The Absurdity of Krauthammer’s Obama-Bashing

By Fred

Syndicated Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer (a/k/a “Old Pickle-Puss” around here) has declared that Barack Obama hasn’t “earned” the right to give a speech July 24 in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Germany because Reagan and Kennedy were much greater when they did it. After the Germans expressed ambivalence for the idea, Obama obligingly moved to the Victory Column in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park.

I suppose that now makes Obama a flip-flopper.

It seems Krauthammer would be happiest if Obama spoke at a truck stop on the Autobahn or, even better, just rolled over and played dead.

I would agree with him that Obama (or any other candidate) campaigning in Europe is as strange as Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, or Gordon Brown doing the same here. Except that nobody’s looking to Germany, France, or England for the answers (and money) to solve all mankind’s problems.

After we’ve allowed an idiot to spend 8 years inflicting pain en masse and calling it “democracy” – including eavesdropping, arrest without charges, torture, and death – Obama knows everyone’s watching our next move and wants them on his side.

Gee, what a dumb way for someone vying for the most influential job in the world to think. Obama’s very popular overseas, and it’s the prospect of more photos like this undoubtedly fueling it:

Old Pickle-Puss would rather elect John McCain, who must pretend to be a Bush-lover to keep his party’s clueless lunatic fringe happy, to a vibrant, articulate newcomer who’s unafraid to step onto the world stage, even though he hasn’t spent decades hanging around Congress learning how to do nothing but get re-elected. Instead of playing it safe, Obama’s willing to promise the world that he’ll do his best to clean up the messes we’ve made – and adjust his plans as necessary.

I don’t see what’s wrong with that.


4 Responses to The Absurdity of Krauthammer’s Obama-Bashing

  1. lot of military folks are stationed in germany, no? their votes matter…esp now for 2 reasons: 1. tradionally servicemen and family vote republican. during times of peace. now it could be different. 2. most of the stationed personnel are young..painfully young. the shift is going to be from old farts like bush/dick/mccain etc to the young players in the white house. ta-da! enter obama!

    sometimes i wonder if obama will be a let down. like google. “do no evil”? sheesh! was i naive then!?! i hope it wont happen with obama….only time will tell.

  2. catsworking says:

    Later in his column, Krauthammer essentially accused Obama of being a hypocrite for saying Americans should strive to be multilingual – particularly with Spanish or French – just as our European counterparts are from a very early age. But Obama himself doesn’t speak Spanish or French. So, according to Old Pickle-Puss, Obama’s not even allowed to make the point.

    Once Obama is elected (and we believe he will be, unless the Republicans can coerce someone into staging another grand terrorist attack right before the election to scare the stupid people into thinking Repubs. are actually protecting them), it’s going to be interesting watch the Krauthammers, O’Reillys, and Limbaughs whine as the country stops pissing off the rest of the world and finally starts to get back on track. Fred

  3. Bill says:

    Krauthammer’s got a good point. The speech is odd at best and it ended up being typical Obama, lots of good talk, not lots of substance.

    And yeah, why exhort us to speak another language if he hasn’t taken the time to?

  4. Jstn says:

    Yeah, damned uppity n*gg*r.

    He should learn to stay in his place, right Charles?


    Who gave that idiot a column?

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