Palin’s Poison

By Adele

Sarah Palin’s visit to Richmond, Virginia, this week drew roughly 3 times the population of Wasilla. Unfortunately, she mistook some people in the back for hecklers and reminded them how American soldiers had proudly fought to preserve their right to yell for the sound to be turned up.

People with Down Syndrome have been drawn to the altar of Palin. It makes me wonder if she ever has any pangs of conscience over trying to kill Trig, her similarly-challenged infant.

When she’s doing her devoted-mother schtick, parading Trig around the stage, she could add some truth to her stump speeches and boost McCain:

“Back in April, Trig here broke my water – a month early, dagnabbit – to say, ‘Mommy, I’m ready for my birthday!’. But I went ahead and gave a speech in Texas anyway. Then I flew all the way from Texas to Alaska before I went to the hospital. We already knew Trig was ‘special,’ but we really had no idea just how special he is. That day in spite of my best efforts, my son survived and showed me he’s a real fighter, doggonit, just like John McCain!”

Now Palin’s slam-dunking Levi Johnston, her son-in-law-to-be. She let Bristol start dating Johnston as a freshman, apparently without telling her about the birds and the bees or birth control. Johnston just told reporters he has dropped out of high school to work on the oil fields. He must hope to give himself and Bristol a jump-start as teen trailer trash with a baby when they’re married next summer.

Oh, and Johnson didn’t register in time to vote for Palin.

Palin uses ignorance like a weapon to screw up the lives of those closest to her, but it backfired with her former brother-in-law, Mike Wooten, the state trooper she tried to have fired.

Wooten’s still on the job, and Palin’s abuse of power has been exposed, with possibly more to come, because the ethics investigation has been expanded.

As they say, paybacks are hell.

I only hope Palin’s ever-lengthening trail of poison doesn’t lead to the White House.


3 Responses to Palin’s Poison

  1. Bob says:

    Ok here’s another Inform me question.

    Being In Canada, I get your news but not a lot of your adds .

    In regards to negative campaigning who is worst???

    I just saw the Debate, thought both did well, but John tended to repeat the same things again and again.

    Not taking sides here but just want a little insight.

    Any chatter would be good

    Glad my Election is over


  2. catsworking says:

    Bob, a fact check in today’s paper said that Obama’s statement about McCain’s ads was a bit misleading. McCain didn’t start out 100% negative; he’s just gotten that way lately.

    Virginia is a battleground state so we’re getting a LOT of TV ads. McCain’s are beyond the pale when it comes to personally slamming Obama. Obama’s ads don’t go there. He criticizes McCain mostly in relation to the issues, although there was one ad that alluded to McCain’s age by saying he’s “out of touch.”

    A lot of Obama’s ads are also all about Obama, trying to give voters his life story. He often speaks directly to the camera in close-up as if he’s addressing each viewer. McCain does that in none of his ads because that would force him to articulate his baseless Obama smears himself. He’s got nothing else to talk about.

    Last night when McCain brought up FORMER activist Bill Ayers, Obama refused to rise to the bait by mentioning McCain’s very close and well-documented personal friendship with Charles Keating, the scumbag who brought about the savings and loan meltdown some years ago. Keating gave McCain and his ENTIRE FAMILY paid vacations in the Bahamas while he was ripping off his depositors.

    Obama has never done anything remotely CLOSE to accepting gifts from such a creep who screwed scores of people.

    And Obama didn’t rise to the bait when asked if the VP choice would make a good president. It was his chance to give her venom back to her in spades, since there’s plenty of fodder, but he didn’t.

    McCain has opted to take the lowest road and it’s making him contemptible. Instead of seeing a bounce in his poll numbers, I hope his unleashed nastiness last night is the final stone that sinks him and Palin.

  3. Adele says:


    Be sure to catch Joan Walsh’s column in; I’m beginning to think that when I have my traditional election night gathering, we’ll be breaking out the champagne. Of course, I already feel for Barack; I wonder if anyone can put this Humpty Dumpty of a country back together, even though there’d be no hope with McPalin.

    Bob, living in a blue state (Chicago is, after all, Barack’s hometown), were it not for the internet, I wouldn’t have seen any more presidential ads than you have. Just curious, your campaign season is mercifully brief, but during that time, do you see many TV ads for your candidates? And BTW, when McCain said, last night, that Columbia is our biggest free trade partner, was he not mistaken? Isn’t Canada our biggest trading partner?

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