McCain’s Bizarre Take on “Change”

By Fred

It’s not often I agree with Old Pickle-Puss – aka columnist Charles Krauthammer – but even he questioned McCain’s tactic of using Sarah Palin to help him hijack “change” as the new theme of his presidential race:

The problem is the inherent oddity of the incumbent party running on change. Here were Republicans – the party that controlled the White House for eight years and both houses of Congress for five – wildly cheering the promise to take on Washington. I don’t mean to be impolite, but who’s controlled Washington this decade?

How can Republicans rejoice over McCain’s babbling that “Change is coming” when it’s THEM he has to come after? For the past 8 years they’ve been running the show with virtually free rein. Since they narrowly lost their Congressional majority, they’ve acted like a bunch of pouty brats, keeping Democratic initiatives at a standstill with filibusters.

Every time he accuses Obama of wanting “more of the same,” McCain proves that he’s swallowed a big helping of Out-of-Sight-Out-of-Mind, with a side order of Dueling Purposes. While struggling to make us forget George Bush ever existed – he simultaneously vows to continue most of Bush’s mean, discriminatory, and bone-headed policies – and promises to buck the Republican status quo that enabled Bush to wreak havoc in the first place.

In a nutshell, there’s no way McCain can accomplish what he claims without making himself a lame duck right out of the gate. The only real change open to him is to start cooperating with Democrats.

Either way, Obama wins.

By pairing up with that pitbull in lipstick, McCain has even alienated intelligent women, who now realize he thinks they’re so stupid they’ll vote for any female, even a reactionary ditz like Palin.

Granted, Palin is probably the best choice to fill Dick Cheney’s shoes. Her senseless, savage hobbies make Cheney look like a pussycat.

(Photo - Heath, AP)

(Photo - Heath, AP)

Palin would be proud to shoot you in the face – and kill you. Then she’d love to skin you, gut you, and eat you.

I don’t get how can anyone can think that trading the current set of bloodthirsty Republican leaders for this new pair will change anything.


4 Responses to McCain’s Bizarre Take on “Change”

  1. Adele says:


    For a laugh, you might want to read the article in yesterday’s about Sarah Palin’s dominatrix appeal. We have fingers and paws crossed, here, that Barack really comes out swinging and that if Sarah Palin is ever allowed to answer unscripted questions, some of the McCain/Palin voters will think twice. A friend of mine calls the McCain/Palin ticket Rambo and Bimbo.

    Also, Alice wanted me to ask how the feline staff at Cats Working manages to type. She keeps looking at her paws and saying, “But I don’t have opposeable thumbs, and my digits are very short.”

  2. catsworking says:

    It’s unnerving that so many people are going ga-ga over Palin when they should be going, “What the F—? Has McCain lost his mind?” Just goes to show that 8 years of Bush haven’t fazed that tough core of stupid people and they won’t be satisfied until every American is either dead or bankrupt.

    I’ve heard Palin called “Caribou Barbie,” and it fits. They are shielding her from the press because they know she’ll go down in flames at the first substantive question on any topic. I think she’s supposed to talk to Charlie Gibson tonight. I guess the Repubs deemed him Muppet-like enough not to scare her.

    The only things Palin’s proven herself adept at so far are exaggerating and lying about her record as a fearless forager of federal handouts for Alaska – which she now opposes.

    Alaskans are bonkers with joy that she’s been picked for VP, even though she’s been saying in so many words EVERY DAY that their days of millions in free money from Washington are over because she’s going to wipe out earmarks. When are they going to take the snowballs out of their ears, LISTEN to her, and connect the dots?

    As for typing at Cats Working, we use a “hunt and click” method by extending our claws. It’s laborious, but it curiously satisfies our need to connect with the world beyond our litterboxes.

  3. Keri says:

    Very good analysis, kitties. Keep up the good work. Do not let Sarah Palin or, more to the point, the nominee (John McCain–remember him?) off the hook.

    McCain is the real problem. His likely death that is. Palin’s actually made me wish McCain was younger (just in case–and it had better not be the case–he actually wins.) I’ve learned it’s a mistake to underestimate the lack of intelligence of the U.S. electorate.

    My last blog is about the lovely Sarah Palin, by the way.

  4. catsworking says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell readers that Keri is my aunt, newly arrived from a year-long sojourn in Scotland. In her own way, she is helping Cats Working carry out our mission to get people to see Sarah Palin for what she is – a grave threat to the future of this country.

    I invite everyone to check out her excellent blog post about Palin at

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