Palin’s the Parrot Who Would Be Maverick

By Adele

When Sarah Palin crowed that she broke the glass ceiling, she was apparently unaware that she actually crawled through a hole Democratic VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro cut for her back in 1984. Ever since, Palin’s been chanting Republican talking points like a well-trained parrot.

I don’t think that make her a feisty maverick. It makes her sound like a conservative brainwash case.

From her convention speech, her debate with Biden, her stump speeches, and her few embarrassing media interviews, anyone would be hard-pressed to identify an original thought from Palin, since almost anything unscripted she says is gibberish.

Over the weekend, she accused Barack Obama not once, but 3 times, of “palling around with terrorists” (plural) such as Bill Ayers (one man). Ayers was a ‘60s radical when Obama was a small child and is now a college professor.

If Obama living in the same Chicago neighborhood, serving on the same charitable board, and having Ayers turn up at one of his first political meetings makes Obama a pal of terrorists, then we’d better take a closer look at Palin’s supermarket checker, bank teller, neighbors, girlfriends, optometrist – and her secessionist husband – back in Wasilla.

And today with the New York Times she dragged up Obama’s former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, again, even though her own wacko religious beliefs can’t bear scrutiny.

Palin’s orders to fling as much outdated, inaccurate mud at Obama as possible won’t make voters forget they’re losing their jobs, healthcare, investments, and savings while the cost of living rises every day. It just makes Palin look even stupider.

If Obama wins on November 4, maybe McCain will realize in hindsight that training Palin to be his dirty-talking bird wasn’t such a good idea.


17 Responses to Palin’s the Parrot Who Would Be Maverick

  1. Mauigirl says:

    Agree – I think he’ll realize he threw his campaign away when he picked Palin. After tonight’s debate I think that Obama will continue to gain in the polls.

  2. catsworking says:

    Obama wasn’t quite as smooth as I would have liked to see, but he did a good job of holding his own against McCain in the debate last night. McCain dismissively calling Obama “this one” may be the phrase that comes back to haunt him when everyone’s doing the post-mortem on his failed campaign after the election.

  3. daphne Kenward says:

    Palin/McCain have now began to resort to voter Fraud, a massive operation in Nevada has been uncovered. Voter registration duplications, made-up names, the works. These covered Indiana, Missouri and elsewhere. This was uncovered 9th Oct 2008. The FBI is investigating it in Las Vegas.

  4. catsworking says:

    Daphne, you are more up-to-date on the news than we are. Haven’t seen anything here yet on this voter fraud, but it’s not surprising. Cats Working doesn’t believe George W. Bush won either election. He was aided by Katherine Harris in Florida in 2000, and John Kerry gave up too soon in 2004. A recount of Ohio’s votes would probably have revealed similar tactics.

  5. josh clift says:

    If all of you were so concerned about our economy and the direction we are heading, I think you would quit letting the liberal media decide for you. So far this entire piece of work and the blogs about it are a joke… you are so far off on all subjects that if we enter a state of socialism and all your freedoms are taken away I am not going to feel sorry for you. I researched and researched and nothing about Obama’s campaigne has been true or even constitutional… The voter fraud with ACORN is linked to your candidate. Don’t blame conservatives for abiding by the law. Palin brings with her a new approach to Washington, and I feel like she is on our side not the Government.

  6. thea schlosser says:

    This was my last time I watcht SNL.

    The writers must be from the moon and Obama lovers .
    To me nothing made sense ,accept NBC MADE A LOT OF MONEY .
    Palin is so smart A POLITICAL hit ,and what did SNL DO ,MESS IT UP .
    I kept waithing and waiting for PALIN ,then all this stpid show .
    I wish I would have gone asleep and get my rest.

  7. catsworking says:

    Josh, where have you been the past 8 years? We’ve already had plenty of ignorance in the White House. The last thing we need is this woman who’s clueless about how things work in the lower 48 and the rest of the world, and a geezer who thinks about nothing but war while the economy melts around him. If you ever lose your job and your healthcare and your family is suffering because you can no longer afford to put food on the table thanks to soaring prices, I’m betting you won’t turn down a bit of Democratically-inspired government assistance. Your own party would just as soon see you crawl off into a corner and die as lift a finger to help you – unless you’re a big-wig corporate executive.

    Thea, Sarah Palin was just on SNL to show she has a sense of humor, even though the regulars did all the heavy lifting for her in that regard. She sure is good at reading a teleprompter, though. And we didn’t clean up any of the misspellings or typos in your comment, as we typically do, just to let other readers see how the pot calls the kettle black when discussing ignorance.

  8. Eileen McCleod says:

    > When Sarah Palin crowed that she broke the glass ceiling, she was apparently unaware that she actually crawled through a hole Democratic VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro cut for her back in 1984.

    With all due respect, I must disagree. On August 28, 2008 Sarah Palin specifically mentioned Geraldine Ferraro as one of those women whom she honored for their achievements upon which she intended to build her candidacy.

    And she hadn’t been crowing about having broken the glass ceiling; she said that it was her intend to finish what had been started by others – and break that glass ceiling “once and for all”. That is a huge difference.

  9. catsworking says:

    Thanks for the correction, Eileen. You are right and I apparently misspoke on that one.

    It’s good to hear that Palin is aware that Geraldine Ferraro existed, since she’s shown little awareness of anything going on beyond Alaska’s borders, past or present, that doesn’t directly relate to her ability to attract federal funds. With luck, on November 5 she will be returning there to resume demonstrating for her youngest children how to kill and gut defenseless animals in her spare time.

  10. Eileen McCleod says:

    > With luck, on November 5 she will be returning there to resume demonstrating for her youngest children how to kill and gut defenseless animals in her spare time.

    Can we take it, then, that you are a vegetarian?

    I see her as an honest person, who knows that meat doesn’t come from the meat market, it comes from animals who must die in order to provide us with a meal – and she has forthrightness to do the “dirty” part of the work herself.

    Then too, the animals also die to provide the wolves and bears with their daily sustainance. Have you a plan to make the wolves vegetarian?

  11. catsworking says:

    Now you’re just being silly.

    As a cat, I’m a carnivore and proud of it. Animals killing other animals for survival is called the food chain. But a human who can walk into a grocery store and buy all the meat she needs, taking a gun and going out to shoot EXTRA meat just for the fun of it, is practicing cruelty to animals.

    That’s an animal’s perspective, and I don’t expect you to understand it, since tunnel vision seems to be rampant among Republicans.

    As for Palin’s honesty, not so much. She only “just said no” to her bridge to nowhere after Congress killed it and there was nothing to refuse anyway. But she gladly took the money and spent it on something else.

    And now she’s against earmarks? AFTER her state raked in more federal handouts per citizen than any of the other 49, and she even HIRED some firm to get them for her?

    And she was all for having her ethics investigated until McCain picked her. Now she’s obstructing it, and point-blank told reporters that the investigators found no ethics violations when the report says clearly in black and white that she abused her power and DID violate ethical standards.

    And Obama “palling around with terroristS.” The one and only he ever knew reformed YEARS ago, but can she name TWO to justify the use of the plural to make Obama sound worse? No, she can’t.

    So, puhleez. She may have you snowed with her cuteness while she babbles utter gibberish sprinkled with catchy phrases that stir the emotions of morons, but she’s no more honest than the next sleazebag politician.

  12. josh clift says:

    to catsworking…… on your reply that the terrorist that Obama palled around with has reformed makes me question your intelligence… Are you saying that In 20 years Bin ladin if reformed should be considered a citizen or free for that matter… You talk as if the reform meant something. When in fact while Obama was serving on the same board as Ayers in 2001, Ayers publically stated his non remorse and said he would have done more…. I beliefe in reform, I could understand that Obama had a mis-judgement in siding with Ayers, but he lied about the relationship to everyone. How can I trust someone in that position of leadership to put my family and needs first.

    Now on your reply to me…… You know as well as I do that the past 8 years is not all Bush’s fault. I didn’t vote for the man. But to say that our problems today lie in his hands is false.. Both parties are at fault…. At least McCain will go after the problems on both sides of the isle rather that Obama just focusing on reps. I believe Palin is more at touch with our needs than any candidate. She dealt with people on a daily basis, while the other three just had to vote… Palin saw her vetos and votes go to work in her own state…. so to say she is out of touch with the other 48 is untrue. Make no mistake I feel that is Obama is president I will lose my job….. I might get 1,000 dollar tax break but no job because he is going to tax my company to where they decide to go to dubai where their taxes are much less and energy is much less…. The talks are already on the table…. So the question is….. Where have you been this etire campaign????? Or who have you been listening to????? I have listened to both sides of media and researched both candidates websites…. I challenge you to do the same and if your mind is not opened reply back and I will school you some more…..

  13. catsworking says:

    Josh, I’m not aware that I have ever “replied” to you before. This comment showed up as a first.

    Agreed, “reformed” wasn’t the right word. Ayers has said he’s unrepentant. But to compare him to bin Laden is ludicrous.

    Yeah, it’s fun to throw the scary word “terrorist” around, especially with Halloween coming up. But Republicans don’t seem to realize that as a tool to scare people into voting for them, they’ve sucked all the power out of the word by applying it to anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    Ayers never came anywhere remotely close to killing 3,000 people, nor did he recruit anybody to martyr themselves to carry out his intentions. Since his war-protesting days, he has been a college professor and a useful member of society. Parents are obviously letting their KIDS sit in his classroom.

    Last I heard, bin Laden is still hiding in a cave and hasn’t made himself useful to anybody, for good or bad.

    This tenuous link between Obama and Ayers that the Republicans keep trying to forge doesn’t hold up. Yes, Obama has known Ayers and they have worked together on occasion. But nobody has found a shred of evidence that they’ve ever been “pals,” nor that they are in touch today.

    I bet if somebody went digging into your past, my past, or anybody’s, they’d find someone we dealt with who didn’t live like a saint and had done things or held beliefs we detested. Do you think that all people should be condemned and denied jobs based on every misdeed of everybody they’ve ever known?

    I agree with you that we can’t blame all the world’s problems on Bush. That would be giving him too much credit. He’s good at causing mayhem, but not that good.

    As for your job insecurity, my condolences. Karen lost a well-paying job she’d had for 8 years while Bush Sr. was president and walking around saying, “What recession?” It took her 7 months to find another job that paid roughly half of what she’d been making and offered no health insurance or retirement plan.

    Corporate America is a cruel place, and it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House when your evil masters decide you are expendable. Discarding people and ruining their lives to fatten the bottom line has a long tradition in this country. Last I heard, the U.S. has no power over how other countries structure their taxes to attract business, And I think if you take a close look at the senior executives who decide to abandon their American workers for cheap labor and resources overseas, you’ll find a bunch of Republicans.

    My opinion of Palin is already well-documented here, so I won’t go into that again.

    I’m a cat. I soak it all in and then shred what I find ridiculous. If cats could vote, you and I would be canceling each other out.

  14. josh clift says:

    You replied to me on my first statement. That is why I replied back, but now that we’re here. Obama and Ayers may not be pals, but I know that Obama knows Ayers’ background and he still worked on the same board, blurbed his book, and launched his campaign from Ayers’ house. We all have people in our past that we are ashamed of, but we are not lying about it, nor are we running for President of our country. Yes corps. are out for themselves and not for their backbone workers. But I know that I could not find a job like this if they leave for a different country. And they will if Obama is elected. If I were them and I could make more money there I would go too. McCain’s plan will keep my job here and will create new ones. If you can’t take my word for it, look up Reagan’s plan. Right down the line of McCain’s plan. On the terrorist statement. The definition of terrorist acts are the destruction of someone or someone’s property that is not your own. How can Ayers’ remarks and actions consider him anything but terrorist? He now teaches for a college, most parents can’t control that, nor is it mandatory. It is an electoral class. Have you heard his teachings or read his book? I call him a terrorist, Marxist, Anarchist…… For Obama to be affiliated with him draws concerns. For Obama to lie about that draws more concerns. To add to that you can bring in Rev. Wright, Dohrn…. there is more. Does none of this concern you? How about government controlled health care, or spreading the wealth, or giving up on the war, or NAFTA, or ACORN, or spreading the wealth, or voting for tax increases on incomes of 42,000 dollars a year, I can keep going.

  15. catsworking says:

    Josh, sounds like you have drunk a lot of the Republican Kool-Aid.

    McCain may be borrowing from the Reagan playbook (had we cats been alive then, we would have liked Reagan, by the way), but he has shown poor judgment in several important ways recently. 1) His knee-jerk reaction to the Wall St. crisis that turned out to be helpful to no one, and 2) His pick of a totally unqualified running mate.

    I know we can go around in circles on that one forever. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

    By your definition of a terrorist, teenage vandals who put firecrackers in mailboxes, someone who causes a multi-vehicle car accident, or ignites a fire in an apartment building by falling asleep with a lit cigarette are all terrorists.

    When Ayers was doing his thing over the Vietnam war, I don’t think anyone was calling him a terrorist because it wasn’t the favorite word in the American vocabulary to smear someone.

    If you read other posts on this blog, you will find that we support universal healthcare 100%. Congress has been sitting on a bill called HR676 since 2004 or 5 that would mandate it and take health insurers out of the equation completely, which is the only possible fix.

    Thanks to the free market, health insurers have been RAPING the American people financially while denying coverage and killing them. Since you seem to have a job with employer-provided benefits, you may be unaware of it. But if, God forbid, your company does move overseas and you find yourself looking for individual coverage for yourself and your family, be prepared to switch parties when insurers slap you with a premium that’s bigger than your mortgage, even if you’re HEALTHY, or refuse to cover you altogether. They have free rein to cherry-pick who they screw.

    You may think Republicans are all for the little people, and they have been in some ways in the past, but their zeal to engage in senseless invasions that get a lot of people on both sides killed, their token displays of concern for the little guys becomes moot because the little guys are dead.

    For the record, Iraq isn’t a “war.” It was an unprovoked invasion, and now it’s an occupation. There’s nothing to “win” and the Iraqis themselves want us out, so we’re just pouring billions of dollars every month down a rat hole.

  16. josh clift says:

    Catsworking….. I drink my own Kool-Aid. I make my own decisions that is how I want it. I don’t want government involved more in my life and decisions than there has to be. I have had individual health coverage and for my entire family of five, me being overweight and smoker at the time paid 450 a month. It cost more and I had to budget it for it but I chose to get and I chose the doctors that I went and saw. My sister has government paid health care and has to travel to see the pediatrician that they so choose for her to see. She does not like it and can’t afford her own insurance. The government wants to control that and look where they have gotten us so far. I do not trust them with anything from redistribution, health care, and social security. For someone to say they want government to control their life, then the Obama ticket is the right one for them. I’m not saying McCain has done everything right, but I believe that He is definitely the lesser of two evils. I didn’t mean to come across saying that He was for the little people, but at least he is not foolish enough to believe he can fix our problems by controlling them. The trickle-down-effect- that Reagan proposed worked in his case, it has not always worked. However the socialistic propositions of Obama have never worked.. I did miss speak of terrorism. I would not call those examples you gave as terroristic acts. However, Ayers’ actions were done with a clear conscience with no peer pressure or drugs involved. So terrorist… yeah he is still a terrorist. The war in Iraq is now a war for peace. It may have started for ignorant reasons but we are there, and to pull out now would be a loss, and a loss for our country could mean devastating disasters down the road.

  17. catsworking says:

    Times have changed in healthcare, Josh. Last year Karen was faced with paying $487 a month for just herself and she’s a healthy non-smoker. She dropped to a lousier policy for $378 and it seems to cover very little.

    Health insurance companies have had free rein for too long and it’s killing the system. It’s incredibly naive to think that our way is superior to the universal care provided by every other industrialized nation. We don’t read of them being forced into bankruptcy by illness or dying in droves. They must be doing something right.

    So I guess you’re saying when you turn 65, if you have little or no employer-paid coverage, you’re going to refuse Medicare benefits, huh?

    There was a time we would have been OK with McCain for president, but he’s had his head so far up Bush’s butt – over 90% of the time by his own proud admission – he can’t be trusted to do things any differently.

    We actually agree with you that less government intrusion would be better. Maybe they could stop arresting people without charges and detaining them indefinitely, pawing over people and their underwear in airports, and torturing them.

    Sure, sure, we’re justified because of 9/11. But what we’re doing now makes us no better than the terrorists and the world knows it.

    We’re not saying Ayers was never a bad person. Obviously, he went to extremes to make his point about Vietnam, which turned out to be correct, by the way. We never should have been there. But blowing up things was long in his past when Obama met him and they weren’t that tight.

    In the grand scheme of things, Ayers has ceased to be a player, so obsessing over his past misdeeds while Rome burns seems to be misplaced emphasis.

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