Obama, RUN from Hillary

By Yul

Obama probably knows his worst nightmare would be the “dream” ticket some are clamoring for, now that he’s won the nomination. The last pals he needs are Hillary and Bill Clinton.

There’s no escaping them as a package deal. Everyone knows they’d never let Barack live in the big house while they play second fiddle. They’ll be plotting his downfall — preferably sooner than later.

Hillary’s desire to sink Obama since he first became a serious contender runs deep. When it became mathematically impossible for her to win, she tried to cheat her way in using Michigan. Those poor schmucks had no other choice but her on their ballot — because she defied her party’s order to remove herself.

By pigheadedly running a race she clearly lost, she’s done nothing but make McCain look reasonable. If she helps McCain win in November, she thinks it will make her a shoo-in for 2012.

Now she only wants on the ticket so she and Bill can start “mentoring” Obama. Mentoring in Clinton-speak means seizing every opportunity to steal Obama’s limelight, undermining his decisions, and making him look like as big a fool as George Bush.

I think Hillary would even have the audacity as vice president to run against an incumbent Obama in 2012 instead of politely waiting her turn.

It’s clear even to a cat like me that Hillary wants to play both ends against the middle. I hope Obama withstands the pressure and picks anyone else as his running mate.

The only thing Hillary offers besides backseat driving lessons from Bill is a following of bigots and other stupid people she’s encouraged to reject a black president.

If Hillary’s fans really think McCain would be preferable to Obama, and she lets them throw another election to the Republicans so she can play St. Hillary and “save” them in 2012, then she’ll just remove any doubt that she places personal power above all else.

8 Responses to Obama, RUN from Hillary

  1. Paul says:

    Awe. come on. Where’s your sense of adventure. This the kind of real change I would look forward to, a triumverate. Of course it didn’t work out too well the first time it was tried 2,000 years ago, Octavian, Mark Antony and that other guy.

  2. catsworking says:

    I was thinking that the Clintons should consider changing their name to Peron. I can picture Hillary standing on a balcony singing “Don’t Cry for Me Michigana.” Yul

  3. Paul says:

    Of course some of the people who reject Obama are bigots, but Obama stayed in a racist church for not one or two years, but twenty years and professed not to know it’s true nature. How long would it take you to figure out that your were surrounded by bigots, black or white.

    You can’t control the beliefs of your voters, but you don’t have to sit in the choir either. I don’t thing Bill Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro are bigots. Do you?

  4. catsworking says:

    Sometimes I think my white housemate Fred is a bigot and he picks on me because I’m black, but I know deep-down he’d be picking on any other bro in this house, tabby, Siamese or otherwise, just to prove he’s Alpha Cat, so I can’t call him a racist.

    I don’t think Bill, Geraldine, Hillary, or Barack are bigots, but I don’t think any of them are above playing a race card, or exploiting the wrong-headed beliefs of racists, when they think it can help them.

    That whole mess with Barack and his church was baffling, and his wife was probably more instrumental in keeping him there than he will ever admit because she’s already taken heat for some of her remarks and he’s trying to protect her. Besides, everyone would jump all over him for being a weenie if he blamed the “little woman” in any way.

    But I was just reading (yes, some cats can read) that Hillary won’t be able to deliver the white male blue-collar (translation: bigot) vote to Obama anyway, now that the choice is really down to Obama or McCain.

  5. i am not a christian, but if its anything like it is with temples/religious affiliations as in india, i’d imagine that one cannot ‘disassociate’ oneself from a place of worship where the membership has familial history. it is not about the pastor or the priest or politics or whatever..it is about the history and tradition.

    e.g. our family’s shrine is in a remote village and it is open only twice a week. it is several hundreds of years old and if you go back into the temple records, one would find evidence of human sacrifice. even today, goats and chickens are sacrificed regularly to the deity. how a tribal goddess came to be worshipped by an orthodox hindu..vegetarian and brahmin family, we dont know. i think it has to do with geography more than the temple policies itself. politics in a religion doesnt have anything to with loyalty and tradition. my 2c from my experiences.

    a church, i’d imagine, is more than rev.wright. even if obama distances himself from wright, i dont see why he should not associate himself with his old church. one cannot erase the memory of the baptisms and weddings(etc..) …a church is not just a building…it is a living monument because it holds within its walls the memories and record of important rites of passage….it doesnt even have anything to do with religion or god..much less with pastors or priests. can germans ‘disassociate’ themselves from germany because of hitler or can americans ‘disassociate’ themselves from america because of bush? to villify obama because of what rev.wright said is unacceptable and is nothing more than dirty politics.

    p.s. hillary scares me. is she thinks she can be running mate after all those innunedos about assassination, she is seriously deluded. obama can do well and better without her. the argument that he needs her to win florida democrat votes or ‘blue collar, white’ votes is just ridiculous.

  6. catsworking says:

    faustianbargain, I agree with you completely. Cats have no religious affiliations at all, although we appreciate that the Egyptians once worshipped us as gods. They were very wise. 😉

    Personally, I don’t think Obama’s religion or church should have entered the discussion in the first place. But Bush effectively blurred the lines between religion and politics, and now all politicians are supposed to go around proclaiming their faith and be judged on it. It’s ludicrous. Each person’s relationship with God (or whatever they call him) is personal, and where someone chooses to pursue it is private.

    Using Obama’s church, pastor, and all those fellow members jumping around and screaming was just a diversionary tactic to run the election into a ditch over trivia because the Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Given their utter unwillingness to make the necessary changes to correct problems with the economy, healthcare, or the war in Iraq, from now until November, they’re going to harp on nonsense, most of which is really none of their business, trying to drum up hate and fear so they can keep the stupid people in line.

    A perfect example was that idiot who asked Obama in the last debate why he doesn’t wear a flag lapel pin when HILLARY and McCAIN weren’t wearing one either.

    Those of us who see through their nonsense just have to keep calling them on it and pointing out the faulty logic.

  7. Interestingly, the Scottish and U.K. press seem to be floating an interesting possibility today. Caroline Kennedy would indeed make an interesting choice of running mate for Obama. Talk about the return of Camelot! I got misty-eyed just reading the article about her.

    I, however, have been hoping for two years now that somehow Obama and Al Gore would find themselves on the same winning ticket. Gore could spend his time “curing” global warming AND having some say in foreign relations, Obama is up to the rest–and he has the personalitiy.

    Further, wouldn’t it be nice to see Gore in (or near) the White House? The White House he was denied unfairly?

    This Scottish cat says, you go Barrack! God speed in choosing a running mate (anyone but Hillary!)

  8. catsworking says:

    I suspect Caroline’s helping Obama pick a VP in Ted Kennedy’s place. As intriguing as the idea seems, I can’t see Caroline running for public office. She’s never shown any interest before.

    Gore, possibly, but I think his sun has set on public office. However, I do see Barack appointing him to some post where he could work on global warming.

    At this point, my crystal ball is very murky when it comes to predicting who might be Obama’s choice, but I hope he’s listening to all the talking heads who are urging him to steer clear of Hillary. For once, they’re right.

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