Hillary’s Plot to Kill Obama

By Adele

I think Hillary using Robert Kennedy’s assassination to justify her continued campaigning was a Freudian slip revealing her “kill Obama” fantasy.

A gun probably wouldn’t be her weapon of choice, but then again, you never know what the Clintons might do, especially if they think they can get away with it.

A burning desire to destroy Obama is the only logical explanation for Hillary’s refusal to accept the math. According to Tim Russert and many others, she can’t win enough remaining delegates to cinch the nomination. So she must be expecting some career-ending “accident” to take out Obama, allowing her to step in and “save” the Democrats.

We’ve seen Hillary getting misty-eyed for women (she fooled me with that one), chugging boilermakers with the boys and, most recently, telling Puerto Rican churchgoers that faith fuels her impossible quest.

About the only thing we haven’t seen is Hillary on her knees servicing superdelegates – à la Monica Lewinsky – to earn their support.

She obviously hates Obama so much, she’ll do anything to stop him. Why else would she continue to dog him so John McCain can play the dignified elder statesman watching two pigs mud-wrestle?

Russert says the race is over next Tuesday, when Obama will have enough delegates. That is, unless Hillary ups the ante by pulling the fifth ace out of her sleeve and somehow getting her rule-breaking Michigan and Florida delegates fully reinstated.

Hillary’s core supporters are older white woman and – let’s put it bluntly – stupid people. According to her, they should be the deciders. Forget Obama’s more educated supporters and all the progressive-thinking, less judgmental young people he’s attracted into politics for the first time.

Since Hillary’s grip on reality is growing more tenuous every day and no one knows when she might snap and try to act out her fantasy, Obama should consider beefing up security and getting a restraining order.


50 Responses to Hillary’s Plot to Kill Obama

  1. Steven Anonymous. says:

    Yes I see it this way.

    The Illuminati gets in who they want in office as President and even though Hillary doesnt win I will be willing to bet that she ends up as Vice President and then wham Obama dies and Hillary gets what she wants another bed at the White House.

    A theory is that Hillary either killed Vince Foster or had it done.

    God bless.

    Steven Anonymous.

  2. catsworking says:

    We trust that everyone around Obama is aware of the dangers of letting the Clintons get too close to him and won’t let it happen. Given all the murky mysteries in the Clintons’ background, including the weird “suicide” of Vince Foster, and their naked ambition, which Hillary has been parading like a stripper all this week, you can’t put anything past them.

    Since Obama has always landed on his feet like a cat so far, we think he’ll make a good VP choice. Eventually, all the older white women who feel cheated out of a Hillary presidency need to calm down, pull on their big-girl pants, realize a vote for McCain is essentially a vote for Bush, and support Obama.

  3. daphne Kenward says:


  4. daphne Kenward says:

    I find it strange that the McCain camp who had various people running in the PRIMARIES have dropped into the background of things and accept they did not WIN. Then here is the Clintons still creating this devisive wave because she did not win. Hillary will never win an election in America, because she has too many baggages. A husband who cannot keep his trousers on long enough around women. And too many unexplained deaths associated to them.

    The Clintons ran a dirty campaign, which came back to haunt them, now they are trying to haunt OBAMA with their negative, devisive legacy. She says unity in public but behind the seen she tell her supporters to vote McCain because he can only serve one term because of hios age. THAT WAY SHE CAN come back to try again for the presidency which she will not win. The Clintons are damaged goods, they are seconds on the shelf, full of flaws hence why she was not chosen. She needs to get over it and so should these old ignorant old women.

    Hillary Clinton was not suited for PRESIDENT or VP. All their crooked deals would prove too imbarrassing. Biden was a great choice and the best choice for the Party and the general public and the COUNTRY & the WORLD for that matter.

    When she said she would Nuclear bomb IRAN to win Jewish votes it showed he lack of responsibility. She was willing to kill 72 Million people, promoting TERRORISM is the best she could do for AMERICA and the world at large. She is dangerious and unstable. I think its time the media stop talking about this woman, and move on.

    At the same time I think Hillary & Bill will not make any moves now because Biden would be the man. If Hillary was VP she would have had OBAMA KILLED and got the job as PRESIDENT and the world knew that. What OBAMA did was what he had to do.

  5. catsworking says:

    Daphne, interesting point you made about Hillary wanting to swing the election to McCain so she can run again in 4 years. At this point, I wouldn’t put it past her.

    And if her supporters are willing to throw the country to the dogs for 4 more years just to get their girl into the White House, then they might as well be Republicans because they clearly don’t have the best interests of the U.S. at heart.

    We are pleased with Obama’s selection of Biden as a running mate, and think they will make a hard team to beat.

  6. daphne Kenward says:

    For Hillary’s part in her campaign, thanks to her dirty campaign and video’s McCain will be making the most of them, like her 3am call who is best to answer the phone.

    Who is best to lead from day one, how she knew McCain was fit to lead, but she was not sure about Obama. How could anybody in their right mind have some one like that as VP, it would be very imbarrassing. She ran her campaign knowing she would not have chosen Obama because she had Bill.

    The damage she has done will come back to haunt her if she ever ran for President or ran against anyone else, they will bring out what she said about someone in her own party, showing her as irrisponsible, and pewer hungry.

    She still thinks she has to release her supporters to vote for Obama people are free to do what they want, to vote how they choose. Hillary is trying to make her self seem more important than she is. She has gained notoriety based on the fact that Bill Clinton was a former President.

    Obama became who he is by his own effort, not by birth but by hard work and effort.

  7. catsworking says:

    Good point, Daphne. Obama has gotten where he is today without having any inside political track, like Hillary did with Bill.

    The best thing she could do now is shut up and go away and let Obama win on his own. If she’s not in everybody’s face all the time, then McCain running ads featuring all the crap she said during her campaign will be irrelevant and he’ll look like he’s forgotten who he’s running against.

    But if she keeps rising to the bait, she’ll keep that tactic alive, and there are enough stupid people out there who think anything they see on TV (or read on the Internet) must be true because it’s “published.”

  8. daphne Kenward says:

    Obama must take great care Thursday 28th of the 8th 2008. Security needs to be the tightest it’s ever been. Its an odd date at an odd time, and at a strange time in our HISTORY. Its a time when the world is looking at AMERICA. If America intends to maintain any kind of credability, they had better make absolutely sure OBAMA is protected, and do not flaunt the American Racist culture infront of the world. The world is watching you.

  9. daphne Kenward says:

    Well the fear of Obama supporters, fearfull of their candidate being killed should stop being fearfull. If that is your candidate vote with your heart and minds. Obama must be aware of his security risk and I think he is a smart man who know what America is. America is what it is, apart of what it was, and needs to mature into a United States of America instead of fragments of a country.

    I Spoke to a friend of mine who thinks Obama is the man for the Job but said she is afraid they will kill him, that is what is stagnating the campaign. People love Obama as I do, but afraid of what Racist America still is.

  10. daphne Kenward says:

    The dirty campaign Hillary ran has damaged OBAMA in this election campaign. Now no one trust her out there saying Vote for the Next President OBAMA. The Democratic Party should have stepped in sooner to stop it when it was clear that she was not going to win.

    Here we have the worst economy, and a Global economic crisis, and people don’t care because the choices are not that great, but Obama the smartest of the ones running is now trailing behind and I blame Hillary. Now Hillary knows McCain is going to make things worse for Americans.

    But by that time, things will be so bad, she’ll be on a sure ticket for the White House. But here is Palin with no experience, only good looks, being used to whip up support for McCain, which he could not do alone.

    Could Palin become the next President by default is the question. At McCain’s age he could become senile, and not capable of leading the country is a huge possibility. A man that don’t even know how many houses he has DON’T know America is in $53 TRILLION debt and interest is $1.5 BILLION a day.

    Can Palin run a country the size of the United States, I doubt it, I do not think she has a clue. More over she has run a small state about the size of London. London has 5 million people living there; she has been running a state with 600,000 people.

    Palin looks good, but here is a man who states he is pro-Prostitutes and a Christian Fundamentalist. How does the two work, McCain is using Palin to gain public office. If Obama don’t get his act together, we are all looking disaster in the face.

  11. catsworking says:

    Daphne, I agree with you that Hillary did a lot of damage to Obama by not pulling out when the handwriting was on the wall that she couldn’t win the nomination. How much she helps him now will indicate how sincere she is when she says that she thinks he could win.

    As of yesterday, I don’t think she had gone after Palin directly. But if anybody does, it has to be Hillary because then the Dems can’t be accused of “boys picking on girls.”

    McCain is clearly clueless on many of the issues, preferring instead to keep his head buried in Ground Zero and harping on 9/11 as the reason to elect him. If he becomes president, the stress could very well turn him into a drooling vegetable that Cindy McCain and Palin will have to prop up and speak for.

    I don’t know that McCain is “pro-prostitutes,” but he wouldn’t be the first Republican who is by a long shot.

    I hope the bounce in the polls McCain received by selecting Palin is only temporary insanity and once people take a second look at her and find nothing behind her facade except the barrel of a gun, they’ll go back to Obama.

  12. daphne Kenward says:

    Hi Cats working, you know we have something in common, we are thinking of the future. I dread that Palin and McCain, I really do.

    If these two get into office, America is over, and the economy will remain dead. They will make a poor global economy 100 times worse. These two are clueless. I don’t know who filled McCain’s head about becoming President. I don’t even think it’s his own idea. I think his wife wants something to do. And wants the limelight to do it in.

    If I was 72, I think I would be looking for some charitable work. I do not think being a prisoner of war is the right credentials to be President anyway. I think McCain will end up senile, and put the world at great risk. Palin is a far-right NUT CASE with a GUN.

    I feel Obama must focus on the economy, forget the surge. It’s crap, surge or no surge. It’s better to have no illegal wars. These two fraudsters have managed to fool all Americans. But they don’t fool the world, because we are behind Obama 100%. Biden was the right choice. He is experienced and has a great deal to offer, if they stop biting Palin’s bait. Focus on the economy, jobs, and change. The world needs foreign policies. Issues that make a difference.

    Thanks, my dear. I hope you continue to be positive. Good luck in your support. I am with you all the way. And most of us in Europe 80%.

  13. catsworking says:

    Daphne, I think McCain is running on automatic pilot. He’s been thinking for so long that he should be president, he just can’t stop.

    The other day we saw a story on Cindy McCain, and she actually seems much better at caring about people and getting things done than her husband. She has managed large business, and she adopted a little girl with a cleft palate without even asking his permission. Maybe the wrong McCain is running.

    The way the Repubs keep claiming McCain’s 5 1/2 years as a POW is a qualification to be president, you’d think they expect him to get kidnapped and held hostage right from Inauguration Day.

    The only way we’re going to get out of Iraq soon – WHICH THE IRAQIS THEMSELVES WANT US TO DO – is to get a Democrat in the White House. The Repubs are obsessed with occupation and control. As long as they can funnel billions of dollars in no-bid contracts to their buddies over there to DO NOTHING, they will continue to do so.

    So far, Palin is saying nothing in public but repeating lines from her acceptance speech. She didn’t even write that. She is supposed to do her first “real” interview today, but they picked a journalist (Charlie Gibson) whom they expect to give her easy questions. If she doesn’t make a total fool of herself, the Repubs will be screaming about how brilliant she is.

    It’s exactly what they did with Bush in 2000 when everyone else knew he was the idiot son his family never expected to amount to anything. Eight years have proved us right – only we stupidly sat back and let him cheat his way into power to inflict untold damage on the U.S. and the rest of the world.

    Since Palin came out of nowhere from a state far removed from the mainstream of the rest of the country, she has to study day and night to get herself up to speed on ALL the issues. We look forward to Biden slicing and dicing her when they have a debate and showing the world that McCain picked a nitwit.

  14. daphne Kenward says:

    Cat’s working. How is the trail going? I hope Obama gets back to basic, the economy.
    Forget Palin she is designed to be the distraction. Don’t give it the time of day. Hammer home the message of the CHANGE we need. Its McCain camp using tactics to keep Obama of the real issues.

    Lehman Bros Bank up for sale and no one want’s it, just goes to show the state of the American economy. When Banks are going bust, the same as ordinary people, it speaks volumes. Where is hope, where is confidence. The future looks grim for most in America unless you are super rich.

    Even if you have paid off for your house, one still have to pay tax on their home in some cases as much as 6’000 US dollars, and you could still lose your home. USA needs to change, to take in account its not every one who have jobs, or can afford health care and TAX on their homes. I feel sorry for those who are struggling, trying to survive, with high health care cost, losing their jobs and their homes. And their children being brought up with low education standard.

  15. catsworking says:

    Daphne, you are so right. When I see ordinary people applauding McCain and Palin, it makes me want to hurl a hairball. What are they clapping for? Four more years of having no money, being unable to afford to go to the doctor, paying taxes to be spent in Iraq, where their sons and daughters can continue to get killed, watching the rich grow richer while they have less and less?

    Unfortunately, because our public schools are struggling, they turn out a lot of people who never learn to think for themselves. They’re easily brainwashed and distracted by Republican tricks. They’re more worried about the private decisions women make about their own bodies, what 2 people of the same sex do together in bed, and their right to tote guns for no good reason than they are about their very survival. It’s insane.

    That the Repub brainwash cases are believing McCain and Palin – who agree with the idiot Bush on almost everything – are capable of (or have the desire to) CHANGE anything – just proves to the world that this country has lost its mind.

    Polls should be showing Obama and Biden mopping the floor with McCain and Palin. It must be frustrating them no end to be unable to get people to see that we’re facing 4 MORE YEARS OF BUSH ACTION here. We at Cats Working will do what we can to help them get the message out.


  16. daphne Kenward says:

    Hi there Cats.

    Well the news today is as grim as yesterday. Lehmans has gone bust, Merrill-Lynch, Freddie & Fannie. I am sorry for the people of Texas who have lost their homes in the storm Ike, over the weekend.

    Cats, the worse thing of all, the people in Texas will end up like the ones in New Orleans. Years later they are struggling from the aftermath. Parts of Texas will be slums. Businesses affected by the storm will not bother to re-establish; they will just take the insurance money and get out, due to the recession.

    AIG Insurance giant is about to go under, and if that happens, many will not be paid for their losses due to Ike. Things are very bad, and George Bush is not going to tell the people the level of the economic crisis in America.

    I do not think the average American even understands the fact their country is on its knees. The storm over the weekend is estimated to be about $4.5 Billion USD, in damages.

    The interest payment on American debt is $1.58 Billion per day; there is a strong possibility that America may default on its debts to the rest of the world.

    Obama needs to find a person who is a fiscal expert to speak on these issues at meetings because the whole world knows America is heading towards a bankrupt economy. And a total melt-down in America and globally too.

    Ms Palin wants to speak like a lion, and speaks as if it could afford to attack Russia and Iran. America needs a DIPLOMAT to gain friends instead of foes. That’s how you gain security. Foreign policy needs to be sorted out.

    If America is economically weak, their ability to trade with the rest of the world becomes questionable. The size of their debt to the rest of the world is unsustainable.

    We in the European community are aware of the state of the American economic situation, but I am unconvinced that the masses in America is fully aware of where they are economically.

    I hope the American voters out there start to think about their future. Like Obama said, if American young people are ill equipped educationally to compete with the rest of the world, Americans will become poorer as a result.

    I hear things about feminism, fine, but I am more concerned about my pension, my investments, and if I will have a job to earn a living and a roof over my head. That is about as much I care about feminism. Reality is more important!

    Catch you soon! Cats.

  17. catsworking says:

    Daphne, you are right in thinking that many Americans don’t have a clue about the terrible shape our economy is in. Instead of thinking about a hard thing like that, they prefer to worry about simple personal things that are NONE of their business, like abortion and gay rights.

    I agree with you that Bush has been lying to us about the state of the economy. He’s Nero fiddling while Rome burns and hoping nobody notices. But things are getting so bad, he’s not going to be able hide it until after the election. Wall Street is in a shambles today, and God only knows what will happen next.

    But don’t be afraid of Texas ending up like New Orleans. Bush will LIVE in Texas when he’s out of the White House. He’s not going to let any of it become slums. He’ll just call up his buddies in Big Oil and get them to pump some money in until everything is like new again.

    And you’re right that the last thing we need is any more Republicans being bullies and starting more wars. Putin would like nothing better than to mop his floor with us, and he could probably do it, since our military has been stretched too thin by Bush.

    Republicans like to think we are still the biggest superpower and the world has to dance to our tune, but those days are over and big talk alone won’t bring them back.

  18. daphne Kenward says:

    AIG needs $42 billion bail out. If it collapses, it will shatter global economic confidence. But what the market fails to see, and refuses to say – America is BANKRUPT. Every financial institution in America has little or no liquidity, including the American Treasury. US FED needs to own up to the situation.

    The future down the line is even worse than today. Institutions that were bailed out in the past few weeks will go bust again. The economic situation in America cannot sustain the levels of bankruptcy by taxpayers bailing them out. AIG has lost $18 billion in the last two months alone.

    It’s a tough time to become President because it’s a bad economy. If McCain wins, the economy will become worse.

    And the climate is right for a third world war. In 1929 there was a depression, soon after, the 2nd world war began.

  19. catsworking says:

    I don’t see how the White House and the Fed can stand there with straight faces and tell us the economy is strong, the banks are fine, and everything is beautiful, in its own way when Lehman Brothers goes bust in such a spectacular way ($63 billion) it put all the other breathtakingly vast bankruptcies to shame.

    And they couldn’t even find any other greedy bankers willing to even touch its rotting corpse to pick at its bones.

    I would like to see some of the architects of these disasters, namely, the suits at the top who obviously made MANY bad decisions, getting dragged off to the slammer until they can be put on trial for criminal negligence, fraud, or THEFT. And I would like to see their personal bank accounts drained dry to pay back a tiny fraction of the billions they have cost ordinary people in lost investments and retirement money.

    But instead, they will probably walk away with even MORE money in a nice severance payout and go find themselves other companies to ruin.

  20. daphne Kenward says:


    I could not have said it better myself, because that is just what they will do. There is no accountability. The hard-working people try to save and invest so when they retire they can live in dignity. Then comes these super crooks, who do not care about the hard-working people.

    I wonder is GWB & McCain are not members of AL-QAIDA. Because since they have been in power ordinary people worldwide have been suffering. I am wondering who is the TERRORIST.

    Fuel prices have gone up, the only people who benefit is people in the Arab world & GWB, who is an oil man, whose family fortunes were based on supply of oil to the NAZIS during the 2nd World War.

    It’s no wonder McCain chose a running mate from the far right, REDNECKS of the party. Palin would have no problem selling Alaskan oil to organised NAZI gangs worldwide to kill their own troops for money. Their only loyalty is to the evil fat CATS in high places world wide.

    Why would McCain notice that America has an economic problem, he is not aware of it, it does not affect him, or any one close to him. BECAUSE THE RICH ARE GETTING RICHER.

    Hence his policy of making TAX cuts permanent for the RICHEST people in America. Any one voting for McCain is either very stupid, or happen to have a lot of money, or happen to be another REDNECK.

    Fat Cats is a terminology for the very rich in the UK.

    I got a view of your CATS today I have a neighbour who have two of those type of cats. They are so affectionate. But to buy one would set you back £500.00 each.

    Good luck in the coming weeks, and if OBAMA sticks to the economic situation I would think he should WIN, but he must stick to the the facts of the economy.

    We in the UK are praying hard because the economic problem is affecting our economy, too.

    Take care, if OBAMA wins I will crack open a bottle of Champagne, to say thank God Bush is gone, and thank God McCain will not get the chance to start WORLD WAR 3.

  21. catsworking says:

    Daphne, sometimes you make me laugh! We use “fat cat” to mean the same thing here. I am surprised you know so much about rednecks, because that’s who Sarah Palin certainly represents. Another description we’d use for her is “trailer trash.”

    Trailers are these small, flimsy homes, often on wheels, that rednecks sometimes live in because they can’t afford a real house. Trailers also seem to be magnets for tornadoes, because we’re always reading about some tornado destroying a trailer park.

    The irony of rednecks favoring the Republican party is that it’s the one who wants to do nothing but take away all their personal freedoms (except the right to carry guns) and make sure they get no government support whatsoever in hard times. Bush tells them if they get sick and don’t have health insurance, they can just go to the emergency room.

    In their addled minds, this makes Republicans seem like better CHRISTIANS to them.

    I’ve never heard about a Bush connection to Nazis, but it’s been well documented that the Bushes have been in bed with Saudi Arabia for years.

    The latest poll out today shows Obama getting slightly ahead of McCain again. Could be because McCain was telling people the other day our economy is “fundamentally strong” even as the stock market was dropping over 500 points and the Feds were deciding to pump $85 billion they don’t even have to bail out AIG.

    Let’s hope he keeps showing the world his cluelessness. His running mate Palin won’t be able to cover for him because she probably doesn’t know any better herself.

    I think the bankruptcies of Lehman, Merrill-Lynch, and AIG were big enough to get even the rednecks’ attention and make them start thinking maybe this election really isn’t about winning or starting more wars, but about how they’re going to put food on the table.

  22. daphne Kenward says:

    Hi there cats.

    Hope you had a good day, well I’m glad I made some one laugh today. I had my day of laugh’s too. We had a guy who hung himself upside down in a protest in Trafalgar Square near Downing Street today. Captioned, I’m hanging in there, if prices of food and fuel gets any higher, he does not feel he can hang on much longer.

    USA and Russia, and Canada and Greenland, Denmark and Norway, Alaska, to name a few who are staking their claim to Arctic. So there is the source to the next WAR. There is 90 Billion barrels of oil and gas there.

    The surprise is they don’t care about global warming, or that the next generation of people on planet earth, who will have no resources left to survive.

    To be frank, there is the potential of war over the above, but there is the other side of the coin, the IRAN and RUSSIA vast oil and gas reserves. What is valuable has always been the same Gold and minerals, and FOOD. And only 1/4th of the worlds population is using up the resources of the entire globe.

    The very shift of growth to China and Asia is a real threat to the status quo. Which could result in a major war such as during the 1929 DEPRESSION. After that was the 2nd world WAR. The BUSH family made a fortune selling oil, steel and coal, various comodities to the NAZIS, the Bush family Narrowly avoided prosecution for trading with an enemy power.

    Its well documented please google (Prescott Bush Nazi) the whole world knows except for Americans. The Bush family is one of the most dangerious family in American History.

    This is what I find surprising, here is the Rev Wright scandal and no one looked up Bush background. It needs to be made public knowledge in America. McCain is another NAZI family. And the world is not ready to die in wars making crooks super rich. America is a super power, but only a few are super rich.

    The Bush family were friends with the family of the guy who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, while Bush Sr. was VP.

  23. daphne Kenward says:

    All Cats should should know why their money was stolen. And the spin called the credit crunch. And why G W Bush wants to monitor what we know. And to remove Democracy for ordinary people. To cover up their crimes against the American People and the world, and the GLOBAL ECONOMY.

    All AMERICANS should GOOGLE ( Assassination of JFK Jr) 1 to 11 on youtube.

  24. catsworking says:

    Now that the Feds have decided to bail out the banks, I guess the greedy, crooked CEOs will all be off the hook. It will probably win McCain the grateful votes of all the people who stupidly got suckered into loans they couldn’t afford and stay in homes they have no business owning.

    But I hope enough voters realize that all these 100s of billions of dollars the current government is pulling out of its butt is coming out of the taxpayers’ hide to cover every mess the Republicans’ policies create – whether in Iraq or on Wall Street. Ordinary people will end up with NOTHING. It’s just one more reason for total regime change in Washington – and FAST.

  25. daphne Kenward says:

    Hi there, I have been watching and listening to the new Paulson deal to save Wall Street. $700 Billion of taxes to bail out private companies who awarded themselves Millions each year till the money ran out. And now they want American taxpayers to prop them up to steal even more. Using $700 Billion to buy something with no worth or value, just bankrupt companies, run by crooks for crooks.

    Rick Davis, the Republican campaign manager, was paid $2 Million to help prevent regulations to change to stop fraud in these huge banks. The question is only too obvious why they are not interested in change.

    I do not think any bailout should go ahead till there is an independent body to scan through all the details of the plan. Because if the $700 Billion vanishes and these bankrupt companies can’t be saved it would be a lot of public money.

    Where is America going to get the money to invest in renewable energy? For investment in America’s infrastructure? Education, schools, social security, pensions. These are real issues. America has learned a harsh lesson voting for George Bush.

  26. daphne Kenward says:

    Now that Obama is in the lead again he needs to be extremely cautious, again. Bobby Kennedy was murdered just as he would have won by a landslide victory.

    America has arrived in the mess it is in because they murder the best brains in politics. They do it to keep the frauds going, and the crooks in business.

    They murdered JFK, they murdered his brother they murdered Martin, they murdered Christ, they murdered Gandhi, they murdered Marcus Garvey, they killed Malcolm X. These people are no lovers of what is good but all that is evil. They murdered Lincoln. These murderers have descendants and they don’t want change.

  27. catsworking says:

    Daphne, you really do a good job of keeping up with American politics. More so than most Americans.

    I agree with you that there’s definitely an element in big business and government that’s all about greed. Unfortunately, they have cheerleaders in the White House right now, protecting them.

    But I did read today that Bush has caved on CEO salaries. If nothing else, after 8 years he has apparently learned that even an idiot like him can’t look taxpayers in the face and say, “I need $700 billion of your money to see that my CEO friends can keep getting tens of millions in pay and benefits from the companies they ran into the ground while they were screwing you out of your savings, pensions, and investments.”

  28. daphne Kenward says:

    Hi there Cats: You know what I would like to see, is Obama turn up for his debate tomorrow, with or without McCain.

    McCain is hiding because he has something to hide. I see a landslide victory and I hope and I pray that Obama is safe and he does not let his guard down.

    Obama is a wonderful person and will make the best president in the history of America. His organisational ability is second to none.

    I have been following this campaign since I heard his first speech on TV, and I said right away this is the man to lead America and set the example the world needs to follow.

    I certainly brought Hillary down to size. And I did my bit and I now hope Obama will not let me down, I have spent a lot of time every day since January 2008.

    I look forward to his leadership and I hope one day if I am lucky I will have a chance to meet Obama and Joe Biden.

    You would not think it but he was my choice even before Obama won the primaries. I like Joe, he speaks his mind. He first gained my attention watching him on C-Span. He is real, he is not a cardboard cut out, he is human with a lot of passion. He is an honest man who cares about the common man.

    I am going to say good luck in all Obama does, it is his time, and its is the time for America to become the United States of America for the first time, uniting the people of his country.

  29. catsworking says:

    Daphne, from what we are reading today (yes, smart cats can read), Obama may be at the debate alone, unless some other 3rd-party candidates show up, too, and they let them on stage.

    It seems the Republicans can’t agree on the bailout package, and McCain says he won’t show at the debate unless there’s a deal made. It only highlights how clueless he is, as if one has anything to do with the other.

    This is what Democrats who are right in the middle of the negotiations are saying:
    Senate leader Harry Reid says McCain is actually hurting the process just by being there, and he told McCain as much even before he showed up in Washington. Representative Barney Frank says McCain is contributing nothing so there’s no reason for him to skip the debate.

    It’s only McCain being pig-headed or chicken, and we hope the voters see that and make him continue dropping in the polls.

    Personally, I’m hoping McCain does show up and, since it’s the 48th anniversary of the first debate between Kennedy and Nixon, history repeats itself. Obama stays cool and collected and charming, and McCain gets all sweaty, angry, and blustery and totally blows it.

  30. daphne Kenward says:

    Hey there Cats:
    Well it’s like I said, Obama is doing the right thing stay with the economy. Don’t let McCain dictate the day. Don’t be afraid to pull up the can of worms on McCain. Well all Cats out there are we ready! Are we ready? If we are, lets KICK some ASS. All cats must be ready to take back America for the PEOPLE. Are we ready to lead by example? Well let’s do IT!. It’s going to be a rough ride but hold on tight. we are going to arrive for the first time in 400 years. We have to start from the bottom up, but it’s the results that count. People let’s get it together and let’s get ready to roll.

  31. daphne Kenward says:

    If I was Obama I would tax the RICH so much the $700 Billion would be repayed in a year. Teach all CROOKS a lesson they will never forget. And put them in prison and take all their possessions, and give it to the poor they robbed.

  32. catsworking says:

    Daphne, it sounds not so much that you want to vote elect Obama as Robin Hood!

    The other side likes to claim that Democrats are always picking on rich people, but why shouldn’t they give back more to the country that helped make them rich? They’ll still have more than most of us anyway.

    We think Obama has got McCain on the ropes now. The Repubs in Washington are trying to throw together a new bailout plan with a smaller number to make themselves look like big heroes and save the McCain campaign, but hopefully people are smart enough to realize that Republicans’ refusal to watch the henhouse is what got us into this mess in the first place and anything they propose now is too little, too late.

    The only way to salvage the situation is to get THEM out of Washington.

  33. daphne Kenward says:

    I don’t know about a Robin Hood, but I am thinking of some one who is going to be honest and help people who are less fortunate.

    America is controlled and run by some serious sinister fat cats. These situations need changing. The Mafia, by Italians, the Jewish Mafia, Mosad. British old colonialists. It’s a country with too many self-interests, and no interest in the people of the United States. America is a marketplace for all those who just want to make a fast buck. No interest in the development of the country or its people.

    Why am I worried? Our Government is adopting the same policy, it’s creating a hazard in our communities, and I don’t like it. I want CHANGE. I am voting for the Tories in the next election. I did not like Blair’s foreign policies nor Brown’s for that matter. HE has GOT TO GO!

  34. catsworking says:

    It’s true the U.S. has always been viewed by the world as the land of opportunity. Unfortunately, that attracts hard-working people who want to make an honest living AND unscrupulous opportunists looking to make a buck the easy way. The police are supposed to take care of those guys.

    The problem we have in Washington is lobbyists backed by certain industries (like Big Oil, the drug companies, insurance, etc.) pouring money into politicians’ pockets so there’s no way the politicians can cast an honest vote that favors taxpayers.

    It doesn’t matter which party is in power. As long as we have special-interest groups who put profits above well-being of Americans calling the shots, this country will never be able to lift itself out of the muck.

  35. daphne Kenward says:

    Well Cat’s it’s all go over the last few days. Yesterday it was Joe Biden and Palin. Today we have the big bailout. In the debate I loved Joe Biden’s story about the guy called Joey who can’t afford to fill up his petrol tank, that was fantastic. I think Joe did a fabulous job in his debate.

    As for the bailout I honestly can’t see what it will achieve really. The way I see it, anybody who can get out, its a bail out for them. Some are trapped and don’t have the funds to move to cheaper areas and find work. Many New Yorkers were bailing out of the city. The bailout is a get out free card.

    The trouble is there is no confidence in the American economy, and there was another rise in unemployment today, and the levels of debt America owes the rest of the world makes it a shaky place to invest. Many are looking at the ASIAN economy more stable but they have been hit by the credit crisis too, but are in a better position to cope with it.

    So Obama is out in the lead. Moving forward he still needs to be careful. There are a lot of angry people out there who have been hit hard. It’s the Bush-McCain policies which have crippled the American image and the economy. I cannot see how McCain can distance himself from the mess he has created along with George Bush. McCain was egging him on with these bad policies, hoping that he would be impeached.

    Well I can’t wait for the election to be over. It has been the longest campaign in history.

  36. daphne Kenward says:

    People who are facing foreclosures or those who have been foreclosed, how will the Obama campaign ensure those people get to vote? I have heard as many as 2 million people have lost their homes. What about the ones in New Orleans who lost their homes in the storms?

    The ones in Galveston, Texas who have lost their homes through storms, is anyone working on that to ensure these people get to vote?

    McCain is about to step up the negative ads. He is desperate, but Obama needs to stay on the issues of Unemployment, the Economy, the people on Main Street losing their homes and those who have lost their homes. The cost of living, energy costs, facts that affect real people.

    The Rezico nonsense is a side show distraction. Obama needs someone to rebut that, but not him personally. He needs to be on the base line of the real issues. The ones that affect every American who have bread and butter issues to deal with.

    We may hear some more about Rev Wright. Raise Haggee on them.

  37. catsworking says:

    Hi, Daphne. Karen was away for a few days and took the modem with her so we were dead in the water here at Cats Working. But now we’re back.

    You are making some good points. This morning we heard Sarah Palin calling Obama a pal of terrorists. They seem to be digging in the bottom of the sewer for rhetoric now.

    We have been blogging about more recent events that you are commenting on here. Why don’t you check out those newer postings and add your 2 cents there? I’m afraid nobody will think to look for your comments here, because they don’t have anything to do with this particular post.

    There are still people in New Orleans who never got their homes back. Any effort to get them to the polls will be local, and I’m sure the Obama people will be on top of it. The same for Galveston.

    The Republicans would probably sooner not have any of those people left destitute by natural disasters vote at all because they’ve seen first-hand how a Republican administration treats people in need. Like they don’t exist.

    Somehow, I don’t think that’s a vote-getter.

  38. daphne Kenward says:

    I know this is nothing to do with the campaign, but do you remember the neighbours cats I was telling you about? they are worth £500.00 each well two of them are missing this week. I have lived here 19 years this has never happend before.

    I will check out the blog you mentioned, but people need to know that Palin is a real idiot, because Ayers has his protest and Terror campaign up and running since the 1960s, Obama was born on the 4th of August 1961. More Americans needs to do their home work.

  39. daphne Kenward says:

    Hi there all Cats.

    Have there been any cats out there who has heard about the biggest voter fraud planned for this election uncovered in Las vagas, Duplicated voter registration forms, for Indina Missouri and else where. I wonder who is behind it, well I hope there is not more out there that has not been uncovered. 9th Oct 2008.

  40. daphne Kenward says:

    Cats! this is serious, it’s wed 22nd of October 2008 the election is 13 days away.

    Have you heard the news today?. McCain has been caught up in no less than 2 separate VOTER FRAUDS. Ever heard of a guy called Nathan Sproul and Steve Phaisner from Arizona, a personal friend of McCain? This one is under arrest. McCain was paying him to register voters and rip up all Democrat registration forms, to make sure Democrats don’t VOTE. His company was or is called YPM. The news has to get across the country, but it’s such a big scoop I am sure it is.

    Now you know why I have tried so hard to get Obama elected, to clean up Washington. Let your friends know, tell everybody, get on the Radio with it. Play it over and over again like they did on FOX NEWS on the sound bites till this fraud is exposed for the crook he is.

    And as for that SOUP KITCHEN ASSISTANT he has as VP, trying to claim she has the same experience or more than OBAMA, this woman must be on some sort of substance like illegal DRUGS.

    I hope it has been caught in time, but I doubt it. I am wondering if this election will in fact go ahead. Obama has a 1/2 hour slot of prime time TV next week. I hope he will be able to address the people, and let them know what has been going on.

    I am so sorry that he has the problem with his grandmother being ill. I hope she will improve and it does not affect the campaign too much.

    America needs OBAMA to weed out the crooks. It’s going to be a cleanup operation and he is going to need all the support he can get. Everyone will have to role up their sleeve in America. This is not just the President. It’s like Obama said, it’s not about me, it’s about all of the American people. People must vote early to keep the lines short to vote, get out early for God sake. Leave early, vote on the way to work, get there first.

    In the UK we are a small country but we don’t have that kind of problems casting votes. They open at 07:00 AM till 10:00 PM; no one has to stand in line. It’s because America has never been a Democracy, it’s been a country plagued by special interest, for an elite group of people. Ordinary people have never mattered.

    Voting the machines are rigged up for McCain, people are advised to use a pen to press the button. Vote with care. Any irregularities, make a note of it, REPORT IT.

  41. catsworking says:

    Daphne, we haven’t heard anything about this voting scandal yet, and hope it’s not true. If it is, then it will be 2000 and 2004 all over over.

    They say that people are voting early in record-breaking numbers and a lot of localities are getting rid of touch-screen voting machines because they can’t be trusted. We know there where Karen votes, they used to have machines that used punch cards (which could leave those “hanging chads” like they had in Florida), but now they use paper ballots. But those are still fed into a machine that could misread them.

    Fortunately, the latest polls are showing Obama with a 10-point lead. Unless most people are lying about who they will vote for, and we don’t think they are, even if McCain cheats, he’s not going to be able to pull 10 points out of his hat to win this one.

    Any news about Republicans trying to rig the election again will only make Obama’s lead greater because Americans are sick of paying the consequences of letting a cheater win.

    The polls are also showing that Sarah Palin may very well end up being the biggest reason McCain loses because people do realize she’s unqualified for the job.

  42. daphne Kenward says:

    Hello all you Cats out there.

    11 days to go, and counting, and I hope and pray that Obama will be more careful now than ever. Security needs to be top of every agenda.

    The Republicans using secret organisation to bump off Democrats who may win elections, making it look like lone nutters. They don’t like change because that is how they line their pockets from bribes from multi-national companies, to show a blind eye to health and safety, passing laws, and so on.

    They make millions from their illegal activities in Washington. Things such as genetically modified food by Monsanto, much of which should have been tested by the FDA, never passed the tests Rumsfield allowed it to go through, and involved John Ashcroft another Republican.

    These food crops are TOXIC and are harmful to people and wildlife and cause allergies in children, and are killing off the bee population.

    One farmer had his Cows escape into a field of genetically modified crops. They ate the crops and they all died.

    I hope there will be some checks going on into these illegal activities in America. And the people should be engaged in the running of their country for the first time by reporting any instances of people becoming ill after eating anything so they can be carefully analysed.

    So many kids are developing allergies, these people in the Republican party are reckless criminals.

    It’s going to be a hard struggle cleaning up in America and it is going to take a long time. Go to YouTube and type in “Genetically modified crops Monsanto.” Check it out.

    Don’t forget to vote early. Good luck every one!

  43. catsworking says:

    Daphne, Obama is in Hawaii today visiting his very sick grandmother. They fear she won’t live to see the outcome of the election.

    Obama said he didn’t get a final chance to talk to his mother before she died, and he didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. Once his grandmother is gone, all he has left of his immediate family is a half-sister.

    We certainly hope the woman regains her strength at least long enough to see her grandson sworn in as president. Our prayers are with him and his family.

  44. daphne Kenward says:

    Urgent Breaking News All Cats come in.

    20:20 Breaking News a plot has been foiled. 100 Black Skin heads had a plot to kill Obama, no doubt for money.

    These criminals should be put in front of a firing squad, or never see the light of day, life in prison, no chance of parole.

    My God I was so shocked. Please, please spread the word around all Obama supporters please keep your eyes and ears open at all costs. And at all times, no matter how stupid it may seem raise the alarm if there is anything suspicious.

    We are watching and listening, and we must be aware. There are two Neo-Nazis involved in the plot, but don’t be fooled and think its only the obvious. It is the ones who you would not suspect too. Please all of America who are respectable citizens, do your civic duty, maintain law and order in this difficult time.

    Obama must step up security to the max, as I said before, mix security with private security. On all sides, I do feel it for Mrs. Obama and her children, as it is such a dangerous place.

    McCain seemed so convinced he would win this evening in his statement, he needs to be watched, and telephone tapped.

  45. catsworking says:

    Daphne, the story we got in this morning’s paper was that they caught 2 knuckleheads in Arkansas who planned to kill 88 black people by shooting them, then decapitating 14 (because the numbers 88 and 14 mean something to them) before shooting Obama. They planned to do it wearing white tuxedos and top hats.

    I think they were a couple of kids who obviously have a lot of hate and aren’t wrapped too tight. This country is full of them.

    Obama is probably very much aware of security, especially now that he’s drawing crowds of 10s of thousands to his rallies.

  46. daphne Kenward says:

    All Cats big and small.

    Have you heard the latest, well I have to tell you, I can’t say I was shocked! because I read it in the media last year that the British establishment has enough material on Obama to bring him down which they may use. Well at first I just said it’s the tabloids, that’s what they do. The Times online is the main players of that. The PLOT was to destroy HILLARY, then crush Obama. Well that is what I heard.

    Cats you have to know who runs the media in USA and the UK. It’s Rupert Murdoch. Who is pro Israel not pro America nor pro UK, the whole concept is to promote Israel interest, using the UK and especially USA armed forces, which McCain is central to.

    I hear a lot of stuff and read a lot of stuff, I have even heard that America under the Republican Party is a Neo Facsist group who has the intentions of removing all rights from ordinary people and put them in Camps, like Nazi Germany.

    I have also heard that the UK wants to bring down America and destroy their economy and make a mess of their manufacturing base to weaken the USA, and eventually take control of all of Europe, and re-establish their empire, and run the world. It all sounds so over the top. The fact of the matter is I can understand it.

    Most Mr and Mrs Average could not go so deep to get to a place where they can imagine their greatest ally would be plotting against their country. These are secret information that no one is expected to know about.

    The future is so frightening, this Aunt who is in America illegally donated 250 USD to the campaign, the TIMES NEWS PAPER REPORTER investigated to find her not the US, it was a British operation to uncover this woman who is not even a full relative of OBAMA, she is like a 1/2 Aunt if you like.

    Because America is known as a racist country, no one in the British establishment expected him to be taken seriously, and thought the whole thing would blow itself out. It’s amazing how much influence the UK has in America, we always imagine it’s the other way round. America has more enemies than friends these days, the friend you thought you had is not such a friend as you think. The civil war between north and south, and the British who wanted to maintain control before the war of independence, winning is one thing, but Britain sees America as a colony of the UK by the establishment.

    The rich establishment in the Republican Party has a hidden agenda with the UK establishment to create a New world order, this organisation is to entrap poor black and poor whites and minority groups in check, and control the world.

    Bush should never have been elected but the money machine who wanted him in office greased the wheel of power with money to keep McCain out. America is weaker now, and all McCain can do is maintain the status quo, and a possible war in Iran. In fact it’s not just about a war in Iran, but to start a world war, this is what is so dangerous about McCain. McCain would stir it with RUSSIA Pakistan Iran two of which have Nuclear Bombs, this would pose the most dangerous time since the 2nd world war. Americans are having their human rights taken away, it’s happening here too, no where else in Europe. There is a large group of Muslims living here in pockets of the UK, some could pose a threat to our security, but I think is has a lot to do with invasion of their fellow Muslim brothers, thats how they see it.

    These Muslims would not be interested in anybody because they generally keep them selves to themselves, till now, a lot of them don’t even speak English, they don’t mix with other Nationalities. They are like the AMISH in America keep themselves to themselves. To be honest I think America and the UK Government is more of a threat to these groups than them as a threat to the rest of us, some one has to do something to them for them to react, the fact is they don’t want anything to do with Muslims.

    Obama is very popular with the people at large in the UK, but I am not sure about the establishment because they will not be able to control Obama. Obama is aware of the control the grip they have on leaders, Obama took small donations to be an independent leadership with no lobby. They give the government money to the President to do their dirty bidding, and Obama wants to clean that up.

  47. catsworking says:

    Daphne, you sure must read some crazy stuff.

    We just heard that Obama has a relative living illegally in the U.S. She is his father’s half-sister and he barely knows her, and didn’t know she was here illegally. Once again, someone is trying to dig up dirt on him where there is none. Is he supposed to be responsible for every relation in the world, no matter how distant and whether or not he’s even aware of their existence?

    The only Republican who would have seriously advocated concentration camps was Dick Cheney, and he’s about to become history.

    The big master plan to oppress blacks and whites is a few decades too late. We’re outnumbered by Asians and Hispanics who will undoubtedly be the next ones to inherit the earth. White guys, in spite of all their bombs, aren’t going to be able to call the shots much longer.

  48. daphne Kenward says:

    Cats, it’s a shame his granmother Toote, was not able to se this defining moment in History. I was up the whole night, I cried from joy to watch.

    I hope President Obama will help to heal the divisions that has been created over the past 8 years.

    The people out on the streets enjoying this moment, and the huge amount of young people was fantastic to see.

    Well done to all who have been involved in making this possible.

  49. catsworking says:

    It occurred to us that Obama’s grandmother decided to leave when she did so she could be right there with Obama in spirit, instead of watching it on TV in Hawaii.

    It’s very sad that she wasn’t about to see her grandson in his moment of victory, but I think he knows that she’s with him more now than ever.

  50. daphne Kenward says:

    Warning to all CATS, as a matter of extream urgency.

    BIBLE CODE: OBAMA ASSASSINATION IN JANUARY 09 BIBLE CODE. look it up and send out warnings as a matter of importance.

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