OK, Hillary, You Can Stop Running Now

By Adele

Hillary Clinton did a great job of exciting the crowd at the Democratic convention – after she finished reminiscing about her own failed campaign and remembered Obama.

She proclaimed herself a proud mother, Democrat, Senator, American, and human female carbon-based life form. Everything but a proud wife, even as her husband beamed at her from the audience like Henry Higgins watching Eliza Doolittle ace the Embassy Ball.

Hillary’s comments about women’s struggles for equal rights seemed ironic after Michele Obama had to dumb herself down to seem more likable and non-threatening. The Obama camp is apparently catering to voters who can only accept Michele as first lady if she becomes the black version of Stepford Wife Laura Bush.

Even as Hillary said Obama is her candidate, the subtext was still, “Because I’m not the candidate.” She never went so far as to instruct her sycophants to support Obama, but merely implied that they should follow her lead.

So why does she still want her name up for the nomination? Why have her delegates waste their vote in an empty symbolic gesture that she herself considers moot?

By sending such mixed messages, Hillary still has some women swearing they’ll vote for John McCain out of spite.

Yeah, that’ll really show the Obamas. Let McCain get a few more neocon wackos on the Supreme Court so personal freedom can become a distant memory, and “equality” will come to mean only that anyone can carry a gun.

If the Clintons think they’ve hatched some brilliant Machiavellian scheme to set Hillary up for 2012, she’s doomed to fail even if she pulls it off. Following Bush’s lead, McCain will inflict more damage here and abroad in 4 years than Hillary or any other Democrat will be able to reverse in the following 8.

Thanks to Hillary’s ego and duplicity, McCain’s now free to pick a rotting corpse as his VP. He’s already sewn up a nice percentage of the hopelessly stupid vote.


3 Responses to OK, Hillary, You Can Stop Running Now

  1. Adele says:

    Well Adele,

    The Democats are through with their convention, and the Republicats are up next week. I heard somewhere that they were toying with the idea of delaying the convention, lest Gustav become a hurricaine again and hit New Orleans — thaaat would bring back unpleasant memories for the Bush/McCain folks.

    Alice and I thought Bill Clinton was pretty good (not that we could forget our pisstivity at him), and that Barack gave a fine speech, though it did seem to owe some of its lines and cadence to The American President (a movie I’ve seen too many times); maybe Aaron Sorkin advised on the speech.

    And you were right about McCain’s VP pick — not that she’s a rotting corpse, but more like an unformed anti-choice fetus. It’s hard to believe this election can be this close.

    What did you and your brothers/roommates think?

  2. Net says:

    After doing battle with the horrors of the aftermath of abortion (my daughter, “Mary Elizabeth,” would have been 30 years old had there been a law against murder-in-the-womb in 1978) firsthand, I can say that I’m thrilled to see Gov. Sarah Palin as v.p. with McCain. She certainly seems like she has the energy of four or five women. She is intelligent, has a really handsome husband (I didn’t say that!) and will help this country get back to a more Godly nation. I love cats, even dogs too (just got a new puppy!), but don’t understand the pro-choice way of thinking. If cats and dogs shouldn’t be put to sleep, but adopted out instead, then why should we be able to choose less for our very own children?

  3. catsworking says:

    Adele, Fred has volunteered to take on the McCain side of things and is working on a post about McCain’s VP choice. I’ll just say that we can’t believe McCain thinks Palin will help him skim off the hardcore Hillary contingent. If anything, she’s the anti-Hillary, and any woman who’d vote for McCain to get her to Washington for the sake of electing a female is wasting her vote.

    Net, cats and dogs aren’t adopted out while they’re totally unknown quantities still in the womb. All you pro-lifers think every embryo you “save” through judgmental bullying should have a home, but until each one of you is ready to step up to the plate and adopt a bunch of them yourself, they won’t.

    Unwanted children will continue to suffer neglect, abuse, and even death just to soothe your conscience. I don’t see any mercy or compassion in that. And Sarah Palin could be the poster child for irresponsible breeding, culminating in a pregnancy in her 40s when it’s well-known to be risky for the fetus, and resulting in a baby with Down Syndrome whose life will consist of never-ending challenges and obstacles to achieving some semblance of normalcy. Yeah, some inspiration she is.

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