Matt Harding: The Next Anthony Bourdain?

By Karen

Matt Harding, a 31-year-old video game developer from Connecticut, is probably experiencing the same emotions Anthony Bourdain did when his book, Kitchen Confidential, hit the big time and the media came knocking.

In Matt’s case, he achieved notoriety by doing a goofy little dance all over the world that became an Internet sensation in pre-YouTube 2005. It caught the attention of Cadbury Adams, makers Stride gum. As a promotional stunt, they offered to bankroll his second trek to do more of the same.

In 2007, Matt successfully persuaded Cadbury Adams to let him film his dancing again in 39 countries on all 7 continents – with hundreds of partners.

Basically, Matt gets paid to go wherever he wants and dance. The parallels to Bourdain’s path to stardom are striking, although Matt’s schtick is much more low-cal and aerobic.

However, when it comes to snarkiness, Matt’s the anti-Bourdain – a thoroughly nice guy. He has followed in Tony’s footsteps to many places, but managed to avoid dining on warthog butt in Namibia.

Matt’s blog, Where the Hell is Matt?, is where you can find out all about him and his videos.

He also shares travel tips.

Anthony Bourdain, if you’re reading this, rest assured that my devotion hasn’t wavered. I’m just telling you to watch your back. Your aversion to eating family pets probably spawned Andrew Zimmern. Now your well-known loathing for dancing with the locals may compel the Travel Channel to fill that void with Matt Harding.


3 Responses to Matt Harding: The Next Anthony Bourdain?

  1. MorganLF says:

    yes but you are forgetting one thing ..this guy is a dork. Seing those dopey videos gives me douche chills. THANK GOD…Tony would never do that dopey jig…if he ever did I’d be over him in NY minute!

  2. catsworking says:

    Tony’s got 20 years on Matt, so give Matt time and maybe he’ll develop some sex appeal by the time his hair turns gray.

    I agree with you that the dance is dopey. I can’t in a million years ever see Bourdain doing such a thing, even as a joke. He may think he looks dorky dancing, but I’ve found his spontaneous dance scenes to be some of his sexiest and endearing ones.

    But if the Travel Channel would fill time with someone as insipid as Samantha Brown, I’d say Matt’s got a shot at his own show.

  3. Matt may seem dorky, but his joie de vivre (you can see him delivering a talk to some students on why he did it and how he did it on youtube) is utterly refreshing.

    I believe his motives were pure and you have to be a bit jaded not to appreciate the sheer joy (and the organizational skill) that went into this endeavor.

    Life is short. DANCE!

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