Del Monte Pushes Meow Mix for a Good Cause

By Yul

If Del Monte Foods was embarrassed by the utter disinterest of most of the real cats in Meow Mix® Wholesome Goodness™ wet cat food during Think Like a Cat, the game show recently televised nationwide, we’re lucky it didn’t dampen their dedication to helping kitties in need.

On November 22, volunteer caretakers from the Feral Cat Initiative will converge on Rikers Island to receive a donation of 35,000 whopping pounds of Meow Mix. The food will help homeless cats living on the streets of New York City to get through the winter.

I hope the cats can keep the stuff down.

Just kidding, Del Monte!

The Initiative is trapping, spaying/neutering, and vaccinating tens of thousands of feral and stray cats, then releasing them back into their outdoor colonies where they will live out their nine lives because they’re too unaccustomed or fearful of humans to be domesticated. With no kittens, the problem solves itself over time.

Cats Working gives six paws up to Del Monte’s commitment to helping these worthy kitties, as well as FreeHaul, NPC, the non-profit organization transporting the food.

The Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI) is a joint program of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, an umbrella group of over 100 animal welfare organizations dedicated to eliminating pet overpopulation in New York, and Neighborhood Cats, a leading feral cat education and advocacy group.

Cats who have fallen on hard times in the Big Apple are really lucky to have these caring humans watching their backs.

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