Town Hall Format Backfired on McCain

By Fred

John McCain showed us last night just how petty he can be. He refused to even look at Obama in the first debate. This time, he was able to actually turn his back while Obama was speaking.

And when it was all over, McCain tapped Obama on the shoulder, but then ignored Obama’s outstretched hand, leaving the “dirty work” of shaking it to his wife Cindy.

Obama, in contrast, paid attention and listened politely whenever McCain was speaking. In return, McCain referred to Obama dismissively as “that one.”

McCain even twisted Teddy Roosevelt’s famous statement, “Walk softly but carry a big stick,” to make it “talk softly” and imply that Obama’s a loud-mouth when it comes to Pakistan.

Overall, many of McCain’s comments seemed peevish, and his referring often to the audience as “my friends” rang hollow. Pacing around the open floor, McCain at times looked like a stooped geezer tottering around on aching feet.

It was like watching a stiff old Bassett hound trying to get the best of a sleek, young, black cat.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Polls are indicating a clear win for Obama, but still some undecided voters. Are these people all deaf and blind?

After watching Palin and McCain’s flippant disrespect toward their opponents in the debates, does anybody really think they’re capable of gaining the trust of any other leader they don’t personally like? Can’t the undecideds see that we’d be facing 4 more years of the world’s contempt if that pair gets into the White House?

The choice to me is as clear as the whiskers on my face. If cats could vote, Obama would have nothing to worry about.


18 Responses to Town Hall Format Backfired on McCain

  1. Avto says:

    this morning in my country watched the debate live. it is obviously a negative campaign McCain has. He putted Obama in corner all talk he had, he humiliated him in “low” way and took Roosevelt quotation not in appropriate circumstances. what a pathetic McCain i saw. I am not a politician, just an avtoretacar young lady and blind about politic but i obviously saw the bad mentality of McCain!!

  2. marylou says:

    I agree 100%. McCain is done. Say goodnight Grandpa!

  3. MorganLF says:

    McCain is a peevish doddering old man. and he is stooopid…look what the stupids have put in office for the past 8 years. I’m still afraid.

  4. catsworking says:

    I think McCain’s reference to Obama as “this one” is going to be remembered the way George Bush Sr.’s glance at his watch is during his debate with Bill Clinton. BIG MISTAKE.

    I don’t think there’s enough mud in the world McCain and Palin can sling to turn the tide of this election now. Obama’s ahead and he’s staying ahead.

  5. Scott Burger says:

    When the LWV [League of Women Voters] ceded authority over the debates in 1988, it called the growing Democratic-Republican domination of the debates “a fraud on the American voter.”

    Americans have a special justification now for insisting on the inclusion of Cynthia McKinney, independent Ralph Nader, Libertarian nominee Bob Barr, and the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin, all of whom will be on the ballot in a majority of states. The proposed bailout has placed the loyalties of our political leaders in bold relief. The leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties, including Barack Obama and John McCain, have joined the Bush Administration and Wall Street cronies in support of a scheme allowing the greatest transfer of wealth from taxpayers to financial corporations in US history.

    Opposing the $700 billion bailout legislation are some progressive Democrats, some traditionally conservative Republicans (those who object to taxpayer-funded corporate handouts), most of the American public, and the alternative party candidates. Neither the Obama nor the McCain campaign represent anti-bailout voters.

  6. Excellent observation. I don’t think the format hurt McCain. He’s considered “good” in the town hall format, but if you have nothing to say about what you plan to do, you won’t do well.

    This was the old man at the end of the block shouting at the kids to get off his lawn debating a college professor. McCain moving around, trying to upstage Obama, falling back on false rhetoric (“He voted 94 times to raise taxes”) has lost its appeal. But when you cannot compete with someone, you try to bring them down to your level. Thing is, ever since McCain drank the neocon Kool-Aid in the early 2000s and the put the Palin cherry on top of his sh*t sundae, he’s got nothing.

    As I wrote in my blog, it’s over. Now, if Obama can secure a 12 to 15-point lead to overcome eleventh-hour racist votes and Diebold voting machine “errors,” we will have a president for the first time since Clinton.

  7. …. oh, and “that one,” not shaking Obama’s hand and leaving the room to Barack and Michelle were all gaffes of the highest magnitude, worse than any tongue flick or wink.

  8. catsworking says:

    This morning we got a good laugh at McCain addressing his “fellow prisoners” yesterday. He’s like watching Reagan’s second term.

    We’d like to see Obama’s lead widen to a more comfortable margin, but even if it doesn’t, Palin should be back on the tundra, shooting caribou in the face and dodging ethics investigations like some Cheney wannabe, in a few weeks.

    Did you catch Meredith Viera on The Today Show this morning trying to pin down some McCain mouthpiece on whether Palin will ever accept the open invitation she’s had to appear on the show since she was picked? As McCain said, it was “like nailing Jell-O to the wall.”

    They’re fine with having Palin shooting off her uninformed mouth to a bunch of fellow morons, but God forbid she face any journalist who might have some facts in their possession after the way that vicious Katie Couric totally savaged her.

  9. Jeff E. says:

    “Are these people all deaf and blind?”

    Perhaps they are hoping there’s another choice besides these two candidates.

    Many are tired of supporting the same two-party system that has failed us. Democrats and Republicans serve the lobbyists and special interest groups that fund their campaigns, not the people. I’m happily voting Libertarian this election.

  10. catsworking says:

    Good point, Jeff. The other candidates are being treated like they’re invisible and it’s totally unfair. Unfortunately, to vote for one of them is to waste a vote because they have no chance of winning, but could, like Ross Perot, tip the balance the wrong way.

  11. Jeff E. says:

    The only problem with that philosophy is that unless Demublicans relinquish their control of the debates, we will only ever have two choices and it will take people voting with their heart and not for the lesser of the two evils to bring attention to third party candidates. It’s a risk but I think we have to take it eventually.

  12. catsworking says:

    What we need is a third-party candidate who starts making waves BETWEEN elections with good ideas and is a household name by the time the real campaign starts. Ralph Nader started out on the right track, but somewhere along the line, he morphed into a buffoon.

    You’re right. If people voted with their hearts instead of pragmatically, the other candidates would have a chance because they have more good ideas about a lot of things that both the Dems and Repubs combined.

    Way back when, our favorite candidate was Dennis Kucinich, who was smeared by the media as being so far out in left field that he might as well have started his own party.

  13. catsworking says:

    Gino, you have a very interesting post on McCain’s deep involvement with Charles Keating and the Lincoln S&L disaster.

    Since this crisis on Wall Street began to unfold, it’s a wonder that this bit of history hasn’t been resurrected. If Republicans want to play the “guilt by association” game, then every slimeball they’ve tried to tie to Obama looks like a Boy Scout compared to McCain’s good buddy, Keating

    What’s most disturbing is that McCain utterly failed to learn the folly of allowing financial institutions unfettered creativity in the way they do business. That he could stand before the world today and proclaim himself the only possible savior of the current economic crisis takes delusion and arrogance that defies description.

  14. daphne Kenward says:

    McCain is planning to finish off America, creating a situation far worse than the African continent. IMF will have to play a role as America becomes a bankrupt economy, and if there is no money for investment America will be borrowing from China and the IMF paying hefty interest on the debts. If America is already paying $1.53 Billion a day on interest payments and the debt is rising, and unemployment and no growth in the way of GDP, then health care and investments in renewable energy will look like a distant dream. Americans will become slaves to China and the rest of the world because they are in debt to the global economy, and Britain will not be far behind. If America falls, then will come the rise of the United States of Europe, whose economic power and wealth will far surpass that of America. Because they have the experience of running empires, and will be better at it than America, where they see wars as their only way to power, the Europeans have better moral standards and other countries will adapt to working easier with the Europeans than the Americans.

    The British Empire died off back in 1948, then came the rise of the American Superpower, and in less than 60 years the USA economy and the American dream began to die due to corruption and greed, war over-stretching, overturning democratically elected governments and creating tin pot dictators, creating an increasingly unstable world. It is unfortunate that many Americans did not understand what was really going on and thought their level of wealth could not diminish. But the truth was based on the American worthless dollar that has no true value whatsoever.

    The war in Iraq and pending war in Iran are all about duping Americans again with this foolish idea that Iran is a threat to America or anyone else, including Israel. It is to prop up an American dollar. If oil prices goes down, the American dollars goes up in value, but with a shortage of oil, if the economy grows and oil is required for industry, the price of oil goes up and the value of the dollar goes down.

    America becomes a banana Republic with cheap wages working for a currency that is worthless. To prevent that from happening, threats against the Arabs to keep oil prices low keeps the dollar high.

    Bush does not care. If oil prices go high he makes more money. McCain wants to follow the same policies. Palin comes from Alaska, an oil-rich state, and fits in with his programme.

    In all of this, the people of America are about the last thing on McCain’s mind. These people think money, not people.

  15. daphne Kenward says:

    Well I don’t know about you Cats out there, I will be staying up to hear the debate tonight. Obama has to remember to maintain his composure.

    Don’t let McCain get the upper hand. He uses things like Obama does not understand a lot. Don’t let McCain undermine him.

    When McCain says, Mr Obama does not understand, Obama needs to come in by saying Mr. McCain is not in any position to dictate what he understands! The question is, does Mr. McCain understand the importance of the economy, and he is not convinced that he does. That throws the doubt back in his court. That’s the strategy Obama needs to use.

    For example, what didn’t Mr. McCain understand when he was voting with George Bush, makes me wonder why Mr. McCain did not understand the consequences of his action. Is that someone stable enough to lead us out of the mess Bush & McCain have created for the American people? Well, that would make me chuckle.

    You Guys have a challenge, and so do we all, and I can tell you this, the Europeans are not only looking at this economic crisis, they are looking at America as a whole and how stable you are and the effects you are having on the wider world. People are raising questions. People want answers. When Gordon Brown has to come to America and tell a Superpower what to do, it means America does not have a leader.

    80% of all Europeans supports Obama because they see him as sensible, has a steady hand, and is mentally able to deal with this crisis, along with good, responsible advisors. Many governments in Europe are looking and hoping the Americans do the right thing.

    Good Luck Guys.

  16. catsworking says:

    Daphne, we Cats Working will be watching the final debate tonight. They say McCain has to deliver a “knockout” blow to Obama, but we don’t see how that’s possible. If Obama didn’t show he was riled over all the nasty things the Clintons said about him, he’s certainly not going to let a geezer like McCain rattle him now.

    Most polls are showing Obama with a clear lead, but the pollsters are worried that many people are closet racists who say they’ll vote for Obama, only to double-cross him in the voting booth.

    We hope that doesn’t happen. I have lived with a black cat (Yul) every day for over 15 years and I feel confident in assuring everyone they have nothing to fear from Obama. Under the skin, we’re all the same.

  17. daphne Kenward says:

    All Cats should know:

    There is a $516 Trillion Deriatives time bomb waiting to go off.

    Warren Buffett call the real Weapons of mass distruction, this is 10 times the value of the whole world output. It’s the ticking time bomb.

    The situation in the economy is far worse than first thought and could slide into a depression. I hope it doesn’t. You have to get ready to work together to pull the country together. George Bush was a very bad Omen on the world.

    Good luck folks.

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