First Dog Barney Strikes Back at the Media

By Fred

For the past 8 years, our First Cat, India (aka “Willie”) Bush, has been scarcer around the White House than even Dick Cheney, but she’s having the last laugh on her media-hound nemesis, Barney.


George Bush got misty while telling his peeps to play nice with the Obama team during the transition, but Barney isn’t taking it lying down.

While strolling the White House grounds with his handler, Barney paused on the sidewalk for a photo op. He stood patiently as reporters urged him to face their cameras, and even turned his head briefly to oblige. But when Reuters TV correspondent Jonathan Decker reached down to pet Barney’s head, the dog snapped – literally.

Barney was yanked back by his handler, and waddled off as if nothing had happened, leaving Decker with a punctured finger.

The White House physician bandaged Decker and put him on antibiotics, just in case.

I think Barney learned this nasty behavior from watching the Republican campaign and he’s a sore loser. Maybe he’d feel better if someone told him presidents can only serve two terms and he’d be heading back to Texas anyway, even if McCain had won.

India probably had the right idea keeping a low profile. Back in Crawford, she won’t miss the limelight like Barney will. He’ll also have to deal with the Obamas’ as-yet-unchosen puppy discovering and taking over all his favorite spots, which will undoubtedly make headlines. That won’t be easy.

5 Responses to First Dog Barney Strikes Back at the Media

  1. pam956 says:

    Hey Karen, Thanks for the blog. Love my cats, too.

  2. Adele says:

    Not being computer-savy, and having a pretty sick computer, I don’t know how to send a link to Karen and you cats, but as students of history (and I see you as the group historian, Fred), I think you’d all be interested in an article in yesterday’s, entitled, I think, “Barack Obama and the Fourth American Republic.” It makes an interesting case that the U.S., has had four distinct political periods, each lasting about 72 years, and each beginning with a cataclysmic event (e.g. the founding of the country, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and whatever this will be called) leading to consolidation and much government movement in the first half of the era, and then a reaction against all that in the second half of the era. The presidents at the beginning of each era, are the ones history remembers as the best, and the presidents at the end of each era are remembered as among the worst. Think you’ll like it.

  3. catsworking says:

    Adele, go to our Web site,, and click on the Contact Us paw. You can e-mail us directly from there. Don’t like to post the address outright because you never know what crazies are lurking in the blogosphere. 😉

  4. Adele says:

    Thanks, Karen,; Alice and I promise not to abuse this. BTW, Barney did have a bad day, last week — who knows what the Bushes are telling him? And as you’d be among the first to point out, dogs tend to buy in to whatever their owners tell them; it’s that Alpha dog stuff. On the other hand all cats are Alpha cats.

  5. catsworking says:

    Adele, you are so right. Barney has probably been soaking in all the depression and despair around the House and it’s eating at his doggie mind and has him slightly unhinged.

    India the cat, on the other hand, is probably unfazed. She knows there will be a bed to hide under wherever she goes.

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