Was a Stunt Cat in Barney’s Christmas Video?

By Adele

That stubby-legged publicity hound, Barney Bush, made his farewell White House video and graciously let the whole family appear in the opening scene of Barney Cam VII: A Red, White and Blue Christmas. Daughter Barbara Bush is sitting on the floor petting a black cat rather obsessively, but the cat’s presence is never acknowledged by anyone else, nor is it seen again until the closing credits. As usual, the video is all about the dogs.

Was that India or a stunt cat? It looks like India, but the credits bill it as “Willard the Cat.”

India, or a stunt cat named Willard?

India, or a stunt cat named Willard?

Since India’s facing great upheaval finding a new bed to hide under in the Bushes’ relatively puny new house in Texas, I hardly think this is a good time to be changing his name.

The Bushes always make such a fuss over Barney and Miss Beazley, I just hope they don’t forget to take India/Willie/Willard/Whatever with them when they leave Washington. On the other hand, if he could dodge Malia and her allergies, he would make a nice addition to the Obama family, and maybe even put them off getting a dog.


2 Responses to Was a Stunt Cat in Barney’s Christmas Video?

  1. Adele says:

    I’m completely confused about the Bush family cat situation, Adele. I thought one of you had blogged about the Bush cat before and referred to it as “India, aka Willie.” Willie and Willard would fit, but I assumed that India/Willie was a female. Looking at the above photo, I still think that the cat (if not a stunt cat) is female — she just has a girlie look, but why would you call a female Willard? Of course this cat lives with George Bush, who has an eight-year history of doing incomprehensible things.

    In other cat news, I suppose you guys have heard that Socks Clinton is dying of cancer. I felt bad that he was given away, after Buddy moved in, but I guess Betty Currie really loved him.

  2. catsworking says:

    Well, that makes it unanimous. All of us Adeles are totally confused by India, whom they have been known to call “Willie.” I have always thought the cat was female (harkening back to India Wilkes, the old maid sister of Ashley in “Gone With the Wind”). But after I saw this mysterious “Willard” and read that the cat was named after a male baseball player known as “El Indio,” I’m not so sure anymore.

    I don’t think the Bushes have any idea (or even care) what they’ve got, since they think the sun rises and sets on those two dust mops they call dogs. The confusion over India is proof of the short shrift they’ve given the poor cat all along.

    Yes, we did hear about Socks and are very sad. The news reports said he has maybe only days or weeks left of his ninth life. Betty Currie did not opt to have invasive testing done so he would not be put through needless suffering.

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