Why Does McCain Think We Need MORE Fighting?

By Yul

Once again, John McCain has switched his campaign theme – from “change” to “fight.” At a Miami rally the other day, he talked about fighting about 17 times. Does he now plan to fight change if elected?

If so, admitting it is the first honest thing he’s said lately.

But I don’t get it. Thanks to Bush and Cheney’s “our way or the highway” attitude, there’s been nothing but fighting at home and abroad.

After enduring 8 years of threats and intimidation – from their own government – Americans want a cool head, not a perpetually angry guy who suddenly wants to drain the Congressional swamp he’s been happily wallowing in for 22 years.

As election day nears, McCain and Palin have resorted to spouting gibberish, nonsensically try to ride in to victory on another wave of rage and fear, not sensing that the tide on that tactic went out with Bush’s approval rating.

We’re sick of being the world’s biggest bully. People want a leader who’s smart enough to understand foreign and domestic matters, and willing to be constructive, not destructive.

McCain’s campaign recently said they don’t consider Northern Virginia “real” Virginia because it’s diverse, near Washington, and isn’t leaning Republican. Apparently, they think “real” Virginians are predominantly white, blue-collar simpletons who’ll turn up at their rallies and cheer for anybody who makes a few NASCAR references and pretends to be one of them.

They have no clue how sophistiCATed many of us really are.

So Virginia polls show Obama leading by 2-10 points, the first time a Democrat has been favored here for president since 1964, and McCain has been reassuring his dwindling supporters, “Friends, we’ve got them right where we want them.”

See what I mean? Gibberish.


4 Responses to Why Does McCain Think We Need MORE Fighting?

  1. Adele says:


    It looks like Grandpa Munster’s (credit to Bill Maher for that one) other gambit is to call Barack a socialist. In this house, that’s not a dirty word, but I heard it’s giving him a little bounce in some places. I thought Colin Powell’s endorsement was eloquent, and I particularly liked the fact that he criticized McPalin’s followers for trying to say that Barack is a Muslim, and made a case for the fact that there’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim. Too bad Colin got tangled up with the Bushies.

    Did Adele watch SNL, or was that too much for her.

  2. catsworking says:

    If McCain shaved his head, he’d look like Uncle Fester.

    It came as no surprise that Colin Powell endorsed Obama. Like anyone else with a shred of integrity, he got slimed by palling around with the Bush White House and he had to change teams to regain his self-respect.

    We laughed when McCain countered by saying he’s been endorsed by other secretaries of state like Alexander “I’m in Charge Here Now” Haig. BFD.

    Adele did watch SNL, but we had her wrapped in a towel so she wouldn’t hurt herself – or anyone else. But she loves Tina Fey, so once she started laughing we let her loose.

    You can’t say that Palin didn’t take one for the team, being mocked to her face for the free publicity now that Obama’s spending circles around them.

    This morning we caught a commercial where McCain was talking to the camera a la Obama and not looking furious. If nothing else, maybe he’s picking up some useful pointers from the black cat on how to win friends and influence people.

  3. daphne Kenward says:

    Hello all Cats out there.

    I hear McCain has to rely on index cards to keep repeating the same things over and over again. Shows he can’t think on his feet under pressure, and has no ability to articulate his words. The way this election is going, I feel sorry for the people who were looking forward to the next war, they will be disappointed.

    I think if Obama wins this, it will be fantastic, and America from now on will select a candidate who represents the voice of the ordinary people. The policies of attacking countries because you disagree on issues without thinking first to discover if there are other ways out – war should be the last resort not the first.

    There are times when war is the only option, but the Iraq and the Iran plot was going too far. McCain has no policy, because he is meant to be elected to finish off what Bush did not, the invasion of Iran.

    What if America were to invade Iran? what if Russia retaliates, what if China got involved? Does Mr. Joe the Plumber have any clue what the consequences are?

    That’s why I don’t live in America but I can read between the lines, I want to live out the rest of my life in peace.

    McCain stalled his campaign to go to Wall Street to go and vote to bail out Fannie and Freddie. Now he says he will not bail out anybody. The fact is he bailed out the wrong people.

    Now he is worrying about how smart Obama was not to take the same amount of money as he agreed to. Obama thought about it and decided to make a decision, and it was the right one for him. McCain could have done the same but the former Republicans wanted nothing to do with him. he had to hide to fund raise with George W Bush. The shame of being seen with his best friend.

  4. catsworking says:

    So, England has heard of Joe the Plumber. What about Tito the Builder, who Palin was palling around with the other day? They are dragging out a bunch of idiots and labeling them by their occupations to make – what? A point? It’s nonsensical.

    Adele is working on probably what will be her last post about Palin before the election. Don’t worry. McCain is fooling nobody here at Cats Working, nor our readers either, we hope.

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