Debater Palin Mostly Flash, Little Substance

By Adele

Sarah Palin managed not to trip on her way to the podium or pee in her pumps at hard questions she couldn’t answer, so some are declaring her the “winner” of her debate with Joe Biden.

The more mature, well-versed, and politically experienced Biden bent over backward to be cordial and non-confrontational to a newbie. She seized his civility as a chance to bombard him with tired old Republican accusations and insubstantial platitudes.

In fact, Palin even tried to make the event her own little tête-a-tête with viewers – often shutting out Biden and moderator Gwen Ifill to directly address the camera with plenty of winking and smirking.

When Palin found Ifill’s questions pesky, she ignored them to deliver the answers she’d been coached on. This resulted in lots of repetition peppered with “you betchas” and “doggone its” so even stupid people could follow her.

She only dropped one bomb, saying it would be dandy to have even more power as VP than Dick Cheney – the most evil, Machiavellian figure ever to darken the White House.

Once again, Palin showed us she’s great if someone puts words in her mouth. She just has problems when she has to think for herself with ruthless media barracudas like Katie Couric.

I may have soured on Hillary Clinton, but Hillary could always back up every statement with more facts than anybody wanted to hear, leaving no doubt of her firm grasp on the issues.

Palin seems to think this election is another beauty pageant she can win by being cute and poised and showing some leg. She’s so naive, she doesn’t even know how much she doesn’t know – and she doesn’t care. As she told Katie, she only reads if someone puts words in front of her, but can’t name a single publication.

Yet she thinks we should trust her with unbridled power.

After enduring Palin’s act, Biden deserves congratulations for showing super-human restraint against a disrespectful, flippant opponent who essentially wasted 90 minutes of his time.


4 Responses to Debater Palin Mostly Flash, Little Substance

  1. Suffering from electoral burnout we decided not to watch last night – except for a couple of moments here and there in between Tivo’d shows. Each time I turned to my wife and said ‘She’s talking but she doesn’t seem to be answering the question’. My confusion was compounded this morning to hear conservatives saying she did such a great job and that answering the question posed was not relevant to her debate performance. Having debated in high school I find that very odd. Of course these are the same people that said the rambling incoherent answers she gave to Katie Couric were the result of editing…

  2. catsworking says:

    The clips I saw of Palin’s nonsensical babbling to Katie Couric looked like they’d been filmed in one take. Kathleen Parker (a conservative columnist) even quoted several of them, comments to Couric and Hannity, using them to justify her conclusion that Palin should withdraw from the race for the good of the ticket.

    And now Palin is running around saying outrageous things about Obama, like he “pals around with terrorists,” because filthy personal smears are the only strategy they’ve got left.

    I hope the backlash is swift and decisive and the McCain-Palin ticket drops even lower in the polls. If not, and people haven’t learned anything from 8 years of this crap from Bush and Cheney and Rove, then this country is doomed.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Did anyone see the clip on Bill Maher? I missed it but will look for it on You Tube. My brother called me up genuinely terrified. She is evil she will create a holocaust because she fundamentally believes as a disciple of Christ she will be spared. This is who may have her finger on the button???? WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  4. catsworking says:

    I saw Bill Maher. If Palin’s good for anything, it’s comic relief. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could ever take her seriously, but there seems to be no shortage of clueless people who relate to her.

    A friend of ours says he thinks Palin is great because “she speaks from the heart.”

    I loved Tina Fey’s “debate” where she said something like, “I think the institution of marriage is a sacred bond between two unwilling teenagers.”

    When McCain loses, I think Fey will get much of the credit. She’s so spot-on in lampooning Palin – while being just a TINY BIT tongue in cheek because Palin herself is so outrageous – she’s highlighting Palin’s total unsuitability for the job better than all the talking heads put together.

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