Why Home Paramount Bugs Me

By Karen

As if I’m some deadbeat, Home Paramount Pest Control just sent me a “3rd Notice” requesting payment for my annual termite warranty and inspection. But my warranty doesn’t expire for another month.

We’ve played this game for years. They start invoicing me in September for work not due until December until I break down and pay for it in November.

The logic is simple. By billing way too early, if they can dupe at least some people into getting annual inspections every 9 months, they’re selling 4 inspections in 3 years.

Who else gets away with that? Do doctors bill you 3 months before your annual exam? Does your mechanic get paid 3 months before doing your car’s state inspection?

The inspection itself usually takes less than 10 minutes, then it’s all the pitch for the service du jour. One year it was mold treatment, although I couldn’t tell if those black specks were really mold or bug droppings.

In 2004, I did buy their automatic crawlspace vents. They seemed like a good idea until 2 guys with hammers came and beat the hell out of my foundation removing the old vents, leaving numerous hairline cracks in the cinderblock.

I didn’t complain until I noticed the new vents were loose and a piece of siding had been broken off. Home Paramount did eventually install the vents properly and fix the siding. The foundation cracks are my souvenirs.

Every year, these guys find a way to put the pest in pest control.


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