Toyota’s Making Cats Turn to Crime

By Yul

Toyota Australia is launching a series of nonsensical ads where they put cute kitten heads on human bodies and make them steal.

In Episode 1: The Heist, this lone, two-legged “kitten” (named Max, I learned) wanders into a derelict shopping mall, startling some strategically placed white mice that look like lab escapees. He encounters a pack of feral cats in black jogging suits. A fight ensues, and Max turns into Jackie Chan.

Toyota's hero, Max

Toyota's hero, Max

The scene shifts to ferals standing at a well-stocked seafood buffet out of nowhere. Max distracts them by making the overhead lamp swing, then stuffs their fish into his man-purse before fleeing.

The ad ends with Max peeling out of an empty parking deck in a black Toyota Corolla, with the tag line:

Corolla. Packed with a lil’ action.

An ad industry site, Campaign Brief, explains the ad agency’s rationale and says this was the introduction to an animated graphic novel called The Getaway that will continue online. A sidekick named Misty will be introduced to accompany Max through three adventures: 9 Lives and Counting, Landing on All Fours, and The Sound and the Furry.

Weird as this is, it’s better than this purely creepy Nissan Dualis ad, also from Australia, that features a flying black cat/spider thing.

What I don’t get is why Australians think cats sell cars. What’s the connection?

Most cats HATE cars, except for Rambo, the Taxi Tabby. For most of us, a ride in the car means one thing – a trip to the vet.


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