Tony (Bourdain) Trivia: Part 2

By Karen

More poking around to find out what makes Anthony Bourdain tick yielded some interesting results:

In March, he was interviewed while filming No Reservations in Uruguay and explained the kinder, gentler demeanor we’ve been seeing. (This was translated electronically from Spanish, so it’s phrased strangely):

“I believe that now I am less angry and pardon a little more. I imagine that I am just a little bit going to be gentle, and I would like to think that I will be less disagreeable and revolting, but I doubt too much to it. (laughter)”

A treasure-trove of Tony trivia is on eGullet forums, where he posted 759 times. When asked if his first wife Nancy inspired the hero’s wife, “Frances,” in his novel, Gone Bamboo, he replied, “I guess you could say there are definitely some similarities.”

Very flattering for Nancy. Frances was virtually Wonder Woman – gorgeous and sexy, too.

But this comment might have been closer to their true relationship:

On a Harper’s Bazaar piece on “Sexy Chefs”: “Total bullshit – and they know it. They could easily have peeked just a little bit deeper and had an interesting story but chose – as usual in such pieces – to basically stick with the generally perceived wisdom – that chefs are just basically hot – and that it must be dreamy to be hooked up with one. As any chef – or chef’s significant other will tell you – that’s far from the truth.”

I wonder if he still loves making this dish, since Ottavia declared his caponata “disgusting” in Tuscany and he’s since said she doesn’t think much of his Italian cooking:

“I do love making a simple Spaghetti à la Chitarra with Pommodoro. For some reason it makes me happy – particularly when I add that finishing shot of olive oil at the end and the pasta sucks up the last of the sauce and sits up pretty on the plate.”


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