As One Black Cat to Another: Congrats, Obama!

By Yul

I’m saying, “I told you so,” because I always knew Barack Obama was precisely the black cat this country needs. By consistently showing he’s smarter, more agile, cooler, and can get things done without using his claws, he’s sending the rival who hounded him slinking back to the Senate with his tail between his legs.

Unfortunately, John McCain had to learn the hard way that calling everybody “my friend” doesn’t make them so. It was sad watching him and Palin grope for love with Joe the Plumber, Tito the Builder, and other gullible tradespeople, and it still didn’t get them elected.

Even Palin’s non-stop, truthless, factless trash-talk about Obama couldn’t do the trick. They still lost in most of the states they craved, including Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia.

Republicans got their noses thumped good at the polls, also losing seats in both houses of Congress. Now maybe we can bury Karl Rove’s slash and smear style of politics in the litterbox where it belongs. This country – and the world – clearly have had enough.

Voters showed that they did learn something from the past 8 years of meanness and backward thinking. The majority of Americans are not racists, they want to play nice with everybody, and they’re in no mood to be duped again by bullies with trumped-up threats and appeals to their ugliest emotions.

It makes me proud to be an Americat.


13 Responses to As One Black Cat to Another: Congrats, Obama!

  1. Evans says:

    There is NOTHING more annoying than someone who impersonates a cat on the Internet.

  2. catsworking says:

    We agree with you 100%. That’s why Karen writes her own posts.

  3. MorganLF says:

    I can’t believe how deeply my emotions run. I have been sobbing like a baby! In my lifetime I have seen the march on Selma (where blacks were beaten and hosed and forcibly kept from the polls) to this…My god it’s amazing and I am proud to be an American too.

  4. catsworking says:

    We saw Karen tearing up this morning when they were showing Obama making a speech. She remembers Kennedy (was living in Massachusetts, where he was like a god), and this is the first time since him that she remembers feeling as proud.

    Virginia did pretty well, too. Now we’ve got 2 youngish, gung-ho Democratic senators to work with Obama. Finally, there’s hope that positive things will start happening.

    The only red left in Virginia is on the necks of some of the hicks who think Republicans are looking out for them. Some day they will thank us for protecting them from themselves.

  5. Adele says:

    I had 15 people over, and we all teared up when Barack was declared. Everyone, who was over last night had done some little something; phone calls, canvassing (Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana), and one absent friend, an attorney, who was in Ohio from Saturday on. We broke out the champagne, and as proud Chicagoans, thought our city looked just great — from the diverse throngs of peaceful joyous people, you’d never guess that we have the highest murder rate in the country. And Barack is our guy; 8 of us in the group had met him in March,2003, at a peace rally, right before Shock and Awe began. Smart, easy to talk to, and funny as hell. At least for today, it seems like Dr. King’s dream has come true. I’m savoring this moment.

  6. Adele says:


    You cats should give yourself pats on the back or at least a lick of the paw for your journalistic contributions.

  7. catsworking says:

    Adele, thanks! We just call it like we see it. Cats can’t lie.

    The world is rejoicing because we have restored their faith in us. We sat back and let Bush & Co. hijack the country for 8 years, but we didn’t let prejudice keep us from correcting that huge mistake.

    When our Adele heard that Palin would be going back to Alaska, her tail unfluffed for the first time in weeks.

  8. Mauigirl says:

    It was just like New Year’s Eve 1999 – everyone out in the streets celebrating and cheering – except for a much better reason!

    We were at a friend’s house and we all went out in the street with sparklers, waving our glasses of champagne and cheering. We heard cheers from other houses as well. (We live in a completely pro-Obama neighborhood!).

    It was a wonderful moment and really gave us faith in America again. Unbelievable. I’m still walking on clouds.

  9. catsworking says:

    We went to bed when the score was 200-90, but there were still a bunch of blue states to count so we felt confident McCain couldn’t cheat THAT much and win it. But things were pretty quiet around here. This county (which is outside Richmond) went for McCain, so the neighbors were probably having a soak in their tubs as they slashed their wrists.

  10. cpt/bustamante says:

    i myself not the legal age to vote would have voted for obama. i say this for two reasons i feel that politically palin is not ready for the commitment or heavy responsibility of being the v.p., and my second reason being that i find it substantially beneficial that an african american man finally is elected to a high position in government. maybe now better health care for the average joe\jane. i myself being a teen female would one day love to see a respectable politically strong woman in the candidacy for president. sigh 🙂

  11. catsworking says:

    I think you will see a “respectable, politically strong” woman run for president in your lifetime, and it certainly won’t be Sarah Palin. If she doesn’t shut up and go back to Alaska and give people a break from her ill-informed mouth, she’s going to wear out her welcome long before 2012.

    And since there’s virtually nothing positive going on in Alaska of interest to the rest of us in the lower 48, it’s going to be very hard for her to find ways to shine naturally on the national stage in her current job. By 2012, we’ll be asking, “Sarah WHO?”

    I just read this morning that Alaska and Iowa have the highest percentage of people suffering from lack of food. For a state with only about 650,000 people in it, Palin’s not doing a very good job of allocating her resources. Or maybe that’s just her Republican philosophy of letting people curl up and die rather than let government help them at work.

  12. cpt/bustamante says:

    i agree 100% percent with your comments on sarah palin if only my history techer could realize

    i once read that the way the economy is goimerica would do better as a socislist country? do you think that would help the economic troubles?

  13. catsworking says:

    I think there’s a happy medium between democracy and socialism, and it needs to begin in this country with healthcare. We are the only industrialized nation that doesn’t consider healthcare every citizen’s right.

    People who say universal healthcare is “socialist” conveniently fail to mention that Medicare is taking care of our elderly, just like many of the programs in other nations, and it’s working. It’s far from perfect, but it’s much better than letting old people curl up and die of medical neglect. What’s wrong with extending a plan like that to everyone so a large proportion of the money spent on healthcare would go to CARE, not into the pockets of insurance companies who provide nothing but a worthless piece of paper called a policy that covers as little as they can get away with?

    There’s nothing wrong with people becoming wealthy through honest work, but I have a problem when its done by manipulating the system out of pure greed. Republicans would call that “free enterprise.”

    A country can’t be truly strong unless the basic needs of ALL its people are met. There are countries in Africa where much of the population is going hungry and dying because they are poor. They aren’t any of the world’s super-powers. The people WE let fall through the cracks are OUR weakest links. The more of them we have, the weaker we are. Something must be done.

    So if that means taking a little more from the wealthy to help those who can’t catch a break, I say so be it. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t dishonest people at the bottom of the food chain who would try to milk the system, but there would be checks and balances to weed them out.

    We’ve had 8 years of seeing what happens when government turns its back on naked corporate greed and says “The sky’s the limit. Go ahead and screw people as much as you can. We won’t lift a finger to stop it.”

    We have the biggest national debt ever, an economy in the toilet, and certain CEO fat cats are now getting government bailouts as a reward for the INCOMPETENCE that ran their companies into the ground. They should all be doing jail time.

    With Obama, you’re going to see a government that thinks about the little guy for a change. Corporate America won’t die or move everything overseas, as the Republicans predict. Rich people won’t end up homeless because their taxes are so high.

    We’ll have a society where everybody has a shot at making a decent living and fewer people are getting screwed by big business. That’s not socialism. It’s fairness.

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