Use Your Trivia to Feed Shelter Cats

By Yul

Twelve-year-old Mimi Ausland of Bend, Oregon, is America’s answer to Bindi Irwin, only her best animal friends are domesticated. Mimi’s concern over the growing number of pets being abandoned after losing their homes in foreclosures led her to launch Free Kibble, a Web site to help feed shelter animals. Inspired by the Free Rice Web site for hungry children, she found sponsors to cover the cost of running the site and buying the pet food.

Here’s how it works: A new trivia question about cats or dogs is posted every day. If you take a stab at answering them – right or wrong – 20 bits of dry food get donated to the animals.

Mimi initially set out to help only dogs, but soon expanded her horizons to include cats. Each month, she personally delivers the food her site earns to local shelters, but she hopes to create a network so the program can expand to shelters nationwide.

Cats Working gives Free Kibble 3 tails up. As shelter alumni ourselves, Adele and I really appreciate Mimi’s efforts to provide more square meals for abandoned pets. We urge you to make her site a Favorite and visit every day.


One Response to Use Your Trivia to Feed Shelter Cats

  1. Bless her heart! She’s really making a difference! 🙂

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