Sex & the City Suspense is Killing Me

By Karen

Harry Potter trained the media to stay pretty mum about Sex and the City: The Movie, so I’ve been stewing over this bit I found in this interview with Sarah Jessica Parker:

But some of her scenes in the film were difficult to handle as well, because before it ends, Carrie is plunged into a life crisis far more intense than anything in the television series. Parker was unprepared for the personal stress these sequences caused her.

“The harder stuff, the emotional stuff Carrie has never experienced before, was just very painful,” she admits. “It was surprisingly upsetting. But it was the role of a lifetime – I wouldn’t have run from it. I ran toward it completely, but it was very sad to see this happen to her. I was so proud and shocked and relieved that a studio let us tell that story. But it wasn’t easy.”

Screenwriter Michael Patrick King swears all the rumors of a death are untrue.

SJP can’t be talking about some trauma with Big, because she got plenty of practice breaking up or getting dumped by him during the series.

Is she just being melodramatic? Or could she at last be sprouting a family and a past that comes back to haunt her in a horrible way?

The movie premieres in New York tonight and opens all over Europe tomorrow, but American fans must wait until Friday to have this burning question answered.

Then once it is, what will I do with the rest of my summer?


3 Responses to Sex & the City Suspense is Killing Me

  1. Keri says:

    As a director, I’m often amazed that trained actors find it so difficult to “handle” their acting challenges.

    Yes, it can be difficult at the end of a particularly grueling rehearsal or shoot to shake off the day, but it’s also important that the public knows that it’s a craft and actors are not a bunch of lunatics making themselves emotionally ill for the sake of a project. You create the imaginary circumstances, you do often feel some ugly, even traumatic, emotions when you’re shooting, sure, but then you shake it off and go have dinner.

    Heath Ledger is a prime example of an actor who was too emotional fragile for the tasks thrown at him. But playing dress up and being “FABULOUS,” even with a bad childhood? it’s CARRIE’S bad childhood; not SJP’s. She’s a character! SJP has had great supportive directors and producers through the years, she’s said so herself. How traumatic could this shoot have been? Please.

  2. catsworking says:

    It sounded to me like SJP was getting to close to her character because, without a death, I can’t imagine how anything else that happens could be so devastating to her. No one else associated with the movie has said anything like that.

    I’m just wondering if this wasn’t said during her “over the top” phase, you know, like the day she thought that ridiculous acorn hat she wore to the London premier was a good idea.

  3. […] Sarah Jessica Parker’s hints at Carrie’s storyline were greatly exaggerated. She was referring to the fact that 40-something Carrie now spends days comatose in bed after a guy dumps her, incapable of pulling herself together without outside intervention. […]

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