This Halloween Treat Would Gag a Cat

By Yul

Some humans with grossly underdeveloped palates are turning cats’ most intimate “business” into a Halloween dessert. It’s called kitty litter cake, and it looks revolting enough to make Andrew Zimmern retch.

Cats Working together couldn't achieve this in a week (Photo - WikiHow)

Cats Working together couldn't achieve this in a week (Photo-WikiHow)

Let me set the record straight on this: No self-respecting cat would ever let a litterbox get to this advanced state of “use” without protest – probably through an artistically arranged “pile” in your clothes basket that wouldn’t be partially melted Tootsie Rolls, or perhaps a puddle of pee on your pillow.

Even Mark Mason, who regularly publishes the purloined writings of his cats Mars and Indy on Cat Diary, has embraced this feline culinary fetish.

The Web has many similar recipes. All the ingredients are edible, and they carefully specify use of a new litter pan and scoop, but the very thought of anyone eating a faux cat turd – particularly a dried-out one draped over the side of a box – makes even me a little queasy.

Going back to Cat Diary, what’s with those pathetic humans trying to look like cats? And here’s another one, a computer programmer named Dennis Avner who has tattooed himself from head to toe.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but, guys, your getups aren’t exactly an homage to the beauty of cats. If I weren’t fighting the urge to hurl from the cake, I’d be laughing.


5 Responses to This Halloween Treat Would Gag a Cat

  1. Adele says:

    I’m planning and election night get-together, and I’ve been puzzling over what to serve. Trust me, the kitty litter cake will not be on the menu; I actually gagged when I saw it. Sick, sick, sick . . .

    If any of you, at Cats Working have any thoughts as to what I might serve, I’d appreciate it. I know Barack loves sweet potato pie, so I’ll probably bake one. I’d thought about using a theme of Cuisine du Great Depression (in honor of our current financial mess), but after a little research, I was coming up with things like Ritz Cracker mock apple pie, hot dog casserole and lard sandwiches. I just hope we’ll have something to celebrate. Too bad you guys and Karen don’t live in the Chicago area; you’d definitely be on the guest list.

  2. Deb says:

    LOL…I am grossed out!

  3. catsworking says:

    Adele, I suggest macaroni and cheese and something in Spam.

    (Karen bought a can of Spam recently after Anthony Bourdain declared it delicious when he visited Hawaii, and reading that more people are buying it now in lieu of pricier meat. She put it in a pasta casserole, but ended up picking it all out and throwing it down the disposal. She said it was grosser than cheap cat food.)

    We’d love to live in Chicago. Great city with great food, and home of the next president!

    Cats for Obama!!

  4. sh*tstarter says:

    Gross! My two Siamese, however, would have a blast if you sat that in front of them throwing the little “turds” out of the box and playing with them.

  5. catsworking says:

    If someone ever brought a cake like this to Cats Working, at least one of us would climb in and mix things up by adding something that ISN’T a melted Tootsie Roll. The expression on some human’s face after chomping into a REAL cat turd – priceless.

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