If Obama’s Not American, I’m Siamese

By Yul

Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick, New Jersey, must be giddy that cats can’t run for office because few could produce birth certificates “authentic” and detailed enough for him. He’s claiming Barack Obama isn’t a “real” American because his Kenyan father was a British subject.

But it doesn’t stop there. Donofrio contends that John McCain’s not an American either because he popped out at a U.S. naval air station in the Panama Canal Zone.

By Donofrio’s standards, you’re not American unless he personally witnessed your birth in his guest room.

Another nut job, Phillip Berg of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, has filed suit that Obama was born in Kenya and may be an Indonesian citizen because he lived there a few years as a child.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court refused to hear Donofrio’s case. We all know what havoc they can wreak. Leave it to them and we’d have Sarah Palin moving in to the White House come January.

For Palin, it would be God opening a door, and she wouldn’t blink at the opportunity to seize the “Worst President Ever” title from George W. Bush. If anyone could eclipse his well-honed ignorance with sheer empty-headedness, she could.

I feel for Obama because I’ve been there. The Richmond Animal League, where I spent part of my kittenhood, cast doubt on my American Domestic Shorthair-ness by telling Karen I may have a dash of Siamese. Some of my looks and habits seem to bear this out. So if any of my peeps in Thailand are reading this, don’t worry. I won’t run for anything but the can opener when tuna’s in the air.

2 Responses to If Obama’s Not American, I’m Siamese

  1. Ted says:

    from itooktheredpill.wordpress.com:

    The truth is that the Supreme Court did NOT “deny cert” to Leo Donofrio yesterday. The truth is the Supreme Court did NOT “turn down” Donofrio’s case yesterday. The truth is that Leo Donofrio’s case is still “PENDING” at the Supreme Court, and the court only denied the application to stay an election.

    I believe the election that Donofrio had been trying to stay was the November 4th election (he hurriedly filed his case on November 3rd to do so).

    So, it is logical that the court would, on December 8th, deny an application to stay an election that already happened on November 4th.

    Donofrio’s case is still PENDING.

    MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2008

    The application for stay addressed to Justice Thomas and referred to the Court is denied.

    [Note the ABSENCE of Donofrio’s case here]

    Donofrio’s case is NOT listed under CERTIORARI DENIED.

    Everyone should take another look at the order list from the SCOTUS yesterday.

    Not only was Donofrio’s case NOT denied certiorari, but a third case (Cort Wrotnowski vs. Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State) was referred to the Court by Justice Scalia – distributed for conference this coming Friday:

    Dec 8 2008 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 12, 2008.
    Dec 8 2008 Application (08A469) referred to the Court by Justice Scalia.

    It sounds like Donofrio may have called this correctly earlier today:

    On the chance that SCOTUS was looking at both my case and Cort’s case, I must stress that Cort’s case does not have the same procedural hang up that mine does. It may be that without a decision on the Judicial misconduct allegation correcting the NJ Appellate Division case file, SCOTUS might have been in the position of not being able to hear my case as it would appear that my case was not before them on the proper procedural grounds.

    I did file a direct appeal under the proper NJ Court rules, but the lower Court judge refused to acknowledge that and if his fraudulent docketing was used by SCOTUS they would have a solid procedural basis to throw mine out.

    Friday could turn out to be a very, very big news day.

  2. catsworking says:

    Wow, Ted. Thanks for the clarification. Since I don’t speak Latin and I have no legal training, I’m not sure what you sent is all about, and I’m not getting what your connection to the Supreme Court is, but I gather your bottom line is that we could still end up with Sarah Palin as president.

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