Verified: Anthony Bourdain’s a Cat-Owner

By Karen

In August, the Wichita Falls Times Record News documented that the Bourdains have a cat. I don’t know how Aaron Sagers found out, but Tony didn’t deny it, and what he said is giving my colleagues at Cats Working nightmares. Here’s the exchange:

Sagers: You have a cat as a family pet, so what would you do if you find yourself in a remote part of the world and feline is on the menu?

Bourdain: I just don’t see a cat as any better than me or you, and meat is meat. Listen, I like cats, I like dogs and I work very hard to avoid a situation where I’m forced to make that decision. But I’d like to think I would violate my deeply held principles about that rather than offend my host. I’d really hate to have that happen, and I don’t have any expectation that it would be good. I’m sure that it’s stringy and gamey.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

The only other tidbits I’ve gathered lately are that his two most recent blog posts, Goodbye to All That and Without Pyramids, were back up to his usual excellent writing standards – both in mechanics and content. We’re modestly hoping he saw our post on his sloppy piece, Envy, and took the hint.

I watched his “End of Summer” episode of No Reservations with eyes peeled for Ottavia or Ariane, but it was like his Christmas special – they were nowhere to be found – even though Bourdain said he loves getting together with “family and friends.”

He did just blog that his family accompanied him when he recently returned to Mexico, so I’ll be peering around the edges of every frame when that episode of NR airs next year.

At 17 months, Ariane is apparently developing a sophisticated palate – which includes olives and wine – so I hope Dad will team up with her some day soon for a father/daughter episode that would assuredly shock his fans to the core – but in a nice way.

4 Responses to Verified: Anthony Bourdain’s a Cat-Owner

  1. shizelbs says:

    I knew I liked Bourdain for reasons I couldn’t quite identify. He’s a cat person, of course. His writing really is excellent. His books are a real pleasure to read.

  2. Adele says:

    Kudos for finding more information on TB, and you’re right, his last couple of blog entries have been back on track.

    Alice is, of course, opposed to human consumption of cats (or even dogs), but perversely, she was a little hurt, when I told her that Tony said he expected that cats would taste stringy and gamey.

  3. catsworking says:

    Adele, here at Cats Working, Fred, Yul, and Adele were also most offended by Bourdain’s assumption that cats would taste “stringy and gamey.” The only thing he could have said that would have been worse, according to Yul, is that cats would “taste like chicken.”

    I used to keep guinea pigs, and after seeing Andrew Zimmern chow down on them with gusto in Peru, I pretty much stopped watching “Bizarre Foods.”

    If Tony ever has to cross the bridge into eating pets, let’s hope he’s served a dog.

  4. MyCatSecret says:

    He’s a cat person, can’t deny that.

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