll just price the coverage out of reach and claim they’re innocent.

    Personally, I want to see them all run out of business with a single-payer universal system like ALL THE OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES HAVE.

    If they can make it work, why can’t we?

  4. catsworking says:

    Bob, my health insurance is the second biggest bill in my life, now only slightly smaller than the MORTGAGE ON MY HOUSE. I can’t tell you how galling it is to be forking over thousands of dollars a year to an insurance company that does virtually nothing for me, and which I loathe with every atom of my being. It’s the kind of situation that makes people go postal — or Canadian!

    But if Obama doesn’t do something — and quick — this can’t go on much longer because Anthem’s insatiable greed will force me out of the market within a year or two and then they’ll collect ZERO from me.

    Good luck with your new lady friend. I just hope she doesn’t run too fast when you’re around. 😉

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