Can $1 Million Make Cats Love Meow Mix?

By Yul

Del Monte Pet Foods has hired David Doyle, the mastermind behind the World’s Ugliest Dog competition, to exploit cats next by producing The Meow Mix® Game Show.

It boils down to a ploy to unload a lot of Meow Mix on cats. A container of Meow Mix treats recently ended up in the trash here after Cats Working gave it 3 tails down so, for the sake of all concerned, I hope the food is a lot tastier.

Auditions are being held around the country to select 8 cat-human teams to compete on the show. Actor Vincent Pastore, a cat person who was aptly named Big Pussy on The Sopranos, was one of the judges recently in New York.

Every team who auditions takes home free samples and earns a pound of Meow Mix to go to a local animal shelter.

Here are some details on the competition itself, and it will be a miracle if all 8 cats cooperate.

They’ve made the chances of anyone getting the $1 million grand prize practically nil because it will take pure luck for a cat and human to pick out two random bags of Meow Mix containing identical winning cards.

Otherwise, the teams who win, place, and show will receive $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000, with an additional 10 percent each going to local cat-related charities (the only good thing coming out of all this). The winning cats will also get stuck with… uh, win… a year’s supply of new Meow Mix® Wholesome Goodness™ cat food.

The Meow Mix® Game Show airs on GSN November 15 at 8 p.m. Don’t miss it.

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