Diss Cats at Your Own Risk

By Adele

Cats hate being laughed at, and some humans are teetering between humor and disrespect. It’s only fair to warn you that we’ve noticed, we’re not amused, and we have friends who spray.

Take Kitty Wigs – please. They’re on no cat’s wish list, except maybe hairless Sphynxes with self-esteem issues.

If you find yourself wearing one of these synthetic abominations, hurl a hairball on the carpet. In the seconds it takes your human to fetch paper towels, rip the wig to shreds.

Another site called Stuff on My Cat is almost too silly to be offensive. Humans pile things like cell phones and socks on cats and photograph their handiwork. How lame is that?

Cats That Look Like Hitler is photos of cats who, by birth – or someone’s “accidental” use of a Sharpie – have facial markings like Der Fürher. They’re called “Kitlers” and we don’t approve because Hitler was a dog person.

No non-black cat is safe from becoming this site’s next victim.

A sweet white cat (like me) at Cat Town is forced to wear many hats – literally – to portray at least 7 characters in a kitty soap opera with really bad scripts. That cat deserves Equity wages x 7 plus a lifetime membership in SAG.

Cat Town also has a character named El Guapo who looks like Hitler. Whether it’s natural or by Sharpie is anybody’s guess.

One site gets my Cats Working stamp of approval. It’s the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater. This guy rescues cats, helps them perfect one trick of their choosing, then puts them in his show. Except for occasional embarrassing collars, he treats the cats with dignity and respect, and the cats show the world what we’re capable of.

On the other hand, maybe we’d better keep that our secret…


3 Responses to Diss Cats at Your Own Risk

  1. rahmama says:

    I totally agree! and so do Marco and Polo. They wouldn’t be caught dead wearing wigs.

    I will have to check out the Comedy Pet Theater, though. Sounds good. Gosh, how embarrassing can a collar be?

  2. Yeah, I’ve tried putting stuff on my cat for amusement but the look of humiliation always breaks my heart and I take it off.

  3. catsworking says:

    There’s a red sequined cat-sized sombrero lying around here somewhere, but Karen has never been able to get any of us to wear it long enough to capture our shame on film. The most adornment we’ll tolerate here at Cats Working is an expensive collar.

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