Idiot Juror Lets Remorseless Cat Murderer Go Free

By Adele

Ex-Mets baseball player Joseph Petcka was lucky to have one fellow cat-hater to hang his jury. On September 26, the judge declared a mistrial in Petcka’s brutal beating death of Norman, a long-haired orange tabby. Petcka appeared on The Today Show this morning looking for sympathy.

The late Norman (Photo - NY Daily News)

The late Norman (Photo - NY Daily News)

Petcka, now a bit-part actor and waiter, had been dating Lisa Altobelli about six weeks, but apparently never impressed her 8-year-old cat, Norman (with good reason, as Norman would fatally learn).

On March 27, 2007, a drunken Petcka argued and got physical with Altobelli, so she left her apartment to give him a chance to cool down, leaving Norman alone with him.

Petcka claimed on the stand that 7-pound declawed Norman lunged at and bit him several times, knocking his 205-lb. butt onto a coffee table. Petcka admitted kicking at the cat with steel-toed boots, but didn’t know if the blows landed and that Norman seemed fine later.

An ASPCA vet testified that Norman died in agony, probably surviving up to 15 minutes after the attack. He had chipped teeth and a torn tongue, as if his head had been whacked against a countertop. He also had 3 broken ribs, a ripped lung and liver, and died when blood filled his chest cavity.

Norman managed to crawl to his favorite hiding spot under Altobelli’s bedside table to die, where she later found him.

Some 32-year-old moron on the jury who lives in a building prohibiting pets didn’t think this was enough to convict Petcka, who could have gotten 2 years in jail for felony aggravated animal cruelty.

They haven’t decided yet whether to retry the case. In the meantime, Petcka roams free, enjoying his 15 minutes of infamy. Here’s hoping Petcka encounters some street-smart, hungry NY ferals in a dark alley real soon who will show him how justice works – feline-style – for Norman.


10 Responses to Idiot Juror Lets Remorseless Cat Murderer Go Free

  1. Janet says:

    If there is any justice, there will be a retrial and Joseph Petcka will be found guilty and ordered to serve the maximum sentence. Even better, he should be beaten to death just like he deserves. An eye for an eye. I always knew we had idiots on the jury. Who was he thinking he was going to fool by appearing on The Today Show? Why did they even ask that murdering, lowlife, piece of garbage, to appear on the show? Lisa Altobelli, I am so very sorry for your loss.

  2. catsworking says:

    We’re with you, Janet. At the trial, an old girlfriend testified that Petcka slammed her finger in a door and cut off the tip, after he’d gone berserk and ripped a microwave out of the wall. He was charged in that case, too, but got off because he had a clean record to that point.

    The man’s clearly a menace to women and animals. The only thing his Today Show appearance may have accomplished was to put his face out there so sensible women will hide their pets and run the other way if they see him coming.

    RIP, poor little Norman.

  3. Adele says:

    This story was so distressing that I didn’t even share it with Alice. Poor, poor Norman. The fact that Norman’s murderer is an ex-Mets player gives me just another reason to hate the Mets — and Cubs fans have hated the Mets since 1969.

    Sounds like a case of ‘roid rage to me, although Petcka may just be an a#$hole. If it is steroids, I hope they shorten his miserable life in a most unpleasant way.

  4. Get Real says:

    Who cares if a someone killed a cat. The stock market is down 600 points, there are two wars going on, thousands of people are losing their jobs, people can barely pay their mortgages, pay bills, afford decent food, and You people want to spend tax payers money to convict an idiot who killed a cat. Get real!!

  5. catsworking says:

    The taxpayers’ money WOULD have been well-spent if this guy had gotten convicted and taken off the street. But apparently there was one juror with your attitude, Get Real, who thought a cat’s life was worth nothing.

    Before Petcka turned on the cat, he’d roughed up his girlfriend enough that she felt she had to leave her own apartment, and before THAT he slammed his previous girlfriend’s finger in a door hard enough to sever the tip.

    Yeah, today he’s stomping an innocent, clawless cat to death. Tomorrow he’s murdering your sister. Get real, indeed!!

  6. Janet says:

    We all know about the stock market, about baby killers, about rapists, about people starving. It is all terrible. The world is a terrible place. It has been since it was first created and unfortunately always will be unless all of the mean-spirited people and socialpaths, and the like, drop dead suddenly and no new ones get born. Just because people are expressing themselves on this post regarding a cat named Norman doesn’t mean they don’t care about all of the other horrific events that go on every single day. It’s incredible short-sighed, narrow-minded, and just plain stupid to assume so. Why don’t you take your callousness and get off this site if you’re offended. By the way, we are all taxpayers. Maybe someday I’ll be paying for your trial.

  7. Ann says:

    I think Ted Bundy got his start by killing cats too.

  8. jayloxx01 says:

    He should have his mouth filled with catnip, his face sprayed with PAM and have his head shoved into the oven set on self clean….
    Norman.. pal… I’m sorry you met your end without love around you…

  9. KAREN says:

    Why is Animal MURDER, TORTURE, ABDUCTION and RAPE still simply called animal cruelty? IT IS WHAT IT IS! EVEN MORE SO BECAUSE THEY ARE UTTERLY DEFENSELESS! their lives mean something, their lives EVERYTHING to someone and the taking of their lives should carry the same penalties when done with such obvious forethought and malice!

  10. catsworking says:

    We agree with you that the penalty for wantonly killing an animal should be the same, or even more severe than for killing a human, since in most instances the animal is totally defenseless. This is a very old case, and I was afraid to Google that bastard for fear of seeing he’s living happily ever after somewhere, having gotten off free after committing this brutal murder of Norman.

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