McCain: Evading Baldness & Facts

By Fred

Up against that sleek young black cat Obama, it’s a shame that a scarred old white tom like John McCain never took a cue from Patrick Stewart or Yul Brynner. The media could be comparing him to a capable starship commander, boldly going where no man has gone before, or the mesmerizing, virile King of Siam.

Instead, he flaps a few white wisps across his chrome dome like a wimp. Who can take Mr. Straight Talk seriously when he can’t even acknowledge the state of his scalp?

McCain talks tough, but wind and water must scare him to death. His comb-over means that a sudden gust, a dip in a pool, or a shower leaves his hair on the right side hanging nearly to his chin.

Imagine that photo on the cover of Time.

If he can’t face baldness, what other realities is he avoiding? Let’s start with Congress’s failure to pass the Wall Street bailout. McCain blamed Democrats, saying:

“Senator Obama and his allies in Congress infused unnecessary partisanship in the process.”

Truth/Reality: 140 Democrats sided with Bush and voted for the measure. Only 65 Republicans did likewise.

Obama never presumed to spear-head the process. It was McCain’s grand gesture of suspending his campaign to rally his buddies in Washington that failed spectacularly, with 133 of them telling him to go pound kitty litter by voting no.

Republicans are trying to pin the blame on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for saying that 8 years of their failure to rein in naked greed caused this mess.

According to them, Pelosi wounded their sensitivities so deeply, they had to cling to their status quo just to spite her, instead of passing legislation to put some long-needed controls in place.

Truth/Reality: They’re afraid that their clueless constituents, who don’t understand the implications of doing nothing, will vote them out of their cushy jobs in November’s elections.

While Wall Street swirls down the bowl and takes the world economy with it, Republicans and John McCain hide behind wispy excuses and do nothing.

OK, McCain, when’s this “change” you’re promising ever going to start? We need it now.


4 Responses to McCain: Evading Baldness & Facts

  1. Marinel says:

    Right On!!

    I love this place; and so do my humans!

  2. MorganLF says:

    I’ll watching the VP debate tonight I am sure there will be many cringe worthy moments!!

  3. MrsDonut says:

    Exciting stuff you talk about here. Virtually a one sided argument don’t you think?

  4. catsworking says:

    MrsDonut, thanks for weighing in on this nearly-2-year-old post. Its author, the late Fred, would be flattered, even though you added no useful insight. -Yul

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