McCain Finally Ix-Nays the Ame-Nays

By Fred

The Republican smear machine has been so thorough with people who will believe anything bad about a black cat, John McCain now finds himself forced to admit that Barack Obama is “a decent person” or risk looking like a world-class creep – and it’s getting him booed by his own supporters.

On the other hand, McCain still stokes the fire with TV ads that nonsensically ask, “Who is Barack Obama?”

Where was McCain while Obama’s two books laying out his life story and beliefs became bestsellers? Has McCain missed every one of Obama’s countless interviews with every news outlet that wants one?

Oops, I almost forgot. Since he started palling around with Palin, McCain’s attitude toward the media is: Avoid them like a plague – they ask questions.

Face it, Republicans. When it comes to making Obama the anti-Christ, you’ve got nothing.

Go to any Republican rally and you’ll hear the crowd brainlessly screaming cheers like, “NoBama!” “Obama Osama!” “Terrorist!” “Bomb Obama!” and “Off with his head!” like teenagers before the big homecoming game. All Palin needs is a tight sweater and a pair of pom-poms.

At Obama or Biden’s rallies, you don’t hear people yelling “Flame McCain!” or “Impale Palin!” That would seem petty.

Fortunately, the clock is running out on McCain and Palin’s childish plays. Their strategy to win with name-calling, lies, and insults has got them running the wrong way down the field. Unless Obama shows up in a turban, pukes on McCain, or strips naked and streaks out of the final debate, it’s probably too late for McCain to turn around and score the winning touchdown.


2 Responses to McCain Finally Ix-Nays the Ame-Nays

  1. Adele says:


    You guys might enjoy today’s article by Walter Shapiro, about how McCain can still win; I think you’ll appreciate the conclusion. I notice that you seem to write about McCain; Adele writes about Palin, and Yul is pretty eclectic. Do you assign topics, or is it a cat fight to see who can get to the computer first?

    With regard to Bob’s list of the names of Gordon Ramsay’s turkeys in the previous post, I can only assume that Nigella is a broad-breasted bird.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, you are a very discerning reader. As the blog has evolved, we cats have been naturally drawn to what interests us and we tend to follow our favorite stories like reporters on a beat. Yul’s been supporting Obama all the way, and he does have wide-ranging interests.

    We try to take turns at the keyboard, but when Adele was all over Palin recently, Yul and I stepped back and let her have at it because her dainty white kitten-like paws conceal claws like hypodermic needles.

    Speaking of Palin, she’s in Richmond at a rally as I type this. Fittingly, it’s being held at the Richmond International Raceway, where all the great intellects go to watch cars circle a track 500 times.

    Adele’s going to be hissing and spitting all over the TV screen again when they cover it on the local news this evening.

    Shapiro’s article was good. I’d say it’s possible that McCain could pull out an upset only if he didn’t have Palin for back-up. The thought of possibly handing her the presidency should give enough people second thoughts about voting for him.

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