Benny the Cat Takes a Bite Out of Santa

By Yul

Benny’s a New Jersey cat whose owner claims he’s a $1,500 Pixie-Bob she got as a kitten from Wyoming. To celebrate his first Christmas, she took Benny to PetsMart for a photo with Santa.

Benny’s only 8 months old, but weighs 30 pounds. After wrestling Benny on his lap, Santa believes Benny’s really a bobcat. I think Santa’s on to something.

Anyway, some dogs spooked Benny and he turned on Santa as soon as their photo was snapped. Santa sustained 6 puncture wounds to his left hand and wrist, and was lucky to escape shredding.

"I wonder if Santa tastes like chicken?" (Photo-WCAU)

"I wonder if Santa tastes like chicken?" (Photo-WCAU)

Benny’s owner grabbed this photo, mumbled something about Benny’s shots, and left without telling anyone her name. It was only after Santa started talking to the media that she came forward to spare him a series of rabies innoculations.

Benny’s vaccination paperwork apparently checked out, but he’s now under house arrest for 2 weeks, being observed. That’s actually an improvement for him because he’s said to be kept tethered in the backyard.

Somebody needs to look into that.

Santa doesn’t blame Benny and hopes no harm comes to the big cat on his account.

I don’t condone cat-on-Santa violence, but I know all cats have the potential for it. This weekend, I’ll to be the first at Cats Working to meet Santa, wearing a new red harness and leash I absolutely loathe and refuse to walk on. But Karen knows I can turn into 20 lbs. of feline fury if any dog messes with me and she’s not taking any chances.

Wish us luck…


6 Responses to Benny the Cat Takes a Bite Out of Santa

  1. Adele says:

    Yul, Alice and I hope your visit to Santa goes well, and we look forward to the photo op it will provide. I’m sure you look very handsome in your red harness and leash — red is an excellent accessory color for basic black.

    Alice asks that you tell Santa that she would like some little fuzzy toys to bring to bed and some soft foam balls to fetch. Being a social phobe, she won’t be dropping in on Santa,herself.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, tell Alice to consider it done. We’re all so spoiled here, I was wondering what I’d ask Santa for. Over the years, we have accumulated or inherited it all. Several cushy beds, a pet fountain, balls and fake mice in every color and size, toys that run or squeak, catnip, treats, scratching posts, a cat tree, a kitty condo. It’s really an embarrassment of riches.

    I agree with you that I look stunning in my new harness and leash, but it’s the principle. As soon as Karen puts it on me, I hunker down and refuse to move if she’s anywhere around. To get me to budge, she puts her foot under my shoulders, raises me up, and propels me along on the leash like some kind of cat puppet.

    Fred and Adele are getting a lot of laughs at my expense.

  3. lisa march says:

    Just so you know, Benny only weight 15 lbs. He is a pixie bob type of breed cat. He is very frisky. He does not get left outside all the time, either. They walk him and he has a runner in the back yard as they are harness training him. He is litter box trained, and right now being taught to use an upstairs toilet. He has the run of the house and is trated like a baby. The dogs scared Benny and my pay Chrissy got her photo , told the Petsmart all his shots were to date, and left as to try to calm down the cat. No one ever asked her name, and the Santa was told right there that Benny was up to date on all shots. So before you go and crucify someone, why don’t you get the facts.

  4. catsworking says:

    Lisa, thank you for all that information about Benny. I read many news stories and watched several interviews with Santa about the incident, and only repeated what they all said. It’s odd that so many media outlets could have gotten things so totally wrong, and that Santa himself didn’t even remember what happened clearly. But you seem to know Benny personally, so I’ll take your word for it.

    No one is being crucified here. Cats Working is squarely on Benny’s side, as is Santa, for that matter. We are VERY glad to hear Benny isn’t left outside all the time because it must be very cold in New Jersey by now. We hope he has a long and happy life and no more run-ins with dogs or Santa. He sounds like a very smart cat, and simply the fact that all his shots were up-to-date showed that his owner obviously cares about him.

  5. leslie says:

    I hate to tell Lisa but I know from experience that from the picture that is in fact a true bobcat. I myself found one and bottle fed him after his mother was killed and yes they can be domesticated however I would never take my Toby to a pet store with other animals. ppixie bobs do not have the white marks on the back of the ears like a true bobcat does. And this cat obviously has those distinct bobcat markings. Mine 2 has his vaccinations, but once again a store is not a place for a bobcat and anyone who researchs it can tell this is a true bobcat and not a pixie.

  6. catsworking says:

    Leslie, thank you for your perspective. Maybe Benny favors the bobcat side of his family much more than the other.

    I weigh about 20 lbs. myself, and I know my head is nowhere near as large as Benny’s, so when Santa said it felt like Benny weighed about 30 lbs., I believed him. To be that large that young would indicate a truly big cat to me.

    When Fred weighed 15 lbs. in his younger days, he wasn’t as large as Benny, and Fred’s no Munchken.

    Any cat can be unpredictable in a strange environment, especially when there are a lot of dogs around. Karen puts a harness on me if I’m going to be around other people, just in case. I could do some real damage if I decided to go postal on someone, or their dog (which, for the record, has never happened). And I’M domesticated.

    I have a feeling Benny won’t be seen around town much after this unfortunate incident, but I hope he’s doing well and has a good home.

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