Does Mickey Mouse Deserve to Die?

By Yul

Mickey Mouse has never been linked to a single Satanic verse, yet Syrian Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid made statements recently on Saudi Arabian TV that sounded to untrained Western ears a lot like a fatwa against the Disney character.

While discussing the poor hygiene and health hazards posed by rats and mice, he made the point that colorfully clothed, cute, and lovable Mickey Mouse is sending the wrong message about vermin to children.

Would this mouse give you Plague?

Would this mouse give you Plague?

Cats Working doesn’t often come to any rodent’s defense, but we think Mickey was slandered.

Granted, cats would have been happier if Walt Disney’s inspiration for a timeless character whose ears have become the overriding motif of theme parks and cruise ships had been a CAT. But no one can accuse Mickey Mouse of having any part in raiding pantries, overrunning cities, or spreading deadly diseases.

That’s as crazy as saying Barack Obama “pals around” with terrorists.

Mickey Mouse is a CARTOON.

To his credit, when word of Sheikh Al-Munajid’s fatwa spread around the world, even he recognized how ridiculous it sounded and set the record straight in English on YouTube.

But to help Obama get a head start on improving Middle East relations, I’ll promise the sheikh this:

Cats have been watching Mickey Mouse for years. If he ever steps out of line and needs killing, rest assured, we will take care of him.

3 Responses to Does Mickey Mouse Deserve to Die?

  1. Adele says:

    My computer is on its last legs, so I haven’t been able to comment on the many recent excellent posts. Here’s hoping. Yul, feline diplomacy — I love it. Wasn’t there a Palestinian mouse, who looked a lot like Mickey, but who preached Jihad against the west, and weren’t our powers that be upset by him? Can’t remember his name, Adele and Fred, you might want to check out; there’s an article, this week, about McCain as Maverick, which is hard to read — more creepy stuff about the old coot, and a 10/2 article about Palin, which is definitely worth a read.

    And Karen. on 10/20, the Travel Channel is airing a show called “At the Table With Tony,” featuring our boy some food writers and critics, and a New York nightlife reporter(not Paula Froelich).


  2. catsworking says:

    Sorry to hear about your computer, Adele. You don’t really appreciate how much you depend on them until they go on the fritz.

    I vaguely remember something about the mouse you’re talking about, preaching jihad to children.

    We’ve been trying to calm Adele down all week. She has been spitting mad at Palin since the debate, and it just gets worse every time Palin opens her mouth on the campaign trail. Hillary never managed to get Adele this worked up.

    Thanks for the leads on Rolling Stone and Tony’s special on the 20th. Karen will definitely mark her calendar. – Yul

  3. anonymous says:


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