Tidy Cats: Ensemble Comedy at its Finest

By Adele

When it comes to being a tidy cat, I take the blue ribbon around here. I pee in perfect clumps, and I always cover my business. Yul’s good with the No. 2 – sometimes even burying Fred’s – but his idea of fun is peeing down the side of the box and making mud puddles.

And poor Fred…the less said about his litterbox etiquette, the better.

Our litterboxes are full of Fresh Step® these days, but we think Tidy Cats’® commercials are far superior. I’ve got crushes on several of the cast members. Many of them were shelter cats until they got their big break in show biz.

So, if you could use a good laugh, watch the antics of Tuck, Harley, Simon, Cairo, Newton, Squash, and Zorro. Their humans also share some hilarious behind-the-scenes “scoop.”


2 Responses to Tidy Cats: Ensemble Comedy at its Finest

  1. keriwormald says:


    The Tidy Cats are definitely fun to watch. I was particularly taken with Bobo. However, it seems as though Bobo is the star of Cat in a Sombrero and in it, he had a completely different voice than in his All Bobo interview. Your thoughts?

  2. catsworking says:

    I forgot to mention Bobo, even though he plays such a prominent role on the site. He’s obviously considered the biggest star.

    I can only explain the discrepancy in appearance, which I noticed in some of the other cats from ad to ad, on the fact that they actually have a team playing each cat. Since we’re all unique, it’s inevitable that subtle differences would appear in each cat.

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