Big Brown Does it Again!

By Fred

I’ve got a major cat-on-horse crush on Big Brown, who charged to his 7th victory yesterday in the $500,000 Monmouth Stakes in New Jersey.

(Photo - Bill Denver, EquiPhoto, AP)

(Photo - Bill Denver, EquiPhoto, AP)

Without steroids, in only his second race on turf, against 8 older, more experienced horses, Big Brown was a champion all the way.

He seized the lead almost right out of the gate. Soon, he and Get Serious left the rest of the pack in their dust. But Get Serious couldn’t sustain it, so Brownie showed him how it’s done. Near the finish line, the field tightened, and when Proudinsky came within a nose of pulling ahead, Big Brown shifted into high gear and refused to let any other horse get past him.

What else would you expect? Brownie has only muffed one race in his 8-race career – in that perfect storm of problems at Belmont. The word loser isn’t in his vocabulary.

After the race, Big Brown’s jockey Kent Desormeaux said, “He just doesn’t care what is under his feet. He is multitalented. He just loves to be a race horse. He doesn’t like getting beat. He showed that true grit and determination down the lane. For me, as a rider, it just felt like he had that horse tow-roped. He was just dragging him home.”

Unfortunately, Big Brown has only one more race in his future: The $5 million Breeders’ Cup on October 25 at Santa Anita in California.

They’re hoping Curlin, the 2007 Horse of the Year, will show up to be Big Brown’s ultimate challenge, but Curlin’s owners haven’t committed yet. They’re worried the synthetic dirt track will be a big turn-off for Curlin.

If that match-up does materialize, I don’t know how I’ll watch it without spraying the TV!


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