Rambo, the Taxi Tabby

By Yul

If you change one letter in the word cab, you get cat. So I wasn’t surprised to hear about Rambo, a cab-loving cat who clocks more miles on the odometer each day than most felines.

Rambo is a gray tabby living in West Palm Beach, Florida. Life was pretty lonely until his owner, cab driver Dan Somers, decided they should spend more time together and began celebrating “Bring Your Cat to Work Day” every day.

I know what you’re thinking, but no, Somers doesn’t make Rambo drive the cab. Instead, he serves as Rambo’s personal chauffeur and lets him ride shotgun.

Rambo, reflecting the wild streak of his namesake, travels without a carrier or a seat belt. This allows him to indulge his passion for feeling brisk breezes through his whiskers by sticking his head and paws out the car windows. Other drivers must do a double-take as he whizzes by in a blur.

Somers says Rambo doesn’t like big dogs, trucks, or trains, and will stay under the seat whenever a drunk needs a ride. Other passengers seem to enjoy his company and so far no one has complained about allergic reactions or fur on the seats.

Rambo’s another fine example of a cat who proves that we can be man’s best friend, too.


4 Responses to Rambo, the Taxi Tabby

  1. rahmama says:

    I love this posting! I have a cat blog and website which features stories about cat rescue issues, working cats, etc. so Rambo, the cat, will be a great add to my Blog and Global Cat map.

    Your ‘Work like a cat’ book is intriguing. I’ll have to check that one out. Can you really work and nap at the same time?

    I’ve added you to my links since I want to take a look around here.
    Rahma at Global Cats

  2. catsworking says:

    Hi, rahmama. I checked out your blog and I can see where our missions have some overlap, so I’m asking Karen to add you to our blogroll. It’s not very long, so you can see we’re highly finicky about who we let into our circle.

    Glad you liked my post about Rambo. He’s my kind of cat, but if it were me, I’d insist on taking turns DRIVING the cab.

    Yes, working like a cat is possible. We do it here every day. While you can’t always work and nap at the SAME time, if you work smart like a cat, you can have plenty of free time for those all-important catnaps. We’re excited that the book is also being turned into a wall calendar for 2009 so help us spread the message! Yul

  3. Daniel Joseph Somers III says:

    I am the owner of Rambo, “The Taxi Tabby”! He is 8 years old now. I have had him since he was an unweened kitten. My 15 yr old nephew, Tony was staying with me at my home that year and was walking around passing time and noticed some commotion at a busy intersection here in West Palm Beach, FL. When he got close to this commotion, he discovered that a local drunken homeless man had been stuck by a car and killed while riding his bicycle. My nephew Tony noticed a little kitten’s head sticking out of the deceased homeless man’s pocket and he took this premature kitten and brought the kitten home to me.

    I grew up with many cats thru the years as my grandmother had as many as 25 cats at one time and I spent many weekends and summers around her cats and I knew quite a lot about cats. When I saw this kitten for the first time, I noticed that its ears were not yet erect and its eyes were closed and thru my knowledge of cats, I knew right away that this kitten wasn’t weened from his mother.

    My nephew inquired with other homeless individuals in the area and we found that the deceased homeless man had taken this kitten from a stray litter while the mother cat was not present, but we didn’t know where he had found it and even if we did know, I have heard that once a human makes contact with a kitten of a litter, the mother cat generally rejects the kitten and the kitten would die if we found where the mother cat and litter were located.

    I took the kitten to a local vet and he confirmed that this kitten was taken from his mother prematurely and was not yet weened. The vet gave me instructions on how to feed the kitten via a small bottle with a nipple and a special formula that I purchased at a local pet store. The vet also showed me how to make the kitten urinate by pushing on its lower stomach area as at this premature age, the mother of the kitten helps their litter to urinate as they cannot urinate on their own.

    Several weeks had passed and the kitten’s ears erected and its eyes opened and the kitten was able to eat and urinate on its own. I was basically the mother to this kitten and it created a very special bond between the two of us. I clearly noticed a major difference in this kitten’s personality compared to other cats I have known in the past. The normal stubborn cat trait had been deleted from this kitten’s personality and he actually did most anything I asked it to do and I taught it basic commands such as sit, lay, stay, get in your bed etc.. I knew this cat was special.

    It wasn’t until about a year ago I started taking him with me in my taxi with me when I worked at nights and he adapted to the vehicle almost immediately. He began looking out the window a lot, checking out everything and when he got comfortable enough, he started to stick his head out the window and liked the breeeze, and after a short period of time, began to stick his head out the window all the time even at high rates of speed with his ears, hair and whiskers blowing back with the wind.

    Everywhere I went, people would see him in my taxi riding down the roads with his head out the window. I became very well known as the taxi driver with the cat in the window until the local news companies found out about Rambo and did a story and video on Rambo. Then bigger news companies like CNN picked up the story and I see that a lot of pet and animal Web sites discovered Rambo and he is appearing everywhere.

    I have been taking more time in teaching Rambo more commands and tricks as he is very trainable at this time. I can teach to do most anything you can teach a dog to do, mostly because I think he does not know he is a cat! I realize and I am convinced that cats are as smart as dogs and in some cases smarter than dogs because they are very cautious as compared to dogs.

    I am totally convinced that all cats know what you want them to do – they just don’t want to do it unless they feel like doing it. But Rambo does everything I ask him to do without hesitation because as I mentioned earlier, I deleted the stubborn part of his personality. If you can have the patience to get a cat to do just one command for you, 99% of the battle of training them further is over. He doesn’t even want a treat or reward for his obedience, just a pet, hug and a kiss and say “Good Boy.” It’s remarkable!

    Daniel Joseph Somers III, President
    American Eagle Taxi, LLC and Owner of Rambo Somers

  4. catsworking says:

    Daniel, thank you so much to take the time to tell us Rambo’s amazing story. He is one lucky kitten to have survived in that man’s pocket and then to be raised by a human. I hope you don’t mind, but I am going edit your comment for length and turn it into my newest blog posting to put Rambo front and center again. Rambo got quite a few visitors here before, so I want to make sure people read about his incredible beginning.

    The news media left out some of the best parts of his story! Yul

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