I’ve Got a Date With Bourdain

By Karen

Yes, it’s true. 7:30 p.m., February 19, 2009, at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

OK, OK. I never said we’d be alone. Or even close. But when Tony gazes out over the audience, he’ll see Cats Working straight ahead, in the third row of the Grand Tier.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

My favorite moment of No Reservations

My favorite moment of No Reservations

God seemed to send a sign through falling gas prices that I’m meant to drive to North Carolina. But Bourdain isn’t a cheap date…

Tickets were $100, $35, and $20. Very reasonable, but why the big spread?

For $100, after An Evening with Anthony Bourdain, there’s an “exclusive” book signing, with books for sale.

Are they kidding?

So I shelled out $35 – but not so fast. Add a $6 “convenience charge.” Then another $3.50 “processing charge.”

To print my ticket at home (recommended) would have been another $2.50.

Other options for receiving the ticket ranged from $1 to $25. Feeling nickel-and-dimed, out of spite I opted for the only “free” delivery – a first-class postage stamp.

Rooms at the swanky Marriott near the DPAC started at $149, and that’s probably where Bourdain will stay, but we won’t be sleeping together. The friend who offered to put me up lives 22 miles out of the way, so I found a nearby Days Inn for only $57.

So now I guess I’ve quantified in cold, hard cash what the man’s worth to me ($101.50 + meals and gas). But when I see him in the flesh, I know he’ll inspire a thought I’ve only had a few times before in my life:

“Wow! I’m actually under the same roof, breathing the SAME AIR as…!”

Those times were for Katharine Hepburn, Rex Harrison, and Yul Brynner.

Rest assured, my faithful Bourdainiacs, if Tony expresses any new thoughts, I’ll be taking notes.

11 Responses to I’ve Got a Date With Bourdain

  1. Adele says:

    Glad you’re going, and I hope Tony doesn’t disappoint. Now Alice and I will continue to keep fingers and paws crossed for good weather.

    Alice was wondering whether you’ve had any cats named Rex or Katharine, since Yul currently lives with you.

  2. catsworking says:

    My first male cat was a sweet tuxedo named Rex Harrison who lived to nearly 18. In his last 2 years, he had kidney failure and cheerfully tolerated my fluid injections on an increasingly frequent basis. He passed away in 2002, so Fred, Yul, and Adele all knew him. In fact, Rex was the only cat who knew EVERY cat I’ve ever had.

    I never replaced Rex because every time I’ve gotten to 4 cats (like when I took in Fred), I always seem to lose one to kidney failure.

    My previous cats were named Coco (Chanel) and Cleo (Catra). Rex joined them as 3rd cat in 1983, and Ginger (Rogers) came after Coco died in 1987.

    Then in 1993 Fred became 4th cat (Rex obligingly let him be Alpha), Yul in 1996 (to replace Ginger, who died of kidney failure that year), and Adele in 2000 because I then had 3 males (Rex, Fred, and Yul) who seemed to need a calming female influence.

    But now we’re back to 3.

    So, no, there’s been no Katharine – yet.

  3. Adele says:

    I’ve never had more than 3 cats at a time; for a brief time, I had a friend’s cat staying with me and got to know what having 4 was like. I found it a bit overwhelming. I’d love to get another cat — a sweet, big male, but Alice (this will probably embarass her) is a head case and easily stressed. Since our calico has passed on, she’s been an only cat and seems to like it just fine. Unfortunately, when she’s stressed, it goes to her bladder, and she exhibits all the symptoms of infection without any bacteria being present. I’m afraid that a new cat will send her back over the edge, and we’ll have litter box issues again. She’s also the only socially phobic cat I’ve had; she hides as soon as she hears the doorbell, and I seem to be her only friend in the world.

    A tuxedo cat name Rex Harrison is perfect; he did look fine in a tux — remember Les Girls?

  4. catsworking says:

    I think you’re thinking of Gene Kelly. He starred in Les Girls with one of Rex’s late wives, Kay Kendall.

    We did call Rex “Sexy Rexy,” although when I named him Rex as a tiny kitten, everybody laughed. But eventually, he looked like he couldn’t have possibly been named anything else.

    My sister has a calico named Noel who became an only cat after my sister gave away her tuxedo, Bailey. Bailey is a charmer, but psychotic, and the vet said she wouldn’t weather my sister’s move to Scotland well. Noel is very laid back and did fine, and is definitely relieved to no longer be terrorized by Bailey.

    Bailey is living with a family friend and reveling in her only-cat status as well.

    All my cats have always gotten along quite well because they came into the house when other cats were already here. Fred was a total doormat for the first 3 weeks I had him. Then when he realized he’d found a home, he quickly put everyone in their place and became Alpha Cat.

    Yul and Adele were extremely well socialized by the Richmond Animal League, the shelter where I got them, but Adele is very skittish due, I think, to skin allergies that probably make her itchy most of the time. For some reason, my vet is reluctant to get serious about addressing that; meanwhile, she’s licked 25% of her body bald.

    This week Yul is learning how to wear a harness and leash for an adventure he’s having on Saturday. Stay tuned…

  5. MorganLF says:

    Well done. You will be on a high for weeks after, I was. Keep your eyes ppeled for Ottavia and Arianne if you snag a photo of them what a coup!

  6. catsworking says:

    I got my ticket in the mail yesterday. Yes, I will be getting there early and “catting” around to see if I can get any extra peeks. But somehow, I don’t think Ottavia will be jumping at the chance to schlep Ariane down to Durham, NC, in the dead of winter to watch Daddy sign books.

    Now that Grand Cayman gig he’s doing in January, I read that they are encouraging the chefs to bring their families, so she probably won’t miss that opportunity.

  7. Adele says:

    Alice and I just wanted to send get well wishes to Adele — poor thing. I hope you find something to relieve her skin allergies.

    And I wanted to say that I had a brief time of being proud to be a Chicagoan, what with Barack and just this weekend the Republic Windows and Doors factory sit-in, a good old fashioned union action that seemed to have some results. And then I woke up this morning to the news of our governor. As a former state employee, who hasn’t voted for governor in the last 3 elections, I can at least say I never voted for him, because I knew from the beginning, he was scum.I have no illusions and can always name the 3 previous Illinois governors during my time, who’ve gone to jail. But Blagojevich has really put Illinois on the map. You’d think someone, who’s been under investigation since 2004 would be a little more careful, but clearly this guy is delusional. My wish for him, since he’s so out of touch, is that he end up in one of the state mental health facilities that he’s underfunded for the last 4 years. It is all pretty entertaining and has gotten my mind somewhat off the economy.

  8. catsworking says:

    I have experimented with not letting Adele have seafood, then cut out wheat gluten, but those two things don’t seem to be triggers. Now I’m wondering if she’s not allergic to something in the house, like maybe the stuff I use to clean up Fred’s spraying, because her problems began after his.

    Your governor really is a piece of work. To think that he could SELL Obama’s Senate seat (without getting caught) and land a job in the new administration would indicate delusion on a grand scale, not to mention his past misdeeds. It does sound like he could very well end up committed to Happy Acres.

  9. catsworking says:

    Nickole, thanks for that link! As Ariane gets older and starts being a typical kid, maybe some of Tony’s snark will be restored. But for now, the spell she’s cast over him doesn’t seem to be weakening.

  10. This so kills me. I’m jealous beyond words. Have a great time!!! 🙂

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