A Cat’s Best Friend is Occasionally a Dog

By Adele

A golden retriever named Isabella is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame after she cheerfully stepped in to save 3 newborn white tiger cubs at Safari Zoological Park near Caney, Kansas.

AP Photo - The Daily Reporter - Rob Morgan

AP Photo - The Daily Reporter - Rob Morgan

The little striped felines were born on July 27, but nobody seems to know why their mother abandoned them the next day.

Isabella had recently weaned her own litter of puppies, so she was still in Mommy mode when this opportunity came along. She licks and nurses the cubs just like they’re her own, and even demonstrated her maternal technique for Meredith Vieira on the Today Show.

I wonder what Isabella’s thinking as she tends to this strange-looking brood. Is she secretly debating whether to raise them as dogs? Is she worried that they’ll grow up needing therapy when they realize their mother was a retriever? Does she wonder if they’ll be done nursing before they grow big teeth and claws?

The park’s owner, Tom Harvey, says that tiger cubs take about the same amount of time as puppies to develop, so Isabella should be in the clear before the cubs are big enough to start batting her around like a catnip toy.

Who knows? Isabella may be grooming the next generation for Siegfried & Roy.

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