A Tale of Two Parrots

By Fred

As a cat, my interest in birds is purely sporting, but I do admire one smart parrot who refused to crack under police interrogation when he got nabbed after 2 weeks loose in the ‘hood in Nagareyama, Japan.

The red-tailed African Grey parrot had committed no crimes, so he was transferred to a veterinary hospital. After a few days there, he started singing like a canary – literally – serenading the hospital staff with children’s songs.

Then he casually told the vet, “I’m Mr. Yosuke Nakamura,” and gave a full address. Looking it up, the staff discovered Nakamuras really lived there.

Yosuke’s owners had spent about 2 years teaching their bird his name and address. Apparently they didn’t realize microchipping him would have been a lot faster.

On another perch, Charlie is a parrot in Benijofar, Costa Blanca, Spain, who was dropped off for boarding at a pet store 5 months ago. His owner was supposedly taking a 9-day trip to the UK, but never reclaimed his bird.

Last month, the owner called the store and said he was coming for Charlie, but didn’t show up. The store left voicemail messages on his cell phone until the number went dead.

Charlie will only say his name and that he’s a “pretty boy.”

These two birds would be perfect in a parrot version of My Fair Lady – Yosuke as Henry Higgins and Charlie (in drag) as Eliza Doolittle.

Charlie and Yosuke could make show biz history singing, “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain,” and Charlie’s owner will rue the day he abandoned his bird.

2 Responses to A Tale of Two Parrots

  1. thats just darling…altho’ i have a problem with caging birds…it just seems wrong. when i was a young girl, i got a pair of lovebirds as a birthday gift. my mother was so incensed. after a few days, we set them free. i wonder what happened to them. birds raised in captivity..can they survive on their own? i hope they did!

    sometimes, i wonder if i should get a giant bird cage and fill them with those tiny colourful birds to amuse my four brats. the birds would be safe, well fed and amused as well. but then, i do wonder if its right to have birds as house pet..they were meant to fly and be free, no? isnt that the nature of the winged ones?

  2. catsworking says:

    Personally, we cats hate to see birds caged. It takes all the sport out of watching them. Karen has never owned a bird, thinking it would be too stressful on it to constantly have 6 cat eyes watching its every move. But for many years (before any of us took up residence, unfortunately), she used to keep guinea pigs in an aquarium. She says our predecessors never bothered them or tried to hurt them. In fact, one kitten jumped in the aquarium and curled up with them, leaving them wondering who the heck found the big guinea pig with the long tail!

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