John Edwards Makes a Lousy Tomcat

By Fred

John Edwards, what the hell were you thinking?

The National Enquirer has proven again, “You can’t fool all the people all the time.” Who would have guessed that John Edwards’ secret erotic fantasies would materialize as a divorced, opportunistic flake named Lisa Druck aka Rielle Hunter?

Rielle Hunter - AP photo

Rielle Hunter - AP photo

The only thing about this whole mess that seems in character for him is his naïvete in letting her be responsible for birth control.

Apparently, it flattered him to have this New Age nut job with no video experience follow him around with a camera to show his “other side” (whatever that was supposed to be) on YouTube. It never occurred to him that she might be desperately seeking the 15 minutes of fame which had eluded her for 40 years, and that having a presidential candidate’s love child was the big break she’d been looking for.

Edwards denies he’s the child’s father, although he’s willing to take a paternity test, claiming the affair was long over before she ever got pregnant.

If that’s true, then Hunter wasted no time mourning their breakup. Today, she’d rather leave her daughter’s birth certificate blank and milk the mystery for all it’s worth, while claiming she wants “privacy.” As long as she maintains any possible link to Edwards, she can pretend she’s “somebody.”

And as if Elizabeth Edwards doesn’t have enough on her plate with cancer, she finds herself on common ground with the woman she gladly vilified on John’s behalf during the primaries – Hillary Clinton.

They’re both proud, card-carrying members of the Stand By Your Man Even When He Doesn’t Deserve It Club.

And if it’s true that Hunter is history and the baby is a stranger, why was Edwards caught just last month sneaking out of Hunter’s room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at 3 a.m.?

With one giant leap, Edwards has cast himself onto the sleaze pile with Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guliani, Bill Clinton, and John McCain.

Since anyone who bought his campaign rhetoric about truth and honesty in government feel like we’ve been slimed, Rielle Hunter should have plenty of privacy real soon. John Edwards is finished.


5 Responses to John Edwards Makes a Lousy Tomcat

  1. Rose says:

    When the electorate finds out that Obama knew about the affair last fall, then he’ll have to explain why he’d allow Edwards to be VP. Hmmmm…. Seems Obama doesn’t make very good decisions.

  2. catsworking says:

    I haven’t seen anywhere that Obama knew about the affair last fall, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t one of the worst-kept secrets in politics, and I would fault the media for ignoring the story.

    However, that doesn’t mean Obama ever seriously intended to make Edwards his VP. I think Obama has several names on his list more as a courtesy than because they are contenders for the job.

    Obama is obviously still learning to pick his way around all the political doo-doo the more experienced politicians keep shoveling in his path. But at least he DOES learn.

    If there’s one thing this country seems to hate, it’s someone bright coming along and gaining experience in the public eye. There’s this bizarre expectation that presidents are supposed to hatch fully formed and functional.

    Bush certainly wasn’t, and he didn’t display much native intelligence going in. Unfortunately, his tutors turned out to be Cheney, Rove, and Rumsfeld, and look where that got us.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Could not agree more…Bush had not the brains nor fortitude to learn as he went along. Single purposed and one dimensional he plunged us into a war to impress “daddy” and into an economic abyss. Let’s not forget Clinton (a fiscal hawk & centrist – and Rhodes Scholar) left office with $559 billion surplus based on Congressional accounting rules. He was however weak of character…as it turns out Edwards is.

    Foul on both of them! But none is as creepy, vulgar and oily as that Giuliani who then went on to force feed us images of his sweetums…pushing their fawning drippy relationship on us as if it were a display of nobility rather than a callous misuse of power. Were we all supposed to forget he was shacking up in the Mayor’s mansion with his wife in the next room! UGH!!

    If Obama knew and did not use it in the primaries that is to his credit. But let’s face it powerful, intelligent, attractive men are subject to a lot of temptation and those of us (females) that throw it out there are just as guilty.

  4. catsworking says:

    I’d have to agree that Guliani tops the Slime Meter for spineless, contemptible behavior toward a wife, although I think Newt Gingrich dumped his wife while she was battling cancer as well.

    Edwards at least had the guts to confess to Elizabeth, and I found his statement refreshingly clear for a politician. “Nobody can beat me up as bad as I’ve already beaten myself up.”

    What I find strange is how he expected to keep the whole thing under wraps running for president. It’s like he learned nothing from all the cheaters who got caught before him.

    And if Cats Working faults Edwards for anything, it’s his putrid taste in mistresses, and the bizarre way he’s letting his campaign staffer, Andrew Young, try to take the fall on fathering the baby. I read somewhere that Young and his wife, Hunter, AND the baby are all living together in the same house in Santa Barbara, Cal. If Young really WERE the father, would his wife really let his mistress move in with their love child? How sick and twisted is THAT?

  5. Joanaroo says:

    Oy! The soap opera that is politics! Newt did leave his wife during her fight with cancer, and Edwards is such an asshat-using the baby-making machine while his wife is dying. That is so ignorant! If I was married and terminal and my husband did that, I’d make sure he never used his family jewels again! I’d ask for their removal as part of the marriage settlement! =)

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