Obama’s Campaign Finance “Double-Cross”

By Yul

Why is it every time a Democrat learns more, gains experience, and then decides to change course, Republicans scream he’s a dishonest, underhanded flip-flopper? After the past 7 years, haven’t they seen the inherent idiocy of George W. Bush’s First Commandment:

“Thou shalt not forsake any really bad idea even if it destroyeth you.”

Obama has decided not to accept public campaign funding. He can raise more money on his own and knows he’ll need it when the Republican “Swift Boat” smear squads kick in to high gear.

McCain’s whining, “Obama lied to me!”

Well, that’s true. Obama’s done a total 180. It indicates he lives and learns. So sue him.

If we were talking about McCain pulling himself up by his bootstraps, rejecting a government handout to demonstrate his skill at raising and administering vast sums of money, everyone would say he embodies the finest Republican ideals. But when Obama leaves $85 million in the federal kitty to pay his own way, he’s a double-crossing villain.

We know campaign contributions from lobbyists and corporate PACs are just bribes for future favors, and politicians who accept them do so at their own risk.

But is money coerced out of stupid taxpayers who believe they’re not really giving it in their taxes because it’s left by the “Campaign Finance Fairy” – and they don’t even care who gets it – any better?

With all the other needs people have, government using their money to finance elections is like dumping their fresh Fancy Feast® down the garbage disposal. I don’t see how it’s a bad thing for Obama to rely on voters who know who he is and donate because they want him to win.

4 Responses to Obama’s Campaign Finance “Double-Cross”

  1. I would be fine with them saying he flip-flopped it they were the least bit honest about it. Mr McCain criticized and voted against the Bush Tax-Cuts for the Wealthy but now seems to support it. Is that a flip or is he pandering?

  2. catsworking says:

    McCain might as well have been loaned to us by the Chinese for display in a zoo because he’s such a Panda. He’s spent half of Bush’s administration opposing him, and the other half with his nose planted firmly up Bush’s butt. Not to mention cozying up to evangelicals he once thought were a bunch of nuts.

    This whole business of equating a change of mind with moral or mental weakness – on either side – should stop. Times change. People change. It’s called course correction and going with the flow.

    I was impressed with Obama’s sheer audacity in this because it’s well-documented that he was all for public financing before. It shows he’s learning the ropes and he’d ruthlessly screw over someone he promised to play nice with – just like any Republican would do. They should be loving it. Yul

  3. That whole Karl Rove smear campain during McCain’s last run for president was so brutal I often wonder how he can continue to even be in the same room with Bush. First torture by the Viet Cong and then abuse by his own party.

  4. catsworking says:

    I used to think McCain was a straight-shooter and among the most palatable of the Republicans, but have revised that opinion after watching him in action with Bush. Sure, sure, he played nice for the good of the party, but if anyone should have had the balls to tell the Emperor he had no clothes, you’d think it would have been McCain. Yul

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